Sunday, October 16, 2005

Uncle Charlie's tricks

I'm getting nothing this week it seems. Perhaps this upcoming one. until then, here's one from the past.

My friend Tom and I had spent a horribly drunk/drugged-out week split between Houston and New Orleans. And while there are stories by the truckload to be told there - a week after we returned home, we headed to NYC for a weekend. Clearly this was a time when I was highly functional while being highly high.

The weekend was mostly a total blur. At some point we ended up at Uncle Charlies down in the West Village. Mind you - this was after the Dugout, Ramrod, and any other number of places. Tom set his sites on some guy and lo and behold, snagged him. Unfortunately, I usually got snagged in his schemes and plans anyway (hence Houston, New Orleans and NYC).

We close the bar and end up going home w/this guy and Tom wants to do. I knew I'd be sitting around waiting (no....HOPING) they'd get done soon so we could go to bed. At some point the guy's roommate came home and somehow it was expected that I could just hook up w/him. He wasn't half bad and we did end up in his tiny room.

I have no idea how we got to where we were, but soon I was on my back getting fucked by this guy. He just pumped me long and hard, and I was drunk enough to just lay back and take it. I think he was buzzed enough that he wasn't gonna cum fast. But before long I heard, "man...looks good". Turns out it was the guy Tom had come home with standing in the room watching.

Apparently, Tom and this guy never quite got their act together enough to know that both liked to fuck - but neither got fucked. I was never clear on if Tom sent this guy into the room for me to take care of or whether he just passed out and this guy took it upon himself.

Guy #1 finished by blowing a load up my ass. Without asking - me or the roomie - Tom's buddy just climbed on and took over. To be fair - he was a much better fucker. And clearly he was primed. Teased by Tom and then watched a show of the two of us bonking.

I think we dragged ourselves out of that apartment around 4a to get some much needed rest.

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