Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bad Attitude III

After giving this guy my number, I figured I would never hear from him since I assumed I was not worthy of an outside the bookstore usage.

I was right and wrong. Though he did eventually call - I don't ever think he found me worthy, just convenient. And I was. I would drop everything to accommodate him when he called. Early evening to middle of the night. I even left one of my own parties so I could get his dick. It was that bad. It was that good.

He (I have NO idea what his name was) would usually make me strip to my underwear when I walked in the door. Sometimes he'd make me do it on his oustide stoop - so I would enter his house the way he wanted and expected. Lights would mostly be off save for one over the stove - giving minimal illumination. The place was an A-frame, so no upstairs - just a bed on a platform you'd walk a few stairs to get to. ...not that we ever used it that much.

Usually it was a situation where I was immediately on my knees. Depending on his state of undress - it was only a matter of moments before his horse cock was in my mouth, and only a little while after that before I think he was purposely trying to gag me with it.

Frustrated w/what he thought was my lack of cocksucking skills he'd make me take my underwear off and bend over something to await for his cock. That monster thing would push up me and he'd just go at it. It was never a matter of me adjusting to it or him taking the time to slide up me. It was completely primal - but from the first time I saw him, you could see that in his face. His masculine pock-marked face was so incredibly hot to me, though I can see where others might not think that. He was 100% sexual to me. I think he was 100% sexual to himself too.

He'd fuck hard - though not always long. If I'd wince or ask him to slow down - he'd say things like 'shut the fuck up!' and he'd keep drilling. Always he'd leave me w/a load of sperm up my ass....though it was his ass for the using. When he was done - he'd pull out and tell me to get the fuck out. I'd dress as quickly as possible to comply to his wishes in the hopes that I'd be invited back again and again.

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