Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Inches & PM Magazine

Still in a dry spell. That will change this weekend (perhaps tonite). One more from my past.

I was lucky (?) enough to end up w/two big-dicked guys at different times of my life. Ok - more than two - but I'm speaking specifically OF two.

Jason was a guy I met in an adult bookstore. It seemed way out of my league. Muscled, goodlooking. He had long hair, which was not my thing - and he had the look of what I'd call a male stripper. It turns out, my instincts served me well. The man had 9" - but it was a THICK heavy hang. It was great to have him in my mouth and unloading into my stomach.

We'd run into each other at one or the other bookstores from time to time and I'd get to sample his meat. One time, he was leaving the booth before I finished and told me to wait there. I did - for what seemed like an eternity. I was just leaving the booth when he returned....w/a palm full of cum. He told me if I wanted to suck him, I was to eat the load out of his hand. Of course I did. As I consumed, he told me how he jacked off some guy in another booth and caught his load to serve to me.

A few weeks later, Jason came to my apartment early one morning. Him in his sweats and being commando underneath. I was on my knees in a heartbeat. After a few minutes he grabbed my head. He started to unload......or so I thought. It took maybe 30 seconds to figure out he wasn't cumming...but he was draining something. It was my first piss. I started to pull off when I realized it, but he held me firm and then the trickle became a stream. I gulped b/c I didn't want to ruin my carpet. It was strong tasting (morning piss) and lots of it. Afterward, I sucked him off. He asked how I liked my first taste of piss. How he knew I'll never know. We did that two other times - all w/out discussion.

The other things Jason had me do was to have me come over to his place in a seedy neighborhood and there'd be different older black men there. I'd say in their 60s....and he'd have me suck them off while he jacked his dick.

In 1992/3 I was in SF visiting a friend and we ran across a new issue of Inches - and lo and behold on the cover was Jason! My friend was aghast that I knew him - if he'd only known what I DID w/him!

Jon was a host of our local PM Magazine (if those still exist anywhere). I didn't know his 'celebrity' at the time. I never watched the fuckin' show.

I met him in a restroom on the univsersity campus. First time he came into my stall and let me suck his big 8" for awhile. Soon though he bent over while I sat on the john. Clearly he was inviting me to eat his ass. And I did. I guess one of my acts - or the combo - got him off. He pumped a load right into his palm and forced me to eat it clean. What is it about these guys who wanted to be 'stars' but want you to eat spooge from their hand?

Jon was about control. When and where he saw me. He had my number and would call giving another name....thinking I never knew who he was. I'd play along. He liked to force his dick into my mouth while I was on my back...knowing he was cutting off my air. He like to see me struggle and always knew exactly how long he could keep my airway shut off w/his thick dick.

Eventually he got around to fucking me. Control again was his issue. Getting me in positions I could not easily move in - if at all. He kept the pace he the depth the wanted...for as long as he wanted. He always wore a rubber. He'd always fill the rubber and then peel it off and toss the entire thing on me. Then he'd just straighten up and leave.

The last time I saw him, I initiated the meeting. I called his news station and asked for him. When they asked who was calling, I gave the same fake name he always gave somewhere I knew it'd register who might be calling (let's face it - he probably gave that name to MANY men). He came over. He fucked my face and my mouth. But I never saw him again. I'm guessing the knew I figured out who he was - and I was too big of a liability. Oh well.

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