Friday, October 21, 2005

Breaking the Dry Spell

Wednesday finally saw my week and a half dry spell of sex come to an end.

The guy (Rich maybe??) had been over once before. Very attractive and masculine. Salt & Pepper hair and beard. Nice meat too. A heavy hanging 7.5"...fat too. And all he wanted to do really was be sucked off.

He really wanted to see the house too and talk about the neighorhood. He and his partner were thinking of moving into such a neighborhood. I love guys who are married, partnered or dating. They are horn-dogs who think more of their nuts than the might of their other half. I love it that the cock rules - usually at any costs. My cock doesn't....but my mouth and ass do. A great situation on some levels.

Nothing out of the orinary w/this guy though. He was nice. Attractive. Wanted porn on - so I put it on. I don't watch porn that much anymore - it has become so generic for the most part. Gay for pay shaved muscle boys are not necessarily my cup of tea. But dimming the lights, hearing the porn, doing a hit of poppers - it was *almost* like being in a bookstore booth.

He was watching the on-screen action than paying attention to me. Check
He'd take the remote and fast foward - not unlike flipping through ABS video channels. Check.
He sat back and let me do my job. Check
He unloaded a HUGE load into my mouth....and tasty at that. CHECK.

It took my edge off - and probably his. I'm off to Vegas on Sunday. There'll be away from home dads there at conferences who no doubt will need some kind of relief. I'm just their guy. Or just A guy. Or better yet - just A hole.

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