Tuesday, October 04, 2005


You know - I really miss gloryholes. I mourn their demise. I'm sure other cocksuckers - and even moreso - feeders do too.

Though I had encountered gloryholes when I first began sneaking into adult bookstores at 16 - my real initiation to them was when I went to college. I had already stumbled upon a great floor of the library where guys went to suck and be sucked (but mostly ended up just being faggy w/their socialization). But up on that floor, some scrawling about other places on campus. At this one place I found my own heaven.

The bathroom was in the basement of a little used building. But it wasn't a total basement. A set of stairs that ONLY went down to a men's room. You could hear anyone coming down the steps. The door was situated where it wasn't in sight of the stalls and barely the urinals. Though to be honest, in the 4-5 years I was there - I don't think I saw more than a half-dozen men go here to use the restroom for it's intended purpose.

It was dark - though it had two windows (keep in mind this was a basement bathroom, so the windows let in light from the grates at the first floor level). You could sit on the deep window sill if one were to wait their turn to get into a stall - and yes, at times there was a fuckin wait!! It was dirty - the bathroom was rarely cleaned since it was so out of the way. Dried urine and semen predominated the scent down there.

Six stalls - only two having gloryholes...so you had to wait if that's what you wanted...whether feeding or eating. Some guys would just keep their stall doors open and invite guys in. Many wanted the anonimity - which was funny since they'd wait in the restroom to go into the designated stall. But whomever took the time w/these two stalls was great. 1/4 - 1/2" marble partitions. I don't know how they chipped out the holes - but they did. They were not huge holes - if you were well endowed (girth) and completely erect - you could have trouble sliding it in or out of the hole until you went down.

I almost flunked out of my sophomore year of college. I would skip class (even tests!) to suck dick. Or worse - the hope of sucking dick. I could sit in that stinking room for hours even if no one came in. I mean - what if I left and as soon as I did some hot cock came in looking for service??

I loved the anticipation of someone showing up. I loved the footsteps coming down the stairs and the door opening. The pause as the person assessed the situation - what stalls were occupied...was a stall occupied...which stall should they take!?! The creaking of that door when they did pick...the darkening of the hole as their body blocked out what little light there was.

Immediately, I'd run my finger along the bottom of the hole. I needed them to know two things: I wanted to suck their cock and that I wanted to suck their cock. I wasn't there to get sucked. If they were a sucker looking to feed, it was gonna be a long wait for them b/c I wasn't going anywhere.

I'd try to never look through the hole - as it defeats the purpose of the anonymous suck. The head would appear at the other side of the hole and slowly push through. Depending on my mood, sometimes the head would disappear right into my mouth, others not until the shaft was all the way through where I could admire the entire dick.

Though I am clearly a submissive type - there is great power in seeing the feeder press into the partition, hand grip the top and a sigh come out of his mouth as mine envelops his prick. Who really submits? Perhaps both of us.

The seediness of the place. The act. The smells. Especially the sounds are what make the experience. The hoarse whisper of encouragement: "ooooooh yeah". "fuck yeah...........suck it!" "oh man....there it is! TAKE it!" Or just the groan. It's great advertising for the cocksucker if there are others waiting. If nothing else - it's great affirmation FOR the cocksucker.

Students. Instructors. Athletes. Visitors. I took em all. I cannot even tell you how many cocks I milked dry there over a 3+ year period. Hundreds....possibly pushing into the 4-digits.

Not all were thru the gloryhole. Some would actually come into the stall while guys watched through the gloryhole. Not all were for sucking either. On more than one occasion I'd have someone who'd want more than that....and on some of those occasions I'd happily comply.

There is a sad ending to this tale. The powers that be shut down the bathroom. More than shut it down. They sealed off the stairway that went down to the bathroom - covering it in marble. A great chapter of my life was literally entombed.

It is a time I will never forget - and a place that will never be again.


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