Monday, October 03, 2005


Four days w/out a real-time encounter. I guess it's time to pull back one from my past. ...and what dark past it is....

I perfected slutting around. To my friends, they knew I was sexual, but Friday and Saturday nights would be out at respectable (?) gay bars. Dance music, lots of beer, maybe some drugs. Typical. But I don't dance and was never the biggest fan of anything that's 170 beats per minute.
What I'd usually do is end up leaving them and head to a leather bar in town. I might recognize some people from around - but I'd never go as far as to say I knew them. My friends never knew this side of me.

I'd go get my beer and hang in a dark corner. For the most part it was just to watch. The scene was never as hot as one would hope or think. Pudgy guys who use leather as drag. But there were always the few. One guy in particular. We never talked. We never exchanged names.

We did exchange eye contact - and he did exchange his body fluid w/me.

The bar was never what you'd call very crowded. Off the beaten path and restricted to a certain client population. As the night went on later and later, I would always see this guy who was in various stages of leather dress. He'd catch my eye and play some cat and mouse looks.

The first time, I followed him into the men's room. A dingy dirty little place. One toilet. One urinal. One sink. He was standing at the urinal - dick out. I went to the toilet and sat down. I didn't even bother to pull my pants down like I was gonna use the thing. He stepped over and just put it in front of my face. I, of course, went down on him. No talking. No nothing but the sounds of my slurping and the music from the main room. In no time flat- he pumped off a load into my mouth.

By the time I got up, he was gone....from the bathroom and the bar.

This scene played out the majority of times I went to the bar - whether I ended up w/someone from there or not. I'd usually service this guy. In front of the urinal. On the john. Bent over the sink If I missed any, I'd lick it off his gloves. I'd do it in front of anyone who'd walk in while we were doing it. Each time, he'd bolt after we were done. I'd go out and usually find somone who saw my talents and leave with him.

Not many places like that anymore. That whole public sex thing is frowned upon....but it got me off like nothing else.

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