Monday, October 17, 2005

Houston/New Orleans

Since I alluded to it in my last blog entry - I just may as well finish the stories, huh?

This is back a decade or so, but still all to clear in my mind.


Tom and myself went to visit our friends (straight couple) and just drank and drank and drank. It was May and horribly hot and humid already. One night just Tom and I went out to a gay bar which was in walking distance (albeit, bad neighborhood), so no need to drive. We ended up going home w/two other guys who were housesitting. Personally, I don't like having sex w/friends....but we did. All four of us. The guy I was mainly with - and you can't say this nicely - his breath smelled like shit. I'll assume some kind of gum disease. All I could do to keep my booze down.

We did the walk of shame home the next day w/our hosts meeting us at the door as they came out to get their morning paper. Ooops. The shame was not to end however. The next night, same bar - we are in a bathroom stall doing coke off a car key when someone walks in the bathroom.....and begins talking about two guys they picked up from the night before. AGGGH. Tom and I could have easily blocked it from our memory and pretended it NEVER happened....but these schmoes wouldn't let us. We hid out in the stall for what seemed like an eternity and then slunk out of the bar. And now it just makes for a good story to other when the two of us get together. There was another story when some guy we tried to pick up went absolutely nuts on us (or maybe it was the coke paranoia) and literally chased us around town. I was doing my best 'Starsky & Hutch' driving - and eventually won out.

New Orleans

We left Houston in shame and just headed to New Orleans. A completely unplanned portion of our trip. N.O. is not the place to tred into lightly - in my opinion. After this trip, I never understood how anyone could survive Mardi Gras or Southern Decadence. It was a lost 2.5 days.

It turns out N.O. has two happy hours per day (4p-7p and 4a-7a). Probably not a good thing when you hit them both in the same outing....but we did. First bar, I think I left w/someone (Doug) after 20 minutes. Ended up playing at his apt - me getting him off, me not getting off (usual) and back at the bar in 30 minutes. Tom barely missed me. During this time I ran into a guy who really hit a nerve w/me. We didn't talk - just a look...and he could have been THE one. And I never say that lightly.

But he was fleeting glance at a few bars, but I was onto guy #2. I think his name was John (yes oddly, I got an remembered their names). He was nice. Too nice for me actually. It seems I perfer my guys w/an edge of some sorts. Guys who *like* me barely stand a chance. But I was never seeing him again - so I did him. Bam! Back at the bar in an hour.

When I got back Tom was not there. I thought I'd look for him at another bar and literally ran into him out on the street w/some guy in tow. He introduced me - and was so excited b/c they shared the same last name. I, on the other hand, recognized the name as someone high up in the Democratic party (not an elected politician - and though I'm not above naming names - I won't). We partied and though Tom was trying to pick this guy up, his hand would creep into the rip in the ass on my jeans. You get Tom drunk enough and he didn't care. So I left w/Brian (ok, I can name first names) where we went back to our place and fucked like bunnies all night. As he was leaving our room service showed up. This B&B was nice - and the hottest black guy delivered it. I wasn't exactly modest at the door - and he saw. After he deliverd the rest of the breakfasts, I serviced him. I had no money - it's the only tip I had.

The next night we went out - and much lower key (how could it not be). The guy I noticed the night before was around again. I went up and talked to him. We sat outside and chatted. Doug came by and said hi. So did John and Brian. This guy (York) asked how long we'd been in town, and I was embarrassed to say - "a day".

If he had judgements - he never verbalized them. I went home w/him that night and slept w/him. Just slept. Barely waking in time to make it to the hotel for check out. He could have been the one. He should have been the one. But he's in Los Angeles - and I'm not.

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