Friday, January 13, 2006


Yeah - 24 days since I last got off a load. It's not my longest time between pumping off, but it's up there. I mean - how many guys reading this can say they go that long? Or even a fraction of it??

They say in prison your sexdrive diminishes (unlike in 'Oz' which leads us to believe that is untrue - but then we wouldn't all have cellmates like Chris Keller) . Clearly I'm not in prison - except of my own making. I could jack off anytime - shower, bed, office, public resttoom. But at this point - it's more the principle of the thing. I need to do it while getting someone else off.

...and not that I haven't been getting guys off lately. Obviously if you've been reading it's been a banner week. But even I - the keeper of the cum - would hate to see my own load go to waste in a trashcan, or the floor, or a rubber. This big of a load deserves a home.

Take this morning for instance. The guy I blew in an office bathroom last Friday, well...I took care of again this a.m. in my office. Same attire for him as last week. Nice solid dick sticking out of his pants. He is a lousy kisser - you'd think he's uncomfortable w/guys, but he swallows dick pretty well. But first I was on him. More low key 'gooooood boy' comments and things to that nature. He shot a nice big big big load. Maybe he'd been saving it since last Friday. One can hope. It was a little bitter - but I'd never tell a guy that. What if he cut me off from future engagements.

He wanted to see me stroke off. But that's not how I'm gonna really lose this load unless I truly truly have to. Or end up w/a fuckin wet dream (oh...Transporter....where are you????). I did get him to go down on me and he did it beautifully. He was really working it and if I concentrated enough I could have fed him. Tallmaster and I agree the best thing would have been to hold him down on it and make him take it - like a 1000 guys (yes, that slutty number again) have made me do (HA!) in the past. I made the mistake of asking him if he 'wanted it'. He pulled off and said no....he doesn't take loads. Oy! I bet he would have. It was an amateur mistake on my part.

So.....I guess I'm on to day 25. Anyone have thoughts to what I should do w/this??


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lil pup said...

I know what I'd do with it :oP