Monday, January 09, 2006

Workplace Suck-Off (or Lucky Friday - pt 2)

Later that same Friday..........

I went downstairs to around lunchtime to grab something to eat at my desk. While waiting in line I saw a guy whom I used to see occasionally at the adult bookstores. But not having gone for the last few years (another story unto itself), I hadn't seen him. Even then, I'd never hooked up w/him. He always seemed to be a feeder and who needed the competition?

Anyhoo...he had a badge on, which let me know he was an employee. I loitered for a bit since he was in line to pay and I was essentially done. Slowly headed through the hallway back to my office where I knew at some point he'd have to catch up w/me.....and he did. He ended up going to a stairwell which would not be my route, but I went that way anyway.

There we exchanged pleasentries - he asking me how my new year's was. Me answering but purposefully staring at his crotch instead of his face. Being lunchtime, the stairwell was a flury of activity. We kept up small talk - my eyes rarely leaving his crotch. He got the idea. Soon enough he said almost under his breath - 'i wish we had someplace to go'.

Not being a fool I told him at some point we could use my private office. We looked at each other's badges and got names. A while later, I went to our intranet and got his alpha-pager and sent him a text msg saying I hope he builds a load for me...and left my extension.

I hadn't quite forgotten about it - but a few hours later my phone rang and it was him asking if I left the message. He carefully mentioned, being that he was in a public place, that he'd love to hook-up before he left, but the restroom where he was near was crowded (it's ALWAYS crowded). I suggested if he really wanted 'now', there was another way-out-of-the-way bathroom. He said he'd meet me there in 5 min.

The bathroom set-up is the outer-door. Right inside a sink. Then another pseudo-door that leads to two urinals. And past the last urinal, a stall. The door on the stall doesn't go to the floor, but the room really is so cramped you couldn't see two sets of feet there w/out knowing higher level yoga.

I'm there. He shows up. Though he says he's nervous about it his dick doesn't show it. I go into the stall and wait for him to enter. Kind of a tight squeeze but we manage. I get his cock out of his jeans - and it's a nice 6.5" - plump, fat w/a nice head on it. I immediately go down on him. Though we didn't have to be quiet-quiet - he just gives a low moan.

His hand instinctively went to my head as he said 'goooooood boy'. I kept on it for maybe 10 minutes....tops. Doing my job the way I should - it wasn't too long before high grip tightened on my scalp. 'That's it got me' and he squirted a decent sized load in my mouth. Tasted great too.

He thanked me. Said he had to take off. Told me he'd call me for an early morning suck off in my office next time. make sure, I alpha paged him today to remind him to start building up a load. Risky to do in my office? Yeah.........but it's early. 6:30a early. We all win.

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