Friday, January 20, 2006

FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

32 days.

That's how long it took me to lose my load.

It would seem that the work guy might be a semi-regular Friday thing. I mean - it's only been 3 weeks in a row, so we'll see. But to be honest, I was hoping to get him to bone me in my office...and he did for awhile. It's not how he wanted to get off.

He did however go down on me. It felt great. I had to pull him off me - being too sensitive after have going so long w/out ejaculation. So I got on my knees, in my office, wearing my suit and finished him off.

I was surprised when afterward he went back down on me. I told him not to tease me if he wasn't going to take it. He said he wanted to see me shoot. That was a no-go. Releasing a month (plus) load all over my office was a deal breaker. It had to be swallowed. Without a word he went back down on it.

The guy is an experienced cocksucker - no doubt about it. I said to him that I was taking his silence for approval to cum in his mouth. He kept going. It didn't take me long. I pulled back so not to choke him on what I knew was coming. The best laid plans didn't help him much. Experienced or not - that load would have choked anyone. And it did. Maybe some guys get turned on by an eater gagging/coughing on it. Not me. This guy did gag/cough though. It didn't end up on my suit pants, so I was cool w/it - but his work shirt........well.........not so lucky. I will say he was impressed by the load. Who wouldn't be?

My friend Pat thought I was nuts for holding a load that long. He said it needed to be a fresh load - should always be overturned. Maybe he's right. But I'm sure I could have gone longer. It was just time to give it up.


Anonymous said...

Hate you gave it up so already. I had hoped you would save it for NC.


lil pup said...

Congratulations!!!.... u think u can hold out any longer?