Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This was the email that the lawyer who's been fucking me left yesterday:

I'm helping a friend with an errand at 5:30; I should be done by 6. If not, and you get to my building, buzz me. If I don't answer, it means I'm not home yet. Before you come over, either take off your underwear or rip a hole in the back. I'll likely be waiting in my apartment with my cock hanging out of my pants. I don't want you to kiss me or suck me today, unless you suck on my neck while I fuck you. I will likely just use spit to lube up my cock. When you walk in, come over to me, undo your slacks, pull them down just past your ass, and let me in.

The only thing that didn't happen was the spit. He had lube. And he was late. 6:40p is when he showed. He has a neighbor though who must have passed me 4-5 times. Early 20s I'm guessing. Never been into that - but man, I would have. H-O-T-T. Finally lawyer-guy buzzed me in. Loft was dark (again). He was waiting, dick out (again). We never left the hallway (again).

But he throws a good fuck. For whatever reason my hands pressed against the walls wasn't working this time. Me bent over - hands on my knees, my head close down there too - allowed him for some serious pumping.

I tried egging him on to do it harder. He told me to shut the fuck up. He didn't want to hear me - I was just there for him to use my hole. Sorry, but for 27-28, he was confident as hell. I knew he was getting close by his breathing. Of course, I knew he was there by his throbbing.

Maybe it's the angle of his dick. Maybe it's the position we do it in. I can feel every pulse and throb as he pumps off his nut.

He let it slide out w/a flop - and just says 'get out'. I pull up my pants and turn around, but he's gone. Walked out of the hallway to g-d knows where. I opened the door - and headed home.

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Anonymous said...

NO SPIT??? Thats worse than messing with ur feelings... thats like illegal isnt it?

You have more self control than i do... i'd want to jump on him and... well, do things I suppose