Friday, January 27, 2006

Regular Thing??

So it was another lawyer fuck this evening.

I have to figure this will burn itself out - but until then, I'll keep hooking up w/him and getting what we both need. There are no strings.

Today we got together just a little earlier than usual. Natural light was coming through the window so I definately got a better look at him. Didn't seem too bad - has a little maturing to do, body/looks-wise. It was the first time we didn't fuck in the hallway. He was standing in the living area - cock out....cock hard.

He motioned me to the kitchen counter. I turned towards it and he came up behind me. Reaching around he undid my belt and lowered my suit pants right past my ass. Per his request - I had on a jockstrap. Gave him access and didn't allow me to play w/myself. Once again, no foreplay.

Initially he couldn't penetrate. He seems to think the entrance is an inch or two higher than it is...and wouldn't listen to me. He had to re-harden himself. I turned to see if he'd make out - but he said in no uncertain terms - "don't look at me!!". I turned around back to the counter.

This time he hit the mark - w/a little help from me - and he was off and running. Or should i say 'slamming'. I don't know what experience he has - but he is a goooooood fucker. He knows what he's doing, but it might be luck. He's doing it for him - not his partner. This isn't love - it's sex. I'm not looking to be pleasured. I'm looking to make a man moan and shoot.

I was told not to talk. I didn't. I couldn't help but grunt as he really slammed me. Once again, the pulsating as he shot out his load. I'm glad he did too. Another minute of that pounding and he could have had me shooting into my strap pouch w/out ever touching myself. He has no idea how close he got me.

After letting it slide out - he just said "you know the drill". I buckled up and he was gone to clean up (I guess). I let myself out. Not five feet down the hall, I heard the deadbolt snap closed.

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