Saturday, April 25, 2009

Craigslist Fuck - Columbus, OH

This is my last of the series of when I was in Columbus last week.

Besides perusing Grindr and ManHunt (dud again, MH!), I placed an craiglist ad (and didn't murder anyone, thank you!). I had a few responses, but most were tossed to the side either by me or them. But one stood out.

6', 175, brown, hazel, mod hairy, 6" cut, 37 yo.

The pic he sent was nice too - though I can't post it here. It has full face. Safe to say the chest looked nice and was a bit more than mod hairy. And he typed a good game on how nasty he could be. Bonus.

The guy showed up (never did get a name - I don't think) and was mildly dressed up. Turns out he just came from some calling hours. And you know while others were talking about the dead body he was thinking of getting laid.

I took off his shirt slowly and we kissed a bit - but he was not a great kisser, so I kind of put a halt to that without him really knowing I had issued a cease and desist order.

As I was feeling his upper body though, I was struck by what soft skin he had. I mean - it was weird soft. The best way to describe it was like it was air. You'd feel it, but not - all at the same time. He was like a woman (or what I would assume one to feel like) but looked like a man. ...and yes, trust me that thought did go through my mind. You know: the thing you were all just thinking??? But I dismissed that fairly soon.

The guy wanted to eat my ass. He knew I was going to be fucked by others,yet still wanted to do it. I even told him I had two loads up there. He was to be undeterred. Who am I to stop him? He peeled off his pants and went down to my hole - as I was laying on the bed on my back.

It is then I kind of wished I had been on my stomach for this.

The way he leaned over and/or bend gave some rationale to why his skin might be the way it is. When standing he carried himself just fine. When leaning over, there were.......pockets (?) or folds (?) of skin. He was probably someone who shed 150-200 pounds, which is great, yet had the excess skin still in place. Which was most definitely not great.

Overall, the guys was still hot and had the right intentions (which were the wrong ones by societal norms), but I could not help it - my focus was on the flab. That's my flaw, not his.

Now, I'm not a complete asshole. We did what we set out to do in the first place. Him eating my ass. Him sucking my cock. Him fucking my ass. All were done admirably too, I might add. Granted, he had 6", which if a fine sized dick, but I had kind of already been opened up that night - twice. I can't say I felt a lot.

The entire session did not last long, for which I was grateful. But he seemingly loved it. I even got an email from his blackberry on his drive home telling me so. I know he lives in a remote area and his opportunities must be limited - and I would assume his transition look might limit that too, or not. I have no way of knowing.

I know. I know. Not the sexiest or dirties post I've written. But you know me - I tell it like it is, good or bad. This one was neither. Just mediocre.

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