Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mouth on Dick

Yeah yeah - you don't have to tell me it has been forever since I've posted. My job and lack of travel for this job has really put a fucking hamper in my sex life. And of course, by sex life, I mean me taking it down the throat or up the ass.

Getting my dick down a throat is no trouble whatsoever. I know it doesn't make for the best stories, but right now, it is all I have got unless I delve into the archives. Maybe I will, but for right now, I can at least get to some feeder stories - me being the feeder.

I was back at this one cocksuckers house, admittedly to hopefully see one of the guys who had his hands all over me from the last time I was there. We had one of those non-verbal connections, even though he was a feeder and he saw me feeding. I think (hope?) deep down he knew I'd be on my knees for him.

It was unfortunate that as I arrived, he was about to get into his car. Fuck. But being the boy scout that I am, I had already taken the opportunity to write out my email and cellphone on a card to slip to him if he were inside. I think I would breach protocol for stealing a feeder away from a hosting cocksucker, but I also know that if I got my lips around his shaft, I could and would take him away.

Before he got in his car we chatted for a few minutes. I handed him the card - and he said he would call. I'm not 100% sure of this. He hasn't yet. He had to motor and I went inside.

There was only one other feeder inside. His name was Leon and I briefly encountered him a few weeks back. But there he sat with his THICK 8" dark dark dark dick bobbing in front of him, just a few inches from the mouth of our host. I was instructed to sit next to Leon (by Leon) and I did.

Leon instructed the cocksucker to get me wet. I could not help but reach over and grip Leon's dick. Rock solid. So thick, so rigid. I loved it. If he liked my grip, it was hard to tell. He was a man of almost zero emotion. He gave nothing away. I like that.

We took turns feeding the guy on his knees, we talked in low voices about his skills - how they were, how they could be improved upon. Making sure to be low about it, but not low enough he couldn't hear it.

Leon mentioned how he liked putting his dick into hole. With that said, he turned and looked at me - knowingly. He knew I wasn't a feeder. I think he knew I wasn't even married. He winked.

Eventually we ended up standing, me feeding Glenn from above - Leon right next to me. I again put my hand on and around his dark stiff pole. He in turn put his hand on the small of my back.......and as I fed Glenn, Leon's hand traveled lower and lower. As I know you'd all guess, it ended up on my ass. I was ok with that.

As I pumped away and in between Leon telling Glenn to get all the way down on it, Leon would lean into me and with a finger hovering near my hole whispered so no one but myself would hear, "I am going to fuck that!".

I looked over and just gave the affirmative nod.

We both knew it wouldn't be today or in front of Glenn - there is that protocol. But to be fair, I don't think Glenn gets fucked. Yeah, I'm taking his feeder's dick and load, but not his line of service. I'm providing he can't or won't.

With hand still at my hole - touching - I pumped out a huge load for Glenn to choke on. I wasn't doing it for Glenn, I was doing it to show Leon what a fucking slut I could be for the right stimulation. He understood.

We didn't have a chance to exchange information there, but he's a regular at Glenn's house. And I, it seem, am becoming one.

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cb said...

I can't wait to read about that black cock filling your butt!!