Monday, April 06, 2009

Some Housekeeping

Every now and again, I do a little cleaning up of this site. Today is that day.

March showed me having my second best month in traffic, which I never thought would happen, since it was one of my slowest months in actual posts.

I've also started playing around with Google Analytics, which has been fun. It's given me to insight as to where guys are coming from - webwise, not philosophically - though I'm thinking they are probably more closely related than you'd care to believe.

Most of you guys find me on your own or have me bookmarked it would seem (and yes, I'm assuming you are "guys"). But a decent chunk is based on places I am linked at - so you visit those sites and click on their blogroll of which I am included.

Many of those links are reciprocal on my site as well. There are a few I did not have (I do now) and a few I'm surprised I'm getting so much traffic from. A few blogs out there are just that - out there. They haven't been updated in a year or more and yet still folks go there and then on to me. Hey, I'll take traffic anyway I can get it.

So there are also a few defunct links on my site, so I have removed those - but welcome RL, Matt & Dan, Adam and Boned & Stoned.

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