Sunday, April 19, 2009

Repeat Fuck - Columbus, OH

I was in Columbus for a day full of meetings this last Friday - which were starting early, so I went down the evening before. Naturally, I used a number of methods to get laid, or attempt to get laid.

Normally, after I get fucked (or fall to my knees), I do not keep contact information of these tricks. Some of them I do, of course. The good ones. And to the good folks when I return often to their cities (a la DC). But there is one in Columbus I kept - and notified him a week in advance of my return. He seemed interested.

I find it somewhat amusing that on Twitter, LeatherSkinBiker, tweeted/twatted, whatever, that he was reading my blog and hyperlinked this post. Ironically enough, it was my original post about the guy I was hoping and planning to get fucked by again. How'd he know?

"Scott" emailed me and told me he had a short window of time to come over - and to make sure I was ready and cleaned out in the next 10-15 minutes. And he was right on time. And I was prepped.

He walked in, took off his glasses, pants and shirt and had me get to my knees. I forgot from the first time how small he started off, but with my mouth on him, I could feel him grow.....and grow and grow.

I took out my camera (without asking - which I rarely do) and snapped one pic. He goes, 'that's all'. And it was done.

Like Clark Kent with glasses on, Scott I'm sure comes across as mild-mannered, but when the doors are closed, he is a steel minded in his resolve. He is calm, cool, collected and unshakable. Which are really all the same thing.

Since there was limited time, he goes, "get your ass on the side of the bed". I did as told.

There was to be no purchased lube to be used. If it didn't come from my mouth or his, it would not be applied to his shaft. I'm ok with that. It really takes fucking to it's second most primitive level. I guess dry would be THE most primitive, but it's really not my style.

Let's face it, 2009 has been kind of bust for me in the receiving end of taking dick - and Scott's dick was the biggest of the few I had taken. I was (or felt) a little out of practice. He pushed in the head and I asked him to hold on to let me get used to it.

"You're kind of being bossy" he flatly said - and then proceeded to push in and bottom out in me.

Man, I liked that response - both verbal and non.

And then the fucking began. He wasn't rough or fast. Determined would be the word. Methodical. His eye boring holes into me as he pumped at his own pace.

He referenced most of the things I had put in my previous post. How he liked fucking me in front of that mirror. How he came over for a blowjob and got a piece of ass from some slut in a hotel room. And then how he told his friends about about doing it to me.

That got me as rock hard as him currently sliding his dick in and out of me. I love a guy with confidence and a dirty mouth. He had both.

While he was on a tight timeline, his pace never quickened or got erratic, as many guys will do as they either fight to get off - or to hold off. He asked, "what do you want me to do". I thought I was leaving it open for him when I said, "whatever you want, I don't care". Being the smart man that he is, he calmly said, "you don't care? So then if I just pulled out of you and walked away - you wouldn't care?".

He had me. He made me ask for it.....if not beg for it. I'm sure I asked, but the desperation in my voice may have sounded different to him. I asked for his dick. I asked for his load. I asked for him to put it up me.

No grunts. No groans. No vocals - or vocal warnings at all. He just shut his eyes and put his head back a little and the cum shot into me.

I was reveling in it. Loving that it was being done - and that he was doing it. He knew what he was doing and probably read me like a book. He might be this way with everyone as far as I know.

As he readied himself to leave - he asked if anyone else was coming over. I told him I had two others scheduled - and the times they were to arrive. He said he might be back for the 9pm one (he never showed), but that I was to keep that load up there. I already knew I would - and he probably did too, but just hearing him say it was enough.

Without a 'thanks' he was gone. Until next time.

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