Thursday, April 16, 2009

Married Guy Fuck Up

Maybe it is due to my lack of travel, but lately I have been taking more ‘risks’ – if you will.

Yes, I get all your nods and shakes of the head when I talk about my behavior – and the things I do and the guys I do. But usually there is a sacred place for me and that is my house. I rarely rarely rarely have “entertained” there.

I’m probably paranoid, but you never know what freak will come over and then when it’s over (and let’s face it – with me, when I’m done, I’m DONE!) I don’t need some freak to track me down and do whatever. Yes, I get the irony that I am that guy who travels to other guy’s houses to do the deed – but I’m not a freak. And again, when I’m done, I’m usually done. I move on to another guy. Any other guy.

But in my Grindr story I did tell my friend on the phone I was about to hit my knees. He kind of all made me snap to reality when he said later upon follow-up “I didn’t think you ordered in”. Bingo. He is/was right.

Earlier in the week I had placed one of my first hometown craigslist ads wanting to drop to my knees after work – on my way home and made it clear I could not host. But I let my hormones get the better of me.

The guy was in his 40s (a plus). Shaved head and goatee (a plus). Married (way plus). And tended to be dominant (jackpot). He also wanted right now – which annoyed me that he couldn’t read or ignored it.

Against my better judgment, yet still with that raging libido, we made arrangements to meet at my house at lunch.

“Dennis” was ok looking facially though he carried a bit more in his mid-section than he led on while exchanging stats. His take on 6” was a little overstated too. He didn’t mention how thing the dick was either. But I can work with this if the guy has the right attitude.

Dennis was ok in this department, but just ok. He talked a good game, but it was tempered by too much niceties. When I’m with a dom married guy – I want to feel used. Not slightly used and then coddled. Pick a role and run with it!

He did bend me over my sofa to eat my ass. He was ok at it. Clearly he had done it before but I’ve had much much better. But he was doing it. That says a lot for a married guy, I think. Credit where credit is due.

This is where he wins some points. He stood up with me still bent over, his hand on my back. At first I thought he just wanted to cuddle, because that’s what he was doing, but he had other ideas. He wanted in. And frankly, taking him this way was the best case scenario. I would have sucked him off, but his wasn’t a dick that you’d really knew was in your mouth. Or up your ass as it turns out.

He rubbed against me and my hole and had it pop in. Yeah, I get around, but it is not like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. I still have plenty of traction down there….even for him. But for some reason, I felt the need to make him feel better about it and himself. I did the appropriate noises and verbal queues and it worked because he was into it and his prowess. Or alleged prowess.

Dennis was ok and his wife probably is fine with how he operates in bed, but I don’t think he had a lot of experience with men. And even if he did – not ones of my experience. He would have been great as my first time out, but we’re not even in the top 2700 at this point (if you count both points of entry).

True to expectations, that was all over in a matter of minutes. I was fine with it, as I was still feeling uncomfortable about being away from the office and at my house with a virtual stranger.

We chatted as we redressed ourselves. He wanted me to get off, I wanted to get out of there – and to be honest, if I was going through the motions to get fucked, it would have taken a lot more for me to get my rocks off. I just said I had to rush.

He was great about bringing up the issue of not bothering me again or worrying about my house etc. And damn if I didn’t get lulled into a false sense of complacency. It’s been less than a week and I get 1-2 phone calls per day, with the same amount of text messages and emails.

I’ve been nice – so far. But I’m now starting to ignore them and we’ll see how that goes over. I’m guessing not well. However, I do have an ace up my sleeve. The guy answered my ad with an email address from his work – with real name and company. A quick internet search showed me where he lived.

If he ends up fucking with me, I will fuck with him. That seems fair – right? Granted, I made my own bed (so to speak), but no reason I have to lie in it because he forces me to. I’m all about forced sex, but not by this guy…..and not this way.


Anonymous said...

paranoid much?

CockSearch2009 said...

That's not paranoia. That's good common sense.

Anonymous, you've got to share your abode with a stranger fuck sometime to know what BikeGuy is talking about.

Anonymous said...

If he knows you've got his work email he's probably not planning on stalking you, he's just naive like a lot of married men (real married men that is, not fantasy studs - those who have unnecessarily restricted their sex life and have to jump through hoops to arrange a fuck... tells you all you need to know about them, really). I can't see what's so hot about that.