Thursday, April 09, 2009


If you have an iPhone, there is an application on there that allows you to hook-up. Or attempt to. Finally - the iPhone will pay for itself - for some of us.

Grindr is the name. It's free too - so that's a plus. It isn't too well known out there, someone from Twitter told me about it, so I'm just spreading the good word.

The way it works is, you sign up (and in), iPhone uses the GPS function to locate your area without revealing it in detail to other users. It then searches for other users - listing them from closest location to farthest. Then let the song and no pants dance begin.

Yesterday it paid off. 26 year old guy. I'm sure gay, but as straight acting and talking as they come. 140 lbs and maybe 5'8". He was all guy - which was great. From his voice to his body smell. He'd clearly been working all day, something that was confirmed when I smelled and tasted his genitals.

Right before he showed up, I got a call from a friend. I told him I had to go, because I was about to get on my knees. He wanted to know more details, but their was a knock on the door. I had to go.

This dick thickened up nicer than I thought it would. It started out thin, though long. When he became erect, it didn't lengthen. It hardened for sure. But it was his attitude that was key. The word 'faggot' and 'cocksucker' just flowed from him with ease.

He told me how he used to use a guy in high school to service him and that I was the new guy to service him. "Brian" just piston fucked my mouth. Hands tight on my head he just skull fucked me. It was great.

He loved it. I loved it. He just didn't call me what I am, but treated me like one - like a pro. He told me how to work his cock and what I was going to get out of it.

Brian promised me a big load and he delivered. I didn't count the squirts, but I got more than a mouthful. Some of his jizz slid down my throat, but I like to hold as much as I can in my mouth to savor it.

"Make sure you get every fucking drop. Don't leave any. Milk it all out", he said. I didn't need the coaching, but fuck if I didn't like hearing it. Or live to hear it.

He zipped up and left. Not a word of thanks passed his lips. His semen passed mine. It was just expected to.

Thanks Grindr.


Anonymous said...

Rearized hos sexy the word "semen" can be! Fill it up!!

cb said...

Sounds like the iPhone app "whoshere". It is expressly meant for hooking up.

CockSearch2009 said...

Uh oh. Now I really need a iPhone.