Thursday, August 14, 2008

After Dinner Draining

Tuesday was one of mixed messages.

Answered a CL ad for a guy in a nearby Hyatt who wanted to get fucked. Ok. I was kind of in the mood to flex my newly acquired top abilities. We exchanged emails. We exchanged pics. We made plans.

Now you know how I feel about guys who misrepresent themselves in pics and email, only to be disappointed in real life when the hook-up happens. So, with that in mind, I am very accurate in my description of myself and my photos are always current – or at least within 2 months (though admittedly my cock shots might be dated, as it is not like that tool growing or shrinking like a belly might).

So I make the trek over to the hotel after work and he comes down. He made the mistake (?) of telling me what he’d be wearing and it’s one of these places that you need the key to activate the elevator.

So I am in the lobby, the door opens and I’m 90% sure he sees me and just pushes the button and heads back up. Douche.

Oh – and don’t think I didn’t call him to tell him he was a douche too. I am fully aware that I am not everyone’s type, nor are they mine. But as stated above, pics and stats were exchanged. There was nothing shocking about how I presented than was in my pictures.

Mind you – not only does he not have the nerve or balls to say, ‘thanks but no thanks’, he then ignores his phone. So I left the ‘douche’ comment for him to pick up later on his voice mail. Yeah – I know some of you will think I’m a prick – and I can really live with that.

So afterwards, I went out to dinner with some family and as I was getting into my car, a really nice BMW 5 series drives by and a guy I cannot quite see first whistles at me and then does some cat call. See? I’m not completely repulsive to everyone!

He drives away slowly, but as I start to pull out of the parking lot, I see he has stopped and waited for me to exit. His windows are down and he’s a pretty attractive 40 something.

Right off the bat he asks if I want to ‘fool around’, he lived 5 blocks from the restaurant so I say, ‘sure’.

In the elevator, he unzips me and feels my ever hardening cock. I don’t zip up when we hit his floor. Actually quite the opposite. As he is walking ahead of me getting his keys ready, I pull out my stiff pecker and he sees that as his key goes into the door.

Being the exhibitionist that I am, I walk over to his wall of windows that face other apartments. His is dark, so I have no back lighting, so no one can really see us – which is a shame.

He has stripped down but I’m just there w/my 8” cock out of my fly. In a second he was on his knees. Immediately he was on my dick, but then my hand went to the back of his head. He was hungry – I know the look. I practice it often.

I knew he’d be open to more than just an oral assault, but I was on limited time, as I was meeting those folks from dinner afterwards. I’m sure I’d have to come up with a story for my tardiness, but at that moment, I wanted to use. So I did.

I fucked his face and he loved it. I let him lick my dick and take his time too, I’m not a complete asshole. But I know guys like this. I AM a guy like this. He’s a pig, so am I. Cock and cum – there is never enough of it.

We played for about 15 minutes when I knew I really needed to get going. I told him I was going to feed him – and as I have said so many times here, I heard myself repeating the words again: you will swallow. I do shoot a lot. I don’t want you coughing it up on my dress pants.

As I got ready to shoot, I told him to start swallowing and don’t move. They never listen. What’s the issue? I obey, why not them? Maybe I need more top training.

He wouldn’t stop moving and he couldn’t swallow fast enough. I had a choker. And while that somehow validates some weird kind of manliness, I still rather they swallow the seed.

To be fair, he got most of it, but not all of it. But the way I see it, it didn’t go on me and it was his carpet to clean – not mine.

I made him (yes, made) give me his number and email. Maybe, just maybe I’ll bend him over his dining room table.

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Anonymous said...

The guy who stood you up might do better if he spent his time cruisin' for a backbone instead of sex.