Monday, August 25, 2008

"Straight" Fuck

I was "played" at my own game.

Well, not really. Nor do I truly think that the guy I had been fucking really thinks I'm straight and married.

But while out of town last week, I hooked up with a "straight" man, who has a girlfriend. He says her name is Anita. Anita Mann, maybe. I don't claim to be straight acting. Some people will tell you they wouldn't know I was gay. One person recently told me, "oh yeah! I knew the second I saw you." I'm sure there is some in between.

The reply to my ad came back: Worked out white guy here. 5ft 7in, 7inch cock, shaved nuts, a worked out 170LBS, 35 years old. I am strictly a top.

He didn't mention shaved head - which is a huge turn on to me.

After much back and forth through email, text and phone, we finally hooked up. I'd be surprised if he was actually 5'7" or 7". I didn't have a yardstick with me. But he was close enough in his stats and he wasn't heinous or anything. He had the right attitude.

But to call it what it is, he was gay-acting. There was no way around this one. And I don't even mean because he stuck his cock up my ass - which he did. Just the mannerisms. And for someone who doesn't do this ever - carrying around lube in your gym bag seems a bit questionable.

Ok - enough of that . The guy was a good fuck. There was no foreplay. No kissing. No touching. No me sucking him or anything. It was him coming into the room - me going to the bed, getting on my back and lifting my legs for him to gain entrance to heaven. LOL. I kid. It's Purgatory. It might be warm like Hell the deeper you go.

It was a morning fuck - so I liked that. A good way to start out the day. For both of us, actually. And he wasn't quick quick about it. We probably went at it for a good 25 minutes. It was nice to see his muscles and his chest as he worked himself in and out of me.

As it must - all things conclude. He was gearing up and honestly, I think had been holding off for quite some time. He finally just buried himself up me and unloaded. No big fanfare. No huge warning - and certainly disturb the folks next door.

He was good enough. Would I go back or have him back? I don't know. Lots of men out there to explore.

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