Sunday, August 03, 2008

BlogRoll Update

So let it be written - So let it be told!

As promised, the BlogRoll, and other links have been updated. They had to be. Some guys I've enjoyed in the past are just dormant and that's not fun for you guys who might use me as some gateway to other men's perverse pleasures.
  • So long Big Dicked Bottom - you had some hot stories, but no updates for almost a year.
  • Ditto for you B4Skin
  • Joshua - it's been since November of 2007. Again, hot potential, but you never made the commitment. Shame. If you get back into the swing of things - let me know.
  • Mike, from TopMarine - I miss ya. But your October 2007 Death Knell post either hit you hard, or it was really an announcement of the end of your blog. Shame.
All of you are welcome to contact me again if you get back into posting.

With that said - there are a few new additions to the group. Please take a look at:
  • OrlandoTop
  • Bare Encounters
  • Gay Sex Slut
  • Montreal Bottom
  • Matt & Dan
Please see what they have to offer - they are all listed in the right-sided column. They are all a bit different, but don't be shy - check them out.

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