Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh No - He Took My Cherry (anal)

The guy from the video I posted a while back and I have gotten together a few times. Each time he has taken my load. The first time was in the mouth while he sucked me at his place of employ.

But the others have been in his apartment. Always on a Monday. Always in what I assume is a guest room on questionable red sheets, in the dark (or darkened) area. When I enter, he is always face down, ass up, but I have never just sunk into him. Maybe I should.

No, usually he spins himself around, still face down on the bed, but where he can open his mouth to receive my dick in his all too willing mouth. I’m not complaining.

While he’s doing this, normally I’m taking off my shirt and then eventually my pants, though I have to interrupt his sucking to do that.

Mind you – I think this guy still though/thinks I am a married man. And a father, at that. So while he was blowing me, he went to my balls and then below. I can’t help but really react when someone eats my ass. I’ve always loved it (and love doing it), but it is just a precursor for me to getting fucked. This guy was also an expert asseater too. That didn’t help my cause.

When he went back to blowing me, he also started playing with my hole. Fingers and thumb. He’d also reach up and play with my nipples – which is always what I could consider a dead giveaway to my preferences. I can never keep my legs together when someone does that.

He would get up off my dick and come up to lick my nipples. But when he’d lean in, I’d feel his dick at my crack. His 8.5” FAT uncut dick.

I tried to retain my straightness, but it was difficult as when I get piece of meat like that, along with the priming he had been doing with his tongue, fingers, and my nipples, I was trying just not be act like a bitch in heat. Which, let’s face it, I was/am.

If he recognized this, he wasn’t overt about it, but he also didn’t stop doing what he was doing, even when I asked what he thought he was doing. Matter of factly, he said he was playing with my ass. I insisted he go easy with those fingers, but I never did tell him to stop. Would a true married man have told him so? I am thinking they would have.

Maybe my number is up with him, because not only didn’t he not stop, but he got me on my stomach to eat my ass from a better angle. I was for that – but c’mon, I’m not stupid, I also knew that would put a straight married man in a vulnerable position. It would put me in a very enviable one.

I could hear him put some liquid into his hands. I’ll assume his hands went to his cock. All the while he was eating my ass. But soon enough he was at my backdoor and with out an invite! …well, at least without a spoken one.

I told him I didn’t think we should do this. He said I liked his fingers up my ass. I replied with a ‘but your fingers aren’t nearly as big as that!’. He said I could handle it. He kept pushing every so slightly.

I knew, being me, that I would respond and open up. Soon, his head was in. To act the part, I grabbed the front of the mattress as if I was hanging on for dear life. I also appropriately inserted the grunts and groans of a man giving it up for the first time – along with the ‘no….you’re way too big for this to happen’.

He kept telling me just the head was in. But in reality, I’m no novice. I know he was about an inch away from his short hairs hitting my ass. But he kept up his pretense, I kept up mine.

He fucked. He fucked raw. I took it. I took it way too easily for a virgin, but if the jig was up, no one was saying anything.

He was in me deep and I said, ‘that is not just the head’ and he snidely replied, ‘nah – I’m giving it all to you’. Maybe the jig was up.

After about 5 more minutes of this, he stopped moving and I could feel him spasm in me. No denying he was doing to me, what I had done to him. Touche.

When he finally climbed off me, I just lay there. I tried to keep up the charade, but who knows who was buying what at this point. I did get up and told him it was his turn, but he was having none of it. He was done.

There was, and has been, no talk of getting together again. Maybe he wins. Or thinks he does.

Touche, indeed.


Anonymous said...

do you have AIDS?

bare biker said...

Nice, i like you ;-)