Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh No - He Took My Cherry (oral)

I was on travel a few weeks ago and came across an ad where a married guy wanted to suck cock. I had taken a number of dicks over the week and was ok with getting my nuts drained.

I swear, the more interesting thing for me was location. I thought he was staying at the same hotel I was, but it turns out he was at the one next door. Still it was very convenient.

The plan was for him to suck me off, but as things go, I’m always happier servicing a guy than being serviced. It wasn’t long after I was there before I was wanting to drop to my knees and take his fat 7” dick down my throat.

As happens lately, I might have made the inference that I was married and had never done this before. As he was sucking me, I was asking him if he did this often and what could it possibly feel like to have a cock in his mouth.

It certainly didn’t take much to bait him. He stood up and urged me to try it. Naturally, I was hesitant. I mean, I had never done this before and he was a stranger. What kind of guy does something like that with a stranger???

He talked me through it, brining the head of his penis close to my lips. I made a play for it, but backed off, the way a newbie might do when someone presents him a cock for the “first time”. He kept encouraging me.

After the head was in the mouth, I did the normal struggling with it for being a first-timer. I coughed. I gagged. I pulled back. I tentatively took more, but still not a lot. And as you see with guys like this, he was empowered by conquering something that has never been done….or someone.

Sooner than later, his hands went to my head. At first slightly encouraging me physically. Then a little more insistent. The more excited he became, the more physical he became. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t horribly strong or forceful, just persistent.

The dick went deeper. He got more vocal. The shaft got harder. I knew what was happening.

Soon (too soon?), he steadied my head and told me he was going to cum. He didn’t question whether I wanted it – just an announcement. His hands were still on my head.

For someone who jacked off the night before, he had a huge load. It squirted on my tongue and he kept telling me to “swallow it down”. Of course, I was going to. And did. Even I will only take the first-timer thing so far. A true one probably would have pulled off and let it fall out or worse, spit it out. I couldn’t do that – even for the act of faking it.

He complimented me on what I had done. I kneeled there, looking at him with the best look of awe and shock I could muster. It seemed to have worked.

Surprisingly, he went right down on me and sucked me off. I let him. He gagged. I left for work.

The next morning, I got an email asking if I wanted to be sucked again. I told him I wasn’t sure – that he left me for a loop on what had transpired the day before. I told him I was very confused. He fed right into it.

He suggested I come over again and try it again to see if it was something I might like. I played coy, but not too much so. He finally “convinced me” to come over.

In a matter of minutes, his dick was in my mouth. This time he was more forceful and verbal. He was telling me he would completely change my world with this. This time he fucked my face. Not hard, but it was there. His hand was tighter on my head.

Like the day before, he announced when he was shooting. I took it. I looked up at him when he was doing it to me. He was looking down at me.

He dragged his dick out as he was finishing and I could feel some cum being wiped from the head of his dick into my goatee. He said he didn’t and there was nothing there, but I knew better. It’s not like I haven’t had it there a few hundred times before. (Believe it or not, this wasn’t my 2nd time!)

I got back to my hotel and there was a nice dollop of sperm in the soul patch portion of my goat. I emailed him and told him what I found. I got a response back: “yeah – just a little something to remember me by.”

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