Sunday, August 17, 2008

Irish Fucker

Before I head out of town again (hopefully with more sexual adventures to relay), I still need to get some from my last trip up here on this blog.

With one of my initial ads I got a lot of responses. One guy did come over whom I will get to in another post. But I also go a response from this guy:

WM,42,6'1,198,Bl/Bl,Masc/Athl Hung 8"/Thick


This pic is not of me servicing him, just what he had to show me his cock. No idea who is licking the underside of his shaft.

No, this is a picture of his dick right before he slid it up my hairy ass.


After this pic, we got down to business and whereas I would have liked a pic of him buried up my hole, it was not meant to be. I had to respect that he was not there for a photo session.

He came from running, as he was in a tshirt and flimsy running shorts with nothing underneath them. With his hardening glory, he'd be one you'd do a second take on if passing him on the street in that outfit and condition.

He was not the handsomest bloke, but was certainly masculine and fucked like a machine. This was a guy who was out for his pleasure - 100%. Some guys will say they are but honestly, if you asked them to slow down or do this or that, they would.

Not this guy. Piston fuck is what felt good to him. Hard and fast is what he needed and wanted. It is what he got. And though he fucked fast, it was not a fast fuck. He assaulted my ass for a good 20 minutes in a few positions, but mostly on my back with my ass at the side of the bed.

Hopefully, there were no little kids in rooms on either side of me, because he grunted and groaned in ways that only convey 'sex'. I'm sure if there were, parents were scurrying them out or making up some story as to what those noises were.

Any hope of covering that up would have been gone when he came. He let anyone within earshot know it. ...which I love. But I'm a perv.

There wasn't discussion about where the load would or should go. It just went. Deep. Up. My. Hole.

The guy was there for one thing and one thing only. He pulled out, threw his shorts back on and was out the door without as much as a 'see ya'.

He got what he wanted. We both did.


Anonymous said...

Hot story. I got fucked by four guys last Sunday and took their loads. It wasn't planned, but their cocks were nice and each one was progressively bigger than his predecessor, the last one culminating in a thick 8.5" rod that fucked what had become a VERY sloppy (with cum) hole.

Anonymous said...

Love that cock, good for you. Looks like this one worked out perfectly.