Monday, August 18, 2008

More Tales

From that same ad I mentioned yesterday, I found a like-minded guy a few blocks away from my hotel.

42, 5'9", 175, br/br, hairy chest, legs, GL. 7C. Horny at 14th and I. 2 pics to follow.


I didn't publish the 2nd pic he mentioned as it has his face clearly in the shot. The guy was chatting with me and then going into his office bathroom to take pictures of himself to sent to me. PERFECT.

As you can see, the dick was nice - even soft.

He came over and we played. He wanted to get off, but in an unspecified kind of way. I sucked. He rubbed up behind me. I wanted him to go in. I think he wanted to go in, but as out there as he was, I think he was awaiting permission.

We did get around to discussing it during the sex talk of what you like and all, as you're doing some it at the same time. He wanted to fuck my ass. But by that point, my mouth had gotten him so to the edge, it was too late. Edging had ended and the launch sequence had begun.

My mouth was well down his shaft when his love lava started flowing. And it was a flow, and not spurting high into the air.....or mouth, as the case may be.

But like a good little trooper, I swallowed all of it and he was appreciative of it.

As he dressed, slowly - with his french cuffs et al - he wanted to return the next day to fuck and seed my ass.

As expected, I never heard back from him.

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