Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Group Party

Yesterday I attended a group party. In olden days, it might have been called an "orgy", but these are not olden days. It was an apartment with multiple rooms and guys going room to room looking to get laid by hopefully someone better than was in the last room.

I got an email invite for it (no idea how they found me. Don’t really care) yesterday morning, for an event to be done a little after lunch. I really wanted to go, because I have been just that horny, but couldn’t figure out how to do it – since I work and all.

The location was also 30 minutes away from the office. There and back would have taken a normal lunch hour and knowing how I am, I would have hung out there for the entire time things went down. I hate to say it, but I concocted a migraine and told my boss I was going to work from home the rest of the day.

I picked up a new bottle of poppers on my way and found the place with no issues. I was right on time. And by that, I mean, I was the 2nd person there. I had no idea how many others were invited or how many accepted. I certainly didn’t know what kind of guys they were. Had I, it is possible I might not have shown.

Everyone was very very average. And that is a little generous. I have to say, I’ve never seen such a large group of men with collective set of small dicks. Two were over 7” (not including mine), but most I would say were under 6”. Some under 5”. I try not to be a size queen, but sometimes outings like this make it hard not to be.

I was the first to strip down. There was another guy who was right behind me – totally my type. Shaved head, tall, fat & long-ish cock, goatee. Totally masculine. He loved my cocksucking, as I went right to my knees for him and he was a good dickie licker himself. But he wanted to pace himself and walked around as others entered. I get that. Unfortunately, while I was playing with someone else, someone got bald/goatee’d guy off. He was quick on the trigger.

Watched a few other guys and went down on the guy with the second biggest dick in the place (I was #1 – it is not bragging if it’s true). Guy in his early 50s, nice body, very hairy torso. 7.5” straight as an arrow shaft. He let me suck then he fucked my face. Eventually he got me bent over the desk in the office and fucked my ass good. We went at it for about 20 minutes – sometimes being watched, sometimes not. But he was not ready to shoot. Even the host took a turn at my ass, but oddly enough, he had the smallest dick in the group.

Eventually, about 16 people cycled through the 90 minute session. Not all folks were there at once. Some guys got off and left within minutes. Others like me stayed the duration. Almost everyone was looking for someone else to get off with….hoping someone else would show. Myself included.

Then one guy showed up that I knew I wanted. 6’, 170, nothing special in the body area, though it was tight. Not ripped, but no flab anywhere. 6.5” dick, with a nice big head and thicker shaft right underneath that tapered thinner as it went down to the pubes.

Another guy went right down on it while hot guy played a bit with my dick and my nipples. Eventually he went in for a kiss…which I will say, surprised the hell out of me. But what the fuck, I went for it.

Shortly after, he pushed the guy sucking his dick off of him and pushed me to my knees to take him. Fine with me. No egos should be allowed at these events and if the top wants a change, the other guy should go with it. He did.

The stud fucked my face with great technique. I was too into it to notice that we had gotten a crowd. Eventually I would find that 4-6 guys were gathered around. I figured it out when I felt the first shots of cum start to coat the left side of my head and slide down the side of my face. Shortly after, the guy next to him shot on me too….more on the front of me, hitting my arm and chest.

I could see what would look like an ex-marine standing next to my feeder. I could see was about to go off too. I begged for him to shoot it in my mouth, but he just shot it on my face and chest too. I was feeling scummy and cummy – there was no way around that. They made it so.

Seeing all of this really set my feeder off. He pushed me off his dick and aimed right for my face. Even with my mouth partially open, most of it hit my forehead and ran down my face. I’m sure I was a great sight if this were a bukkake movie. (too bad it wasn’t).

In a matter of a few seconds, the hot guy was gone. I would have loved to give him my info for a one-on-one repeat. But after the others had cum, they dispersed a bit. As I was getting myself up and together, I noticed a new arrival: a decent looking black man. Smooth everywhere (except pubes) and a nice 8.5” dick. Another guy was already down on it, but I watched intently. The black guy pushed him off and I took a turn. He started to push me off after a bit because he was too close and I was barely off when he pushed me back on, because he was past the point of no return. I took the load.

At this point, I felt a big piggy. I had taken, in one form or another, five loads. Others went load-less. I mean, I didn’t feel that bad.

As much as I wanted to just dress and leave, I had to wash the sperm off me. It was everywhere. The host let me jump in the shower and I got it off me (or most of it). I dressed and went room to room looking for clothes, glasses, keys, etc. I stumbled upon the black guy back in action fucking a smooth white ass – and wishing it had been me. But it wasn’t and I had my pants on. I was ready to go.

I would have liked the situation to be hotter, but it was what it was. I wouldn’t say no to a second time, but I might not jump in with just my libido.


Anonymous said...

serious question from a straight guy who loves your posts.. I want to f my gf in the arse, where can I buy poppers? I have no idea, I'm not in the gay community

Anonymous said...

you seem more lonely than you are horny.

Anonymous said...

you cab get poppers at any sex shop. It is sold as "video head cleaner" or "room deodorizer". Rush and Jungle Juice are good brands.