Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bad Attitude II

a continuation from July 26, 2005 post

A few months after my first encounter w/the pock-marked, masculine, big-dicked man I had a second run-in at another bookstore. Whether he remembered me or not, I have no clue. But the drill was somewhat the same. On my knees to suck - then bent over to be fucked.

But this time he didn't unload in my ass. He fucked me long and hard - and his 10" just split me open...and had gone deeper than any guy had at that point. But he pulled out of me and pushed me back to my knees.

"Open Up!" he commanded. I thought he was gonna jack off into my mouth - but I was wrong. He started to insert the dick that had just been up my ass back into my mouth. I started to pull away, as I had never taken a dick that had immediately just been taken out of a butt - let alone my own. Turns out, pulling away and saying 'no' wasn't really an option.

His grip was strong and unrelenting. "Take it, bitch!" and he shoved in. I was overwhelmed w/smell and taste of his huge prick. He pushed in further making me take more and more. I could taste his musk...his funk...MY ass along w/the smell of the inside of my hole.

He maintained the hold on my head and started pumping for all he was worth. I don't know if he was looking at me...the screen...or his eyes closed in lust. I could see his bush getting closer than retreating somewhat. In what seemed like forever, but probably only a few minutes, he blew his nut. A big load that I managed to keep in my mouth, but hadn't swallowed.

The guy didn't wait for me to nurse his cock - or to take all his seed. As he withdrew the cum I was holding in my mouth, trailed out w/his shaft. With his cock in hand he wiped it on my face and then onto my white t-shirt.

I must have done something right since he took my number and then just left. I was a fucking mess. Spit and cum on my face and shirt. Cum and my ass on my tastebuds. Of course I passed a number of guys on the way to the crappy restroom where I tried to clean up - but to no avail.

As piggish as I seemed - all I could hope for is that he'd call.

to be continued.....

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