Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Triple Play

I didn't think it would happen - I never thought there'd be a 100% show rate.

Yesterday, I had three men contact me via email who needed my assistance. Two I had done before - both orally. The third one was a least for me.

The third man to which I reference was actually the first vicitm. We talked. I gave him directions to the house. He was shorter than I like (My friends have always pointed out that I have a height requirement - but that's really only for 'dating'). His dick wasn't very large - 5-6". But he hadn't cum in a week and that was my prize. He was verbal...he knew when to use his hips and when to let me do the work. And then there was the sperm. A few big bursts and then a nice warm mouthful.

I had to hustle him out b/c I knew #2 was coming over. He being a bartender @ a leather bar. I had sucked him off once too - complete w/his PA. But tonite it was going somewhere other than my mouth. This guy was on his lunch break from some other job...and we had a half an hour. There was no romance (HA!), almost no foreplay. It was down and dirty. It was a need both of us had. He was aggressive - though not too rough. I think in other circumstances we could bump that up a notch. Though hardly a chore - it was executed w/timing and determination. Longer than a quickie - shorter than a fuck either of us would have wanted. He buried deep when he unloaded. It's what he needed and wanted...and probably a good lunch break activity.

The last guy was hours later. I might have to cut this guy loose. All the right attributes - looks, attitude, dick. But we cannot get it together schedule-wise. Don't try to schedule things via email if you're not going to read or respond in a timely manner. Electronic hook-ups are, if not spur of the moment and immediate, at least for near near future. He's been trying to schedule this second time for 5 mos!!!!!! The first time took me to a new low (he didn't want his neighbor to see me in his car and made me lie down on his back seat covered in a blanket! Is there NOTHING I won't do for cum?).

Anyway he never showed until after 10p. At this point somewhat anticlimatic for me (no pun intended). It was routine and nothing special about it. Good tasting load though.

A busy night - if not the best one. Personally, I'm looking forward to the park this weekend.

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