Thursday, August 18, 2005

Modes for an Addict

I love cruising and getting off in all its forms. I've come to find that one is not necessarily better than the other - just different. In these travels, I have come to find I have some, though not a lot of equals - men who understand me completely and instinctively. I love them because of this.

Phone - Rick (Chicago)
I met Rick on mIRC maybe 10 yrs ago. Instant connection. We have never met physcially. We have toyed with the idea of it, but thought that maybe we could never be as hot in person as we are on the phone.....and we ARE hot on the phone. It's not all sex talk, but a good majority is. Rick has a voice made for porn voice-overs. He says the phrase 'uh-huh....pump it' and 'pop off' w/such underlying filth you could shoot without ever having played with yourself.

He is full of as many stories as I have - and many of them similar. Bookstores. Bars. Parks. Offices. Public Restrooms. And then there are all the weird places and people we have done. But none of it is judgement - it's for comparison and ideas for what is possible. With Rick - it's all about cocksucking. He doesn't really want to hear about me getting fucked...and I respect that.

I can't tell you how many times we have talked and I have sprayed my load while in my office. least. And we are all about the numbers. How many we've done (the number could shock mere mortals). He is hot and he thinks I'm hot (which I'm not). I am a complete cock and cum pig - and he not only accepts that, it's probably the only reason he respects me. And I love him for that.

Internet - Patrick (Charleston)
I've only known Patrick for a few months now - but it seems like forever. He IM'd me regarding some pictures I posted on a YahooGroup. We've been chatting ever since. I'd say we have similar experiences - but there are varying degrees. I was not lent out to my uncle's friends (yes, I know it's socially wrong - but I am completely turned on by this). I did not choose to get married and have 4 kids. But he is very comfortable w/who he is - and he's as dirty as I am.

Unlike me - Pat has the ability to top or bottom. I can't swing the former very well, if at all. He can give it pretty hard, but is a top-notch cockucker. And we love sharing our experiences.

The other thing we do is pimp each other out. Yes - you heard me correctly. When Pat is traveling I will find guys to go by his hotel. It might be for Pat to get them off, or the tricks to get Pat off. Pat will do the same for me. Finds guys who contact me (or for me to contact) and for me to get off. We report back to each other on all the conquests. Sick. Wrong. And we love it.

Real Time - Ben (Cleveland)
I met Ben on-line too, but it went to real time fairly quick. He's a pig. Used at a young age by an uncle (like Pat), but turned it around where he is now the abuser (too strong of a word). Physical laborer who will wear the same jockstrap for weeks (6-7 weeks) just to smell his own funk. And better yet - to have other guys (like me) smell, taste and clean that funk. Leather gloves, cigars, police batons, spit, cum are all (or can be) involved. Shaved, piereced, inked. Physically, he's everything I'm not. Sexually, he's a lot of what I need. What I deserve. Cleveland is a tough town. Not enough tops. Way too many bottoms. And no true pigs - or guys truly comfortable w/their sexuality and desires. Ben's not that way. Neither am I.

These three men represent the best (or would it be the worst?) of me. (Though I would be remiss for not mentioning Gino-Hawaii, Patrick-Chicago and Kevin-NM for making an impact on me as well.)For the first two categories there have been 100s of others - mostly ones who have cum and gone and left little impact on my life. For the final category - it's safe to say there have been 1000s. Each one of those, in one way or another, have left a mark and made me who I am.

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