Monday, August 29, 2005

Empty Apartment

So this last Sunday (yesterday) a guy leave me a message from Men4sexnow. He'd been contacting me earlier - but to be honest, his pictures were subpar and I wasn't all that interested. It's not that he was unattractive - but who'd know? They showed nothing - just badly taken pics.

But for some reason (ummm.....I was horny?) I answered him and we exchanged some emails. All tame and I have no indication of some of my likes. And as it turns out - since I have moved - he lives all of two blocks from me. He told me the address and to knock and come in - the 1/2 house would be empty - except for him. I'm always wary about these situations - but did it anyway...and there he was. The pics on the site never showed his face - but he was attractive enough. Manly at least.

The apartment was cleaned out..nothing there. I'll assume he was the landlord, but I don't know that for sure. We dropped our shorts and both of us were wearing jocks....but his was teeny. I was really disheartened since his ad said 'bigger than average' (but don't they all say that). But after pulling his dick out - it looked ok. Thin, but long and it wasn't hard yet. Not quite sure how that pouch showed no package at all.

I got on my knees and started sucking. His dick started growing. And growing. He was bigger than average. And that thin dick plumped up to a nice fat one. I'd say 7.5-8" and fat and cut (though he was jewish!)

Picture were taken (I love doing that) and then I got down to work on really sucking his cock. He got into fucking my face too. Eventually, I was pinned between his thighs and the wall and got a nice deep dicking. Out of nowhere he just smacked me upside the head. For those who might know me - this isn't a bad thing. But I pulled off and looked up at him. Some guys might have thought I was going to say something bad - but I think my face said it all b/c he just hauled off and slapped me hard across the face - a few times and told me to get back on his dick. With that, he pulled my head down hard onto his prick.

At some point he pulled out to have me lick his nuts (which were practially non-existent) and then his ass. That sent him almost over the edge. I could tell he was close. I told him to cum wherever he wanted, but afterward he had to take pic of it (whether in my mouth or on my face). He had me eat his ass again and it did finish him off. He spun around and unloaded volumes in my goatee and on my cheek.

He took lots of pictures - though they were somewhat blurry (a few turned out). Then he smeared his cock in his jizz and fed it to me that way. It didn't get it all - but that's ok. He told me to wear it proudly. One more slap on the face (hard!) and told me to get the fuck out.

I'm glad i judged him wrong. I'm glad I gave him a chance. Hopefully he'll give me another one.

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