Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"You Wanna Be My Cocksucker?"

First - sorry about the lack of posts. I swore if I didn't have recent events - I'd post past experiences. Work has gotten the better of me. I'll try to be better here.

I headed back to the park and daddy was still there. A hot hot man (in my book). Salt & Pepper hair...and beard. Big, but not fat. Big ass Chrysler 300. He looked good in it. He pulled up to me and asked what I was doing. I told him just hanging. His repsonse had me too: "so...you wanna be my cocksucker?".

Well what's a boy to say? There really was only one answer. He told me to follow him. We parked in a remote alley and he got in my car.

Immediately he pulled out his cock - it was nice. Not huge or thick, but average on an above average man. I was a little nervous out in that alley but he just pushed my head down and had me go down on it. He let out a nice "ohhhhhh yeahhhh" when I took him to the root. He told me to keep on it and suck him good. There was no way I wasn't going to give it my all.

I only blew him for a few minutes - but he had been primed for days and the setting warrented doing it quicker than either of us would have liked. I felt the big paw of his hand grab the back of my head and hold me there while he unloaded in my mouth. I licked him clean too....as I should have.

When all said and done - I actually gave him my cell phone and email address....and titled it 'your cocksucker'. He got an evil grin on his face. Here's hoping I hear from him.

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