Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sucking Off The Enemy

I had a busy Friday last week but opted not to tell all in one story as it would be too long and possilby confusing (suffice to say I ended up taking on 8 guys in various stages of groupings or individually).

But as the day was winding down and I had just finished getting two guys off I headed back from the woods to my car. As I pulled out I noticed a nice new Lexus in the lot and figure it could be a hot dad/business man who needs a little afterwork relief.

By the time I swing the car around on the road and head back he's gone from the car and must have hit the trails. But I notice something on his car that just bugs the shit out of me: a big 'W' sticker on his car. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool democrat and the thought of some rich republican in theory repulses me...however, I'm in it for the load.

I get back deep into the woods and spot him. He's up against a tree w/hands in pockets. We don't even do the dance of 'what's going on' shit. He pulls it out and wags it at me. He knows why I'm there. I'm sure he saw the other two guys exit the woods before I came out anyway.

So I walk over and this guy has a beautiful cock. Almost 8" and FAT. Huge nuts like you wouldn't believe. And lots of foreskin. Foreskin on a fat cock to me is hot. Not as much on a skinny dick. But I get on my knees and start to feel his full nuts before taking the big head in my mouth.

He seems very appreciative of my talents and tells me so. Not sure if it's the skin or if he had had a rubber on - but I get a slimey taste that comes from going down on him. Even though the shaft is fat I take him to the root...where he proceeds to grind it in my face.

I pulled off and told him loved his skin then proceeded to run my tongue under it which evoked a nice raunchy "fuck yeahhh....treat it good!" And I did. Very good.

At one point I got up b/c I just had to dock w/him. I took my dick and covered it w/his skin. He really enjoyed that. But soon I felt his hands on my shoulders and I knew I needed to finish what I started. I got back down on my knees and went to town. Really working that dick w/my lips, mouth and tongue - all at the same time. It got him close.

He pulled back and I looked up. He was looking behind me and I turned to see another guy standing there....Indian (not woo-woo indian) stroking his dick. So I started to go back to the GOP dick and he said 'open your mouth' of course, I did. He just started pumping off his load into his open target.

"Man - that is SO much better than watching it go down the drain" he said to himself more than to me or the guy watching. I swallowed and cleaned him up too...but he hiked it back into his trousers, turned and walked away.

I had no interest in doing the indian guy - he was just not my type (and just about everyone is my type).

But on the walk back to my car I felt a new level of 'low' that I hadn't for awhile. I just sucked off somone who on paper I loathe. Married rich republican. This guy who is in the woods away from prying eyes lets a cocksucker take care of his needs w/no interest in mine (though he did fulfill them - though he didn't necessarily know it) - yet in public allows for the social damnation of who and what I am. And yet he had the best dick I had blown in months and that I'd gladly drop anything if he ever offered it to me again. What kind of sick fuck am I???

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Cocks are not political...