Sunday, August 21, 2005

Quite A Day

Another decent cocksucking day today.

On-line I had found a guy who looked like he had a decent dick. And he did. Pushing 7.5 fat inches. But at what cost? I let the fucker eat my ass just to shut up his nelly voice. I wanted him to be vocal - but the grating voice drove me to distraction. I couldn't get him off or me out of there quick enough. For more than a moment, I considered pulling up my jock and just walking out. But I stayed for the greater good.

I hit a west-side park w/not even a prospect so headed to a far east-side park where I usually have been having most of my luck lately. I was not to be disappointed.

A guy (kid?) follwed me back into the wood....deep into the wood. Whatever he was grabbing in his shorts looked fairly substantial. I was not to be disappointed. He was young. Maybe between 21-25, short blonde hair, blue-eyed, perfect skin (his arayn looks contrasted w/my semetic ones and the fact that I had an Israeli Military Army tshirt on was a great contrast. He wore a wedding band - perhaps it was just jewelry. His dick was beautiful. Actually perfect. 8". Fairly thick. Good heft. Straight as an arrow. But he had been working it and it didn't take him long (again, doing it on a park sometime necessitates a quickie). When we were done I told him he had a perfect dick - but that I was sure he already knew that. He said he didn't. I told him to ALWAYS remember that he did. He also mentioned he thought his high school principal was in the woods cruising too (how old WAS this kid?).

I came upon what he described to be his principal. Nice dick. Decent body. But had an older Ceaser Romero type already down on his knees servicing him. I approached - w/my cock out - so they knew I wasn't a threat. I watched. I jacked. I ended up sucking off some big 7" u/c dick who was watching me watch them. All four of us togehter in a few square feet.

The two watching wanted to see the load, I'm guessing the shooting of, but I had already captured it, but gladly showed it for all. They all thought it was hot. My feeder ended up leaving right after. I tried to eat the 'principal' dick - but he'd have none of it. Even when I tried to swoop down to catch the load he shot into the dirt. I was thwarted from getting his seed. As for Mr. Faux Romero, I could barely stand the alcohol seeping from him pores - it never crossed my mind to try to take his load.

I did, however, show off to them my prowess at my ability to shoot great volumes and distances. It seems they were into it all for the show of the cumming.

Fucking Amateurs!

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