Friday, August 26, 2005


As referenced in 'Modes for a Sex Addict', a real-time sex encounter here in town is a guy named Ben. I accidently stumbled upon his picture on a website and took the bull by the horns and emailed him saying he looked hot. Actually, unless I was way off - the look hit deep w/me. It wasn't hot - but a well mannered pig pic......hopefully.

I was right - but it took awhile to be sure of that. A few emails and a phone call later, finally brought it out. As down and dirty as his mind was - Ben is overall a quiet guy. Still waters and all that shit. But in due time I think we established where both our heads were at. Right in the gutter.

Like myself, Ben experienced man on man action early on in life - though his was earlier than mine and w/family. Again - socially, it's a wrong wrong thing, but it makes me harder than steel to hear these kinds of stories. Luckily, Ben didn't appear to be traumatized by it and parlayed it into his own sexual being. Lucky for me.

We finally got together at his place on what had to be the hottest day of the year. No a/c - but none needed. We wanted the sweat. The stench. The slippery good time. He with no shirt, pierced nipples. Shaved head. His hot beard...pierced in the chin. Inked. Damp. Jocked. A 3-4 week wearing of the same strap. Doing outdoor labor work in 80-90 degree heat. And it was all gonna be for me.

I walked in and he pushed me against the wall and drove his tongue down my throat. I'm not even sure if we said 'hi'. This was a better introduction anyway. We went upstairs and barely ever left his little kitchen area.

I got on my knees and gnawed at his black nylon gym shorts for awhile. Eventually, I pulled them down w/my teeth and there stood the prize. His filthy jockstrap. I made oral contact with it immediately. The senses were all there. Sound (his). Smell (his). Taste (his). Touch (mine). Sights (both or ours).

Ben's crotch and strap smelled and tasted great. I loved being buried in there - and he didn't mind holding me there to make sure I got in deep. It was a good combination. We worked well together. Of course, there was cocksucking. It's rare for me that any sexual encounter doesn't involve me eating dick. And his precum. Lots of precum. At some point I ate his nuts and below those. I got on my back and he sat on my face. Ben had a PERFECT tasting ass. I could have eaten it all night.....but we limited it about 20 minutes.

For guys like us, there aren't a lot of 'firsts' left in the sex world....but I got one on him. I got an ice cube from his freezer and popped it in my mouth. I took off the hard edges by sucking on it, but then was back on my back on the floor, Ben's ass in my face. I took that ice cube and slid it from my mouth to his ass - w/just my tongue. Took a bit - but it slipped up there. Then I used my tongue to push it deep. I'm sure the combo of cold cube and hot tongue was a great experience (um........I've heard!). But then I started sucking the melting water out of his butt...right down my fuckin throat.

At some point he put on this tight black leather gloves and started fingering my ass. He still on me while I sucked him or ate his ass. Him leaning between my legs slding a few gloved fingers up my bum. Then he gladly transfered those to my mouth to clean off...wet up for another journey up the tunnel of love.

Turns out Ben is one hell of a cocksucker himself. He went right down on my meat and it felt good - and I rarely let myself get sucked. Hopefully he wasn't offended, but I had trouble staying erect. It wasn't Ben. Maybe the heat. Maybe the anticipation of the event.....but it wasn't coming from the man or the time we were having. I was thorougly into it.

As happy as I was to stay on the kitchen floor Ben pulled me to the bedroom. His gloved hand around my cock while we made out and told each other dirty things about or first times were great. Alternating blowing each other was good too. I knew Ben had some equipment in his possession and plied him to see his police baton. He knew just what to do w/it too when he came back into the room. He had opened me up fairly well w/this fingers - so the end slid into me easily enough. Some poppers and just the exileration got another 6-7" up my cunt. And he fucked me with it too, albeit not hard. it was a fairly thick baton.

Before he came back onto the bed, Ben took the baton out my ass and stuck it in his mouth. The only thing hotter was if he put it in mine. But I loved it! After that he came back to bed where he continued to jack me off w/his leather gloved hand. Again, my erectness has nothing to do w/my excitement level, which Ben was about to find out. I've been blessed (?) w/the ability to cum w/out getting hard. I've only known this to be a turn on to one guy - but I can do it. Soon, I was shooting all over Ben's gloves, my legs and belly.

Ben took that hand and rubbed my own sperm on my goatee and had me stick my tongue out and lick it. I've never been a big self-spooge eater. But it wasn't bad, if I say so myself. Soon after Ben jacked himself off too. A beautiful site.

I am better when they cum first - but who am I to dictate that? I'd have been happy wherever Ben put his load. Face. Mouth. Ass. Or teased me and not let me anywhere near it.

I'm looking forward to our next time. Our schedules have not meshed...but soon. And to the uniform store too. I'm buying us both new gloves. Ones that fit for me. Ones for him that he only wears when he's w/me. Or so he says. Here's hoping he lies.....but thinks of me when using them on another guy!

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