Friday, August 19, 2005

Too Late

So a number of years back I was looking through Yahoo Personals and came across a local guy described himself (sounded good) and was only looking for head.

Well - THAT is what I do. I give head. I give it well. And I give it to completion. I contacted him - we emailed back and forth and that very night we opted to get together at his place.

He met me at his door w/nothing but a pair of cotton gym short (clearly nothing underneath). 5'7" or so. Barely an ounce of body fat on him. Defined, but not completely pumped up. Shaved head. Goatee. And oooooozed sex. You could just tell.

We went into the house and it wasn't long before I was down on my knees. For his looks you'd think he'd be extremely vocal - but quite the opposite. I could barely muster getting a moan out of him as I performed beautifully with my mouth. I certainly got no verbal encouragement or abuse from him. But it was a first time and we're both feeling each other out. He grew to a nice 7.5" - but had a HUGE head on him.

We went through a number of positions: me on my knees. me on my back. me sitting on the couch w/him standing in front of me. This last one is important for the simple fact of how we got to the next level - I have NO idea.

Before I knew it my shorts were off and he was on his knees in front of me playing w/my nuts. He never touched my cock with his mouth. But soon he was playing with my ass. More specifically my hole. Rubbing it - but never inserting a finger. But he had me wriggling.

Really - how I got my ass to the edge of the couch is still cloudy in my mind. It didn't take much for him to lean up enough so his rock-hard dick was at my crack. He rubbed that at my hole too. Enough for me to start dialating. My butt wanted it more than I did. He coated his cock w/his own spit and started more rubbing until I automatically opened for him and he just slid in.

I automatically tightend around him and that did illicit a response of closed eyes of pleasure. He kept sliding in - and I kept thinking his ad was 'for head only'. This wasn't head. Soon he was slowly and deliberately sliding in and out.

I knew we shouldn't be doing this. Part of me felt dirty for taking it this way. Part of me felt dirty enough to want him to continue. I told him I thought we should stop....he kept silent and kept moving ever so consistent. His big head was really making me feel full. I kept muttering 'this is wrong....', but not w/enough conviction that either of us truly believed it.

After a good 20 minutes I could feel him pump harder. I figured he was working up to a big finish - but his lack of aural communication, and virtually no change in facial expression couldn't confirm that. So I said: 'I don't think you should shoot in me.' His only response was: 'Too Late!'

By the time he had uttered those words he was already completely done w/his ejaculation. He never let on...and oddly, I never felt it. Afterward he told me it was 10 days worth.

Much later - after a few encounters - I couldn't imagine how big 10 days worth of his was (though it did seep out on my 30 min drive home), b/c sucking him off, 3 days worth was always HUGE (and to this day, the tastiest sperm I've ever chugged).

Even later he told me why he fucked me: he had to. he had been wanting to for a few years. he knew me from my job. Though I did not know him he had worked where I did at some point (there were 12,000 people who also worked there) and would pass me in the hall and knew he had to fuck me. He took the opportunity. Though I kind of let him.....

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