Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bad with the Good

I guess it's only fair that I don't post my hottest or latest encounters here. Sex can end up disappointing as much as it can be exilerating. Sometimes you get a combo.

As it turns out - this WAS my latest encounter, but not my best.

Though it will sound weird, I have an on-line buddy and we pimp each other out. Sometimes we're successful - most times we are not. Cut from similar cloth. We intimatley know each other's likes and dislikes. It works.

So yesterday I was feeling in need and he put the word out. He found me a local guy who wanted to feed me. Pics seemed decent so we arranged.

The guy showed and though he had the right attitude and the right hang between his legs - it kind of went nowhere.

Now, I think I'm good (VERY) at what I do. But for the life of me I could not get this guy to where either of us needed him to be. Erect. For over an hour I tried all my tricks that I've learned since I was a teen. Nothing. Maybe 2/3 of the way there - but never a complete arousal.
He blamed it on the poppers - which can be troublesome. It have been a better excuse had he ever OPENED the bottle and used them.

I ate his nuts and even further below (wink wink) all to no avail. And for a 'complete top', when I thought of trying to digitally AND orally stimulating him, I about lost 3 fingers up his hole. 'Complete top' - my ass!

On the plus side - he had the right attitude. As I first went to my knees I was mentally writing this blog entry w/his quotes - but the talk didn't quite turn into action. But he smacked me upside the head (this is a good thing, judgements) and talked down to me (see previous paranthetical).

I really wanted to call it off - more for his sake than mine. Save him some face. It was not meant to be. He masturbated himself furiously w/out ever fully achieving erection....but enough to supposedly cum. Why supposedly? Well for his talk of not getting his nut for 5 days - when he pushed it in my mouth - I felt nothing. I tasted nothing. But he seemed mighty pleased w/himself.

I'm glad one of us was.

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