Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Out of Towner Fuck

I've been playing email tag with this guy from Toronto for about 3 mos. Great emails. Great cock pics. A man who knows what he wants. I appreciate that. Attitude to me beats out looks on almost all counts. Almost.

So last night we finally hooked up at his extended stay hotel. He would meet me outside since you just can't walk in those things. I drove up and there he was. Looked older than the age he had given (I had only seen cock pics - no face). Turns out he looked borderline albino. Probably my age - but looked 15 yrs older. And this is not a nice thing - but after I left it hit me who he looked like - a cross between Gary Busey and The Bumble from 'Rudloph'. Got the picture?

His cock was about 7 and thin. Nice head on it. But there was about a minute of cocksucking before we got down to the business he wanted. Though it was his preference it benefited me - I was to be on my knees on the edge of the bed. Him behind me. Nothing too much against him - but I didn't have to look at his face this way. (I do like an attractive or manly face.)

I will say this - he knew how to verbally use his mouth....and he knew how to fuck. He seemed to like what I did w/my ass to make him feel good. I gotta say - I got that down. For all his boasting of going forever - it didn't take all that long. The drive there was longer.

But I got mine. He got something out of it too. Supposedly he will pass my email along to buds of his he knows from here and who work out of here. Here's hoping.

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