Thursday, August 25, 2005

JC Pennys

I can tell you the exact moment I last stepped foot in a JC Penny store. I was 17. It was on a rainy day in Sarasota (down at the Gulf Gate Mall - about 600 ft from where Pee Wee was arrested for masturbating!).

It was spring break and we were in FL. But it was rainy and we went to the mall to kill time. Luckily my sisters were there also - enough to distract my mother.

As we were looking around, I noticed a man who was in the vicinity looking at me. Even at that age, my cruising skills were becoming finely honed. I knew the look. His predatory skills. His advance to the men's bathroom with the occasional look behind to make sure I noticed. And I did.

I excused myself from my family and said I'd catch up with them - and had to use the restroom. Everyone but me, was oblivious to the man who'd been watching me from a close distance behind racks of shirts and shorts.

I found the bathroom and entered. It had a good set-up. Two doors - so anyone in the bathroom would hear if someone was coming and would have the ability to compose themselves if needed. Two urinals across from two stalls.

When I got there, he was at a urinal. Maybe 40 or so. Medium build, blonde hair. And looking down as I took the other urinal, a fairly nice dick. About 7" or so - hard and stroking. He was primed. Obviously.

I took mine out and being 17 - was already erect. He stepped back from the urinal - both to show and offer his cock to me. Without words, I gladly accepted. As I was bending over to surround his prick with my lips, I noticed someone was in a stall. I immediately backed off the dick but felt a hand at the back of my head. "He's ok" my feeder said. Then I noticed a figure furiously stroking in that stall. I couldn't make him out - just the shadow and motion.

Time was limited so I went to work on the guy's rod pronto. He moaned as did the guy in the stall. I was up for putting on a show - and have always figured, if you're having public sex you have to expect to be watched. It's not a private thing.

The guy took control and pumped my face - maybe only 20 times before he unloaded. I didn't miss a drop. I swallowed and straightend myself up. In another minute I was back in the store looking for my family.

No one missed me - though I wasn't gone that long. No one was the wiser. And two people (possibly three) were happier on a gloomy rainy Florida day.

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