Monday, August 08, 2005

Garage / Yard

What do you do when you invite an on-line trick over you don't know if you want in the house? Simply lie - say your house sitting and do him in the garage or on the grounds.

It's what I did this weekend. Guy had all the bear-ish good looks on-line....but as he called the closer he got, he was NELLY (or at least his voice).

Luckily for me, we barely spoke. I unzipped him in the garage and went to my knees. His dick was fat and shriveled....but again, luckily for grew as I worked it. And it grew. Maybe 7.5" but it kept it's girth...and skin. It was one of those dicks I could have sucked all day long. It was a nice day so we left the garage and to a side of the house blocked by trees and bushes. We could be outdoors and nekkid w/no one to see.

More sucking but he wanted to see my l leaned against a tree. He rubbed it. He felt it. He smacked it. He fingered it. He rubbed his big fat cock up and down the crack.

We then rubbed our cocks together. I'm not much of a precummer - but his was like a faucet. He kept making reference to it and how slick it all was...and what great lube it made. Before youi know it - I was on my back on the lawn. Him above me rubbing that head at my pucker. One good push and he was halfway in. Wasn't long before he went a-pumpin'.

And it wasn't long after that - ok....long, but never long enough...that he finished. In between, we moved positions here and there...withdrew and reinserted. It felt great. The outdoors. The deed. All of it.

Maybe I'll see him again. Maybe not. Let me know - should I?

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