Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bad Attitude II

a continuation from July 26, 2005 post

A few months after my first encounter w/the pock-marked, masculine, big-dicked man I had a second run-in at another bookstore. Whether he remembered me or not, I have no clue. But the drill was somewhat the same. On my knees to suck - then bent over to be fucked.

But this time he didn't unload in my ass. He fucked me long and hard - and his 10" just split me open...and had gone deeper than any guy had at that point. But he pulled out of me and pushed me back to my knees.

"Open Up!" he commanded. I thought he was gonna jack off into my mouth - but I was wrong. He started to insert the dick that had just been up my ass back into my mouth. I started to pull away, as I had never taken a dick that had immediately just been taken out of a butt - let alone my own. Turns out, pulling away and saying 'no' wasn't really an option.

His grip was strong and unrelenting. "Take it, bitch!" and he shoved in. I was overwhelmed w/smell and taste of his huge prick. He pushed in further making me take more and more. I could taste his musk...his funk...MY ass along w/the smell of the inside of my hole.

He maintained the hold on my head and started pumping for all he was worth. I don't know if he was looking at me...the screen...or his eyes closed in lust. I could see his bush getting closer than retreating somewhat. In what seemed like forever, but probably only a few minutes, he blew his nut. A big load that I managed to keep in my mouth, but hadn't swallowed.

The guy didn't wait for me to nurse his cock - or to take all his seed. As he withdrew the cum I was holding in my mouth, trailed out w/his shaft. With his cock in hand he wiped it on my face and then onto my white t-shirt.

I must have done something right since he took my number and then just left. I was a fucking mess. Spit and cum on my face and shirt. Cum and my ass on my tastebuds. Of course I passed a number of guys on the way to the crappy restroom where I tried to clean up - but to no avail.

As piggish as I seemed - all I could hope for is that he'd call.

to be continued.....

Monday, August 29, 2005

Empty Apartment

So this last Sunday (yesterday) a guy leave me a message from Men4sexnow. He'd been contacting me earlier - but to be honest, his pictures were subpar and I wasn't all that interested. It's not that he was unattractive - but who'd know? They showed nothing - just badly taken pics.

But for some reason (ummm.....I was horny?) I answered him and we exchanged some emails. All tame and I have no indication of some of my likes. And as it turns out - since I have moved - he lives all of two blocks from me. He told me the address and to knock and come in - the 1/2 house would be empty - except for him. I'm always wary about these situations - but did it anyway...and there he was. The pics on the site never showed his face - but he was attractive enough. Manly at least.

The apartment was cleaned out..nothing there. I'll assume he was the landlord, but I don't know that for sure. We dropped our shorts and both of us were wearing jocks....but his was teeny. I was really disheartened since his ad said 'bigger than average' (but don't they all say that). But after pulling his dick out - it looked ok. Thin, but long and it wasn't hard yet. Not quite sure how that pouch showed no package at all.

I got on my knees and started sucking. His dick started growing. And growing. He was bigger than average. And that thin dick plumped up to a nice fat one. I'd say 7.5-8" and fat and cut (though he was jewish!)

Picture were taken (I love doing that) and then I got down to work on really sucking his cock. He got into fucking my face too. Eventually, I was pinned between his thighs and the wall and got a nice deep dicking. Out of nowhere he just smacked me upside the head. For those who might know me - this isn't a bad thing. But I pulled off and looked up at him. Some guys might have thought I was going to say something bad - but I think my face said it all b/c he just hauled off and slapped me hard across the face - a few times and told me to get back on his dick. With that, he pulled my head down hard onto his prick.

At some point he pulled out to have me lick his nuts (which were practially non-existent) and then his ass. That sent him almost over the edge. I could tell he was close. I told him to cum wherever he wanted, but afterward he had to take pic of it (whether in my mouth or on my face). He had me eat his ass again and it did finish him off. He spun around and unloaded volumes in my goatee and on my cheek.

He took lots of pictures - though they were somewhat blurry (a few turned out). Then he smeared his cock in his jizz and fed it to me that way. It didn't get it all - but that's ok. He told me to wear it proudly. One more slap on the face (hard!) and told me to get the fuck out.

I'm glad i judged him wrong. I'm glad I gave him a chance. Hopefully he'll give me another one.

Friday, August 26, 2005


As referenced in 'Modes for a Sex Addict', a real-time sex encounter here in town is a guy named Ben. I accidently stumbled upon his picture on a website and took the bull by the horns and emailed him saying he looked hot. Actually, unless I was way off - the look hit deep w/me. It wasn't hot - but a well mannered pig pic......hopefully.

I was right - but it took awhile to be sure of that. A few emails and a phone call later, finally brought it out. As down and dirty as his mind was - Ben is overall a quiet guy. Still waters and all that shit. But in due time I think we established where both our heads were at. Right in the gutter.

Like myself, Ben experienced man on man action early on in life - though his was earlier than mine and w/family. Again - socially, it's a wrong wrong thing, but it makes me harder than steel to hear these kinds of stories. Luckily, Ben didn't appear to be traumatized by it and parlayed it into his own sexual being. Lucky for me.

We finally got together at his place on what had to be the hottest day of the year. No a/c - but none needed. We wanted the sweat. The stench. The slippery good time. He with no shirt, pierced nipples. Shaved head. His hot beard...pierced in the chin. Inked. Damp. Jocked. A 3-4 week wearing of the same strap. Doing outdoor labor work in 80-90 degree heat. And it was all gonna be for me.

I walked in and he pushed me against the wall and drove his tongue down my throat. I'm not even sure if we said 'hi'. This was a better introduction anyway. We went upstairs and barely ever left his little kitchen area.

I got on my knees and gnawed at his black nylon gym shorts for awhile. Eventually, I pulled them down w/my teeth and there stood the prize. His filthy jockstrap. I made oral contact with it immediately. The senses were all there. Sound (his). Smell (his). Taste (his). Touch (mine). Sights (both or ours).

Ben's crotch and strap smelled and tasted great. I loved being buried in there - and he didn't mind holding me there to make sure I got in deep. It was a good combination. We worked well together. Of course, there was cocksucking. It's rare for me that any sexual encounter doesn't involve me eating dick. And his precum. Lots of precum. At some point I ate his nuts and below those. I got on my back and he sat on my face. Ben had a PERFECT tasting ass. I could have eaten it all night.....but we limited it about 20 minutes.

For guys like us, there aren't a lot of 'firsts' left in the sex world....but I got one on him. I got an ice cube from his freezer and popped it in my mouth. I took off the hard edges by sucking on it, but then was back on my back on the floor, Ben's ass in my face. I took that ice cube and slid it from my mouth to his ass - w/just my tongue. Took a bit - but it slipped up there. Then I used my tongue to push it deep. I'm sure the combo of cold cube and hot tongue was a great experience (um........I've heard!). But then I started sucking the melting water out of his butt...right down my fuckin throat.

At some point he put on this tight black leather gloves and started fingering my ass. He still on me while I sucked him or ate his ass. Him leaning between my legs slding a few gloved fingers up my bum. Then he gladly transfered those to my mouth to clean off...wet up for another journey up the tunnel of love.

Turns out Ben is one hell of a cocksucker himself. He went right down on my meat and it felt good - and I rarely let myself get sucked. Hopefully he wasn't offended, but I had trouble staying erect. It wasn't Ben. Maybe the heat. Maybe the anticipation of the event.....but it wasn't coming from the man or the time we were having. I was thorougly into it.

As happy as I was to stay on the kitchen floor Ben pulled me to the bedroom. His gloved hand around my cock while we made out and told each other dirty things about or first times were great. Alternating blowing each other was good too. I knew Ben had some equipment in his possession and plied him to see his police baton. He knew just what to do w/it too when he came back into the room. He had opened me up fairly well w/this fingers - so the end slid into me easily enough. Some poppers and just the exileration got another 6-7" up my cunt. And he fucked me with it too, albeit not hard. it was a fairly thick baton.

Before he came back onto the bed, Ben took the baton out my ass and stuck it in his mouth. The only thing hotter was if he put it in mine. But I loved it! After that he came back to bed where he continued to jack me off w/his leather gloved hand. Again, my erectness has nothing to do w/my excitement level, which Ben was about to find out. I've been blessed (?) w/the ability to cum w/out getting hard. I've only known this to be a turn on to one guy - but I can do it. Soon, I was shooting all over Ben's gloves, my legs and belly.

Ben took that hand and rubbed my own sperm on my goatee and had me stick my tongue out and lick it. I've never been a big self-spooge eater. But it wasn't bad, if I say so myself. Soon after Ben jacked himself off too. A beautiful site.

I am better when they cum first - but who am I to dictate that? I'd have been happy wherever Ben put his load. Face. Mouth. Ass. Or teased me and not let me anywhere near it.

I'm looking forward to our next time. Our schedules have not meshed...but soon. And to the uniform store too. I'm buying us both new gloves. Ones that fit for me. Ones for him that he only wears when he's w/me. Or so he says. Here's hoping he lies.....but thinks of me when using them on another guy!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

JC Pennys

I can tell you the exact moment I last stepped foot in a JC Penny store. I was 17. It was on a rainy day in Sarasota (down at the Gulf Gate Mall - about 600 ft from where Pee Wee was arrested for masturbating!).

It was spring break and we were in FL. But it was rainy and we went to the mall to kill time. Luckily my sisters were there also - enough to distract my mother.

As we were looking around, I noticed a man who was in the vicinity looking at me. Even at that age, my cruising skills were becoming finely honed. I knew the look. His predatory skills. His advance to the men's bathroom with the occasional look behind to make sure I noticed. And I did.

I excused myself from my family and said I'd catch up with them - and had to use the restroom. Everyone but me, was oblivious to the man who'd been watching me from a close distance behind racks of shirts and shorts.

I found the bathroom and entered. It had a good set-up. Two doors - so anyone in the bathroom would hear if someone was coming and would have the ability to compose themselves if needed. Two urinals across from two stalls.

When I got there, he was at a urinal. Maybe 40 or so. Medium build, blonde hair. And looking down as I took the other urinal, a fairly nice dick. About 7" or so - hard and stroking. He was primed. Obviously.

I took mine out and being 17 - was already erect. He stepped back from the urinal - both to show and offer his cock to me. Without words, I gladly accepted. As I was bending over to surround his prick with my lips, I noticed someone was in a stall. I immediately backed off the dick but felt a hand at the back of my head. "He's ok" my feeder said. Then I noticed a figure furiously stroking in that stall. I couldn't make him out - just the shadow and motion.

Time was limited so I went to work on the guy's rod pronto. He moaned as did the guy in the stall. I was up for putting on a show - and have always figured, if you're having public sex you have to expect to be watched. It's not a private thing.

The guy took control and pumped my face - maybe only 20 times before he unloaded. I didn't miss a drop. I swallowed and straightend myself up. In another minute I was back in the store looking for my family.

No one missed me - though I wasn't gone that long. No one was the wiser. And two people (possibly three) were happier on a gloomy rainy Florida day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Triple Play

I didn't think it would happen - I never thought there'd be a 100% show rate.

Yesterday, I had three men contact me via email who needed my assistance. Two I had done before - both orally. The third one was a newbie...at least for me.

The third man to which I reference was actually the first vicitm. We talked. I gave him directions to the house. He was shorter than I like (My friends have always pointed out that I have a height requirement - but that's really only for 'dating'). His dick wasn't very large - 5-6". But he hadn't cum in a week and that was my prize. He was verbal...he knew when to use his hips and when to let me do the work. And then there was the sperm. A few big bursts and then a nice warm mouthful.

I had to hustle him out b/c I knew #2 was coming over. He being a bartender @ a leather bar. I had sucked him off once too - complete w/his PA. But tonite it was going somewhere other than my mouth. This guy was on his lunch break from some other job...and we had a half an hour. There was no romance (HA!), almost no foreplay. It was down and dirty. It was a need both of us had. He was aggressive - though not too rough. I think in other circumstances we could bump that up a notch. Though hardly a chore - it was executed w/timing and determination. Longer than a quickie - shorter than a fuck either of us would have wanted. He buried deep when he unloaded. It's what he needed and wanted...and probably a good lunch break activity.

The last guy was hours later. I might have to cut this guy loose. All the right attributes - looks, attitude, dick. But we cannot get it together schedule-wise. Don't try to schedule things via email if you're not going to read or respond in a timely manner. Electronic hook-ups are, if not spur of the moment and immediate, at least for near near future. He's been trying to schedule this second time for 5 mos!!!!!! The first time took me to a new low (he didn't want his neighbor to see me in his car and made me lie down on his back seat covered in a blanket! Is there NOTHING I won't do for cum?).

Anyway he never showed until after 10p. At this point somewhat anticlimatic for me (no pun intended). It was routine and nothing special about it. Good tasting load though.

A busy night - if not the best one. Personally, I'm looking forward to the park this weekend.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Out of Towner Fuck

I've been playing email tag with this guy from Toronto for about 3 mos. Great emails. Great cock pics. A man who knows what he wants. I appreciate that. Attitude to me beats out looks on almost all counts. Almost.

So last night we finally hooked up at his extended stay hotel. He would meet me outside since you just can't walk in those things. I drove up and there he was. Looked older than the age he had given (I had only seen cock pics - no face). Turns out he looked borderline albino. Probably my age - but looked 15 yrs older. And this is not a nice thing - but after I left it hit me who he looked like - a cross between Gary Busey and The Bumble from 'Rudloph'. Got the picture?

His cock was about 7 and thin. Nice head on it. But there was about a minute of cocksucking before we got down to the business he wanted. Though it was his preference it benefited me - I was to be on my knees on the edge of the bed. Him behind me. Nothing too much against him - but I didn't have to look at his face this way. (I do like an attractive or manly face.)

I will say this - he knew how to verbally use his mouth....and he knew how to fuck. He seemed to like what I did w/my ass to make him feel good. I gotta say - I got that down. For all his boasting of going forever - it didn't take all that long. The drive there was longer.

But I got mine. He got something out of it too. Supposedly he will pass my email along to buds of his he knows from here and who work out of here. Here's hoping.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Quite A Day

Another decent cocksucking day today.

On-line I had found a guy who looked like he had a decent dick. And he did. Pushing 7.5 fat inches. But at what cost? I let the fucker eat my ass just to shut up his nelly voice. I wanted him to be vocal - but the grating voice drove me to distraction. I couldn't get him off or me out of there quick enough. For more than a moment, I considered pulling up my jock and just walking out. But I stayed for the greater good.

I hit a west-side park w/not even a prospect so headed to a far east-side park where I usually have been having most of my luck lately. I was not to be disappointed.

A guy (kid?) follwed me back into the wood....deep into the wood. Whatever he was grabbing in his shorts looked fairly substantial. I was not to be disappointed. He was young. Maybe between 21-25, short blonde hair, blue-eyed, perfect skin (his arayn looks contrasted w/my semetic ones and the fact that I had an Israeli Military Army tshirt on was a great contrast. He wore a wedding band - perhaps it was just jewelry. His dick was beautiful. Actually perfect. 8". Fairly thick. Good heft. Straight as an arrow. But he had been working it and it didn't take him long (again, doing it on a park sometime necessitates a quickie). When we were done I told him he had a perfect dick - but that I was sure he already knew that. He said he didn't. I told him to ALWAYS remember that he did. He also mentioned he thought his high school principal was in the woods cruising too (how old WAS this kid?).

I came upon what he described to be his principal. Nice dick. Decent body. But had an older Ceaser Romero type already down on his knees servicing him. I approached - w/my cock out - so they knew I wasn't a threat. I watched. I jacked. I ended up sucking off some big 7" u/c dick who was watching me watch them. All four of us togehter in a few square feet.

The two watching wanted to see the load, I'm guessing the shooting of, but I had already captured it, but gladly showed it for all. They all thought it was hot. My feeder ended up leaving right after. I tried to eat the 'principal' dick - but he'd have none of it. Even when I tried to swoop down to catch the load he shot into the dirt. I was thwarted from getting his seed. As for Mr. Faux Romero, I could barely stand the alcohol seeping from him pores - it never crossed my mind to try to take his load.

I did, however, show off to them my prowess at my ability to shoot great volumes and distances. It seems they were into it all for the show of the cumming.

Fucking Amateurs!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


In what I'm sure this will be an on-going topic as this blog progresses.

They say that humans - especially men - are not predispositioned to mate w/one person for life. I only assume this is magnified for gay males. So take that and multiply it by 100 for me. I love and have loved deeply and never once been faithful. Not that, for the most part, they were ever aware of my infidelities. And the reality is/was, I had sex with other men dozens of more times with other men than w/the partner I was with at the time of my cheating.

Deep down it wasn't meant to be a mean thing. Some psychologist might tell me differently. It was a need of mine to have sex. Not a want. A NEED. In my mind I could separate the act from the relationship. Some of the men I dated (Ok, ALL of them) could not - not that most of them ever found out. Some of the men I slept (well...not actually 'sleep') with could not either. I always saw it as their issue.

A good case-in-point would be eons ago this guy I was seeing. Taller than me (I'm 6'2" - and love bigger guys, but harder to find). Bigger than me - but certainly not fat. What I never figured out is if he realized I once fellated him in a college bathroom basement (yes, I cheated with him while I was with someone else!). If he did - we never had the discussion. Anyway we began seeing each other after an encounter at a gay bar.

He (Dan) was nice. He was fun. We had been seeing each other for a few months but it turned out he was just a fucking liar. Ironic I know. But oddly enough at this point I had *not* cheated on him. He'd just tell lies about things my friends said (or actually didn't), lie about saying he called me to see what i was doing - but didn't since I had been at home. Shit like that. Just enough to be annoying. Just enough for me to justify going down on other men.

So one night after the bars - where I was out w/my friends and no Dan, I decided to hit the adult bookstore. I loved going there late at night, drunk or high. I'd take care of any number of guys who wanted nothing more from me than getting their nut. Works for me.

So after scoping out the place and meeting a guy, we head into a booth w/the ceremonial dropping of the quarters and me to my knees. I was doing a really really good job on Mr. X and his cock. He was moaning louder than we had the sound on. I was slurping loudly too - but probably not audible between the porn music, his moans and the hallway noise.

Just as we are way into it there is POUNDING at my door. Of course, at first I thought it was the clerk - but there was no way he'd know there was more than one person in a booth and we were pumping quarters into the movie box.

Well it wasn't the clerk..and that was evident as soon as Dan started *shouting* through the door. At me. The entire "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, (my name here)" crap. The fucker had been following me!!!!! Had to have been from my home, to the bar (not sure how I ever missed him unless he just scoped out my car in the parking lot and waited).

Now the guy I was sucking didn't know who I was - and I denied knowing what the fuck was going on, but wasn't about to go out there. I went back to sucking and the guy went back to feeding me. I found his ability to keep performing simply amazing. He had the same type of will as a feeder that I had being his cocksucker. The pounding stopped and the regular after-bar at the bookstore cruising noise resumed.

You KNOW I got the guy off. I mean it's practically my sole purpose in life and then he left. But as the door was cracked, Dan was there. Waiting. And we did have it out in the bookstore and as he followed me out. And we didn't even break-up because of this incident.

I did end it a week later - and the entire time thinking: The only thing more pathetic than a guy who cheats on his boyfriend is a boyfriend who allows it and still won't dump the scum.

What a loser!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Too Late

So a number of years back I was looking through Yahoo Personals and came across a local guy described himself (sounded good) and was only looking for head.

Well - THAT is what I do. I give head. I give it well. And I give it to completion. I contacted him - we emailed back and forth and that very night we opted to get together at his place.

He met me at his door w/nothing but a pair of cotton gym short (clearly nothing underneath). 5'7" or so. Barely an ounce of body fat on him. Defined, but not completely pumped up. Shaved head. Goatee. And oooooozed sex. You could just tell.

We went into the house and it wasn't long before I was down on my knees. For his looks you'd think he'd be extremely vocal - but quite the opposite. I could barely muster getting a moan out of him as I performed beautifully with my mouth. I certainly got no verbal encouragement or abuse from him. But it was a first time and we're both feeling each other out. He grew to a nice 7.5" - but had a HUGE head on him.

We went through a number of positions: me on my knees. me on my back. me sitting on the couch w/him standing in front of me. This last one is important for the simple fact of how we got to the next level - I have NO idea.

Before I knew it my shorts were off and he was on his knees in front of me playing w/my nuts. He never touched my cock with his mouth. But soon he was playing with my ass. More specifically my hole. Rubbing it - but never inserting a finger. But he had me wriggling.

Really - how I got my ass to the edge of the couch is still cloudy in my mind. It didn't take much for him to lean up enough so his rock-hard dick was at my crack. He rubbed that at my hole too. Enough for me to start dialating. My butt wanted it more than I did. He coated his cock w/his own spit and started more rubbing until I automatically opened for him and he just slid in.

I automatically tightend around him and that did illicit a response of closed eyes of pleasure. He kept sliding in - and I kept thinking his ad was 'for head only'. This wasn't head. Soon he was slowly and deliberately sliding in and out.

I knew we shouldn't be doing this. Part of me felt dirty for taking it this way. Part of me felt dirty enough to want him to continue. I told him I thought we should stop....he kept silent and kept moving ever so consistent. His big head was really making me feel full. I kept muttering 'this is wrong....', but not w/enough conviction that either of us truly believed it.

After a good 20 minutes I could feel him pump harder. I figured he was working up to a big finish - but his lack of aural communication, and virtually no change in facial expression couldn't confirm that. So I said: 'I don't think you should shoot in me.' His only response was: 'Too Late!'

By the time he had uttered those words he was already completely done w/his ejaculation. He never let on...and oddly, I never felt it. Afterward he told me it was 10 days worth.

Much later - after a few encounters - I couldn't imagine how big 10 days worth of his was (though it did seep out on my 30 min drive home), b/c sucking him off, 3 days worth was always HUGE (and to this day, the tastiest sperm I've ever chugged).

Even later he told me why he fucked me: he had to. he had been wanting to for a few years. he knew me from my job. Though I did not know him he had worked where I did at some point (there were 12,000 people who also worked there) and would pass me in the hall and knew he had to fuck me. He took the opportunity. Though I kind of let him.....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Modes for an Addict

I love cruising and getting off in all its forms. I've come to find that one is not necessarily better than the other - just different. In these travels, I have come to find I have some, though not a lot of equals - men who understand me completely and instinctively. I love them because of this.

Phone - Rick (Chicago)
I met Rick on mIRC maybe 10 yrs ago. Instant connection. We have never met physcially. We have toyed with the idea of it, but thought that maybe we could never be as hot in person as we are on the phone.....and we ARE hot on the phone. It's not all sex talk, but a good majority is. Rick has a voice made for porn voice-overs. He says the phrase 'uh-huh....pump it' and 'pop off' w/such underlying filth you could shoot without ever having played with yourself.

He is full of as many stories as I have - and many of them similar. Bookstores. Bars. Parks. Offices. Public Restrooms. And then there are all the weird places and people we have done. But none of it is judgement - it's for comparison and ideas for what is possible. With Rick - it's all about cocksucking. He doesn't really want to hear about me getting fucked...and I respect that.

I can't tell you how many times we have talked and I have sprayed my load while in my office. Dozens...at least. And we are all about the numbers. How many we've done (the number could shock mere mortals). He is hot and he thinks I'm hot (which I'm not). I am a complete cock and cum pig - and he not only accepts that, it's probably the only reason he respects me. And I love him for that.

Internet - Patrick (Charleston)
I've only known Patrick for a few months now - but it seems like forever. He IM'd me regarding some pictures I posted on a YahooGroup. We've been chatting ever since. I'd say we have similar experiences - but there are varying degrees. I was not lent out to my uncle's friends (yes, I know it's socially wrong - but I am completely turned on by this). I did not choose to get married and have 4 kids. But he is very comfortable w/who he is - and he's as dirty as I am.

Unlike me - Pat has the ability to top or bottom. I can't swing the former very well, if at all. He can give it pretty hard, but is a top-notch cockucker. And we love sharing our experiences.

The other thing we do is pimp each other out. Yes - you heard me correctly. When Pat is traveling I will find guys to go by his hotel. It might be for Pat to get them off, or the tricks to get Pat off. Pat will do the same for me. Finds guys who contact me (or for me to contact) and for me to get off. We report back to each other on all the conquests. Sick. Wrong. And we love it.

Real Time - Ben (Cleveland)
I met Ben on-line too, but it went to real time fairly quick. He's a pig. Used at a young age by an uncle (like Pat), but turned it around where he is now the abuser (too strong of a word). Physical laborer who will wear the same jockstrap for weeks (6-7 weeks) just to smell his own funk. And better yet - to have other guys (like me) smell, taste and clean that funk. Leather gloves, cigars, police batons, spit, cum are all (or can be) involved. Shaved, piereced, inked. Physically, he's everything I'm not. Sexually, he's a lot of what I need. What I deserve. Cleveland is a tough town. Not enough tops. Way too many bottoms. And no true pigs - or guys truly comfortable w/their sexuality and desires. Ben's not that way. Neither am I.

These three men represent the best (or would it be the worst?) of me. (Though I would be remiss for not mentioning Gino-Hawaii, Patrick-Chicago and Kevin-NM for making an impact on me as well.)For the first two categories there have been 100s of others - mostly ones who have cum and gone and left little impact on my life. For the final category - it's safe to say there have been 1000s. Each one of those, in one way or another, have left a mark and made me who I am.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sucking Off The Enemy

I had a busy Friday last week but opted not to tell all in one story as it would be too long and possilby confusing (suffice to say I ended up taking on 8 guys in various stages of groupings or individually).

But as the day was winding down and I had just finished getting two guys off I headed back from the woods to my car. As I pulled out I noticed a nice new Lexus in the lot and figure it could be a hot dad/business man who needs a little afterwork relief.

By the time I swing the car around on the road and head back he's gone from the car and must have hit the trails. But I notice something on his car that just bugs the shit out of me: a big 'W' sticker on his car. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool democrat and the thought of some rich republican in theory repulses me...however, I'm in it for the load.

I get back deep into the woods and spot him. He's up against a tree w/hands in pockets. We don't even do the dance of 'what's going on' shit. He pulls it out and wags it at me. He knows why I'm there. I'm sure he saw the other two guys exit the woods before I came out anyway.

So I walk over and this guy has a beautiful cock. Almost 8" and FAT. Huge nuts like you wouldn't believe. And lots of foreskin. Foreskin on a fat cock to me is hot. Not as much on a skinny dick. But I get on my knees and start to feel his full nuts before taking the big head in my mouth.

He seems very appreciative of my talents and tells me so. Not sure if it's the skin or if he had had a rubber on - but I get a slimey taste that comes from going down on him. Even though the shaft is fat I take him to the root...where he proceeds to grind it in my face.

I pulled off and told him loved his skin then proceeded to run my tongue under it which evoked a nice raunchy "fuck yeahhh....treat it good!" And I did. Very good.

At one point I got up b/c I just had to dock w/him. I took my dick and covered it w/his skin. He really enjoyed that. But soon I felt his hands on my shoulders and I knew I needed to finish what I started. I got back down on my knees and went to town. Really working that dick w/my lips, mouth and tongue - all at the same time. It got him close.

He pulled back and I looked up. He was looking behind me and I turned to see another guy standing there....Indian (not woo-woo indian) stroking his dick. So I started to go back to the GOP dick and he said 'open your mouth'...so of course, I did. He just started pumping off his load into his open target.

"Man - that is SO much better than watching it go down the drain" he said to himself more than to me or the guy watching. I swallowed and cleaned him up too...but he hiked it back into his trousers, turned and walked away.

I had no interest in doing the indian guy - he was just not my type (and just about everyone is my type).

But on the walk back to my car I felt a new level of 'low' that I hadn't for awhile. I just sucked off somone who on paper I loathe. Married rich republican. This guy who is in the woods away from prying eyes lets a cocksucker take care of his needs w/no interest in mine (though he did fulfill them - though he didn't necessarily know it) - yet in public allows for the social damnation of who and what I am. And yet he had the best dick I had blown in months and that I'd gladly drop anything if he ever offered it to me again. What kind of sick fuck am I???

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"You Wanna Be My Cocksucker?"

First - sorry about the lack of posts. I swore if I didn't have recent events - I'd post past experiences. Work has gotten the better of me. I'll try to be better here.

I headed back to the park and daddy was still there. A hot hot man (in my book). Salt & Pepper hair...and beard. Big, but not fat. Big ass Chrysler 300. He looked good in it. He pulled up to me and asked what I was doing. I told him just hanging. His repsonse had me too: "so...you wanna be my cocksucker?".

Well what's a boy to say? There really was only one answer. He told me to follow him. We parked in a remote alley and he got in my car.

Immediately he pulled out his cock - it was nice. Not huge or thick, but average on an above average man. I was a little nervous out in that alley but he just pushed my head down and had me go down on it. He let out a nice "ohhhhhh yeahhhh" when I took him to the root. He told me to keep on it and suck him good. There was no way I wasn't going to give it my all.

I only blew him for a few minutes - but he had been primed for days and the setting warrented doing it quicker than either of us would have liked. I felt the big paw of his hand grab the back of my head and hold me there while he unloaded in my mouth. I licked him clean too....as I should have.

When all said and done - I actually gave him my cell phone and email address....and titled it 'your cocksucker'. He got an evil grin on his face. Here's hoping I hear from him.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Bad with the Good

I guess it's only fair that I don't post my hottest or latest encounters here. Sex can end up disappointing as much as it can be exilerating. Sometimes you get a combo.

As it turns out - this WAS my latest encounter, but not my best.

Though it will sound weird, I have an on-line buddy and we pimp each other out. Sometimes we're successful - most times we are not. Cut from similar cloth. We intimatley know each other's likes and dislikes. It works.

So yesterday I was feeling in need and he put the word out. He found me a local guy who wanted to feed me. Pics seemed decent so we arranged.

The guy showed and though he had the right attitude and the right hang between his legs - it kind of went nowhere.

Now, I think I'm good (VERY) at what I do. But for the life of me I could not get this guy to where either of us needed him to be. Erect. For over an hour I tried all my tricks that I've learned since I was a teen. Nothing. Maybe 2/3 of the way there - but never a complete arousal.
He blamed it on the poppers - which can be troublesome. It have been a better excuse had he ever OPENED the bottle and used them.

I ate his nuts and even further below (wink wink) all to no avail. And for a 'complete top', when I thought of trying to digitally AND orally stimulating him, I about lost 3 fingers up his hole. 'Complete top' - my ass!

On the plus side - he had the right attitude. As I first went to my knees I was mentally writing this blog entry w/his quotes - but the talk didn't quite turn into action. But he smacked me upside the head (this is a good thing, people....no judgements) and talked down to me (see previous paranthetical).

I really wanted to call it off - more for his sake than mine. Save him some face. It was not meant to be. He masturbated himself furiously w/out ever fully achieving erection....but enough to supposedly cum. Why supposedly? Well for his talk of not getting his nut for 5 days - when he pushed it in my mouth - I felt nothing. I tasted nothing. But he seemed mighty pleased w/himself.

I'm glad one of us was.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Garage / Yard

What do you do when you invite an on-line trick over you don't know if you want in the house? Simply lie - say your house sitting and do him in the garage or on the grounds.

It's what I did this weekend. Guy had all the bear-ish good looks on-line....but as he called the closer he got, he was NELLY (or at least his voice).

Luckily for me, we barely spoke. I unzipped him in the garage and went to my knees. His dick was fat and shriveled....but again, luckily for me...it grew as I worked it. And it grew. Maybe 7.5" but it kept it's girth...and skin. It was one of those dicks I could have sucked all day long. It was a nice day so we left the garage and to a side of the house blocked by trees and bushes. We could be outdoors and nekkid w/no one to see.

More sucking but he wanted to see my ass....so l leaned against a tree. He rubbed it. He felt it. He smacked it. He fingered it. He rubbed his big fat cock up and down the crack.

We then rubbed our cocks together. I'm not much of a precummer - but his was like a faucet. He kept making reference to it and how slick it all was...and what great lube it made. Before youi know it - I was on my back on the lawn. Him above me rubbing that head at my pucker. One good push and he was halfway in. Wasn't long before he went a-pumpin'.

And it wasn't long after that - ok....long, but never long enough...that he finished. In between, we moved positions here and there...withdrew and reinserted. It felt great. The outdoors. The deed. All of it.

Maybe I'll see him again. Maybe not. Let me know - should I?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Into The Woods

So yesterday morning (sunday), I'm literally cruising the internet. A man from out of town is on-line and looking. He was leaving that day and there was no way I could get to his hotel and perform any services before his scheduled check-out. So we agreed to meet in a metro-park.

His pictures were at least true-to-life. In his early 40s and ht/wt proportional. I had never been to this particular park, but clearly he had. He walked paths that were not used by most regular hikers - I followed. Idle chit-chat along the way, but neither of us was interested in getting to know one another. Not that way - anyway.

We ended up in a heavily wooded area of the park w/a steep drop off into a river on one side. But we went the other way...off the trail.....and into uncharted territory. In these woods were many fallen trees too.

Eventually we stopped at one of them. He leaned against it and I went down on my knees immediately. He took out his dick and I was afraid it wasn't the 8" he touted on his profile. But it was fat. And veiny. And the more I sucked it the more it became the 8" he said.

He pulled me up by my armpits and turned me around. As he dug in his shorts pocket for a little packet of lube, I fumbled in mine for my poppers (real ones....not crappy VCR head-cleaner). He bent me over the fallen tree - and as cliche as that sounds in porn-story-terms, I had never experienced that.

I'm 6'2" and didn't have to bend over too far - that is how big this tree was. He tried to loosen me up w/his fingers and I told him to forget that and get right to the main prize. I took a huge hit(s) of poppers and was flying when he punched that bare cock right into the target. He sank in slowly but steadily...and in no time was fucking in nice long strokes.

At one point I just wanted to feel the cock up there w/no movement and told him to 'stop'. He took it the wrong way and pulled out....so unfortunately (NOT!) we had to do a total repenetration of his dick up my ass!!! .

Way sooner than I would have liked I knew it was coming. And that he would be cumming. I begged for it. Leaving no doubt that he was to finish what he had started. He wasn't too vocal - and even out in the woods you never know who might be there (it was a park, afterall). But I could feel him throb. I would feel the warmth sperad w/in me.

I wasn't too hard since I was pressed up against the bark of a dead tree. But he started jacking me when I straightened up and playing w/my now juicy hole. He made it make sounds as his fingers played w/the cummed up opening. It was enough to make me blow my nut all over the dirty ground.

He went to pick up the lube pack from the fallen tree...I told him to leave it. Let someone know what went on back here......