Friday, July 30, 2010

I Bent Over Again for Him

He returned. The man with the 8.5” dick. Maybe it’s bigger. It is now seemingly bigger.

The set-up fuck was just that. I set-up from an ex to an unknowing guy. I guess a nice guy, from my interactions with him, but let’s face it – my interactions are 99.7% sexual. Little conversation, and certainly not about anything personal.

Somewhat like last time, there was little foreplay. He did want to kiss, but he’s not really good at it. If I do it, I want to go at it. His lips are pursed so tightly, I’m not sure what the point of wanting to do it at all would be – or what he’d get out of it. To each his own – and if it got me what I wanted, so be it.

I did go down to my knees for what little foreplay there was. Man, I hate, yet love, to struggle with taking a big dick in my mouth. Normally I can do it with ease, so I love the struggle, but hate when I don’t succeed to my satisfaction. “Mark” was not complaining at all – but I have set personal goals, I suppose.

Like a semi-pro, I worked my way down his shaft, but it becomes rather thick as you can see. I thought I had a large dick, but I pale in comparison – though granted, I’m not 100% hard. It is close enough, though you can see who reigns supreme.

Mark stepped away from my mouth, turned around and put one foot up on the kitchen island. I took it as a non-verbal request to eat his ass. It looked clean but tasted manly. By the time I was done, it tasted clean.

Remembering what my buddy (Mark’s ex) said about him: he likes to be fucked and it makes him fuck other guys much better after he’s done first.

This posed two potential problems: one, I’m not a great top – as you all know. Two, if I accidentally shoot, I’m pretty much done from taking it myself, so I had to play this carefully.

I stood up and he remained bent over. I slid my hand into the jar of lube and got my thumb all greased up. It slid up his ass with some nice resistance, but it welcomed me in all too easily. It was warm, and he could do a nice job of squeezing it tight. With my other hand I lubed my dick up as inconspicuous as possible.

I extracted my thumb and put my cock at his hole immediately. Any halfway decent bottom knows the difference and he said nothing. I pushed in. He took it. I bottomed out.

I did get to do some pumps but all too soon, I felt my true self come back into play – maintaining my erection was not going to happen, but I continued to try for the next five minutes. He gladly stayed in place in hopes of taking it up the ass. My friend had been correct.

When we realized it was not going to happen, we switched positions and I was bent over the island.

The man is BIG. No mistake about that – especially when it’s being pushed up my ass. All my concentration of breathing went into accepting what he was offering………or insisting upon. It took a few minutes, but he made it in, to when short hairs and ass hairs met.

Then the fucking began.

With no ceremony or asking how things felt for me, Mark decided to fuck. And fuck. And fuck.

There was no change in position, other than to push me down to the counter if I arched my back and keep me there while he plugged my ass over and over and over.

The fuck as great, while not as intense as the last/first one he gave me. We were both on tight timelines, so I guess a 40+ fuck couldn’t be expected.

He had no problems performing and after about 20-25 minutes, delivered a nice load deep into my gut. There was grunting, there was groaning, there was a lot of sweat from both of us. He stayed up me for a few minutes before slowly sliding out of my used ass. I stayed on the counter, clamping down to keep his off-white seed deep in me. The guy leaves me gaping, so it is important to hold it in. I’m not one to let it seep out or slide down my legs – that’s for a money shot and only a money shot. Other than that, if a guy is gonna give you a load, it is your (my) job to keep it as it is precious.

He cleaned up. I pulled on shorts. He left and I went back to work.

There will be more times – hopefully many more The dick is to awesome to not be able to take it every now and then

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Return of M; the Departure of me

M has returned.

In reality, I have returned to M.

You might remember my two brief, but very memorable encounters here and here with him. The man hit a cord deep within me – and over time and distance, it was still there.

So upon my travels, I let him know I was coming to town. Life had changed for us both – though to a larger degree for him. He was not happy or unhappy to hear from me. His almost lack of emotion was one thing that had not changed. But he engaged with me, so it couldn’t be all bad, right?

Having dinner with him was my idea. That struck cord left me wanting to know the man – or thinking I wanted to know him at the very least. He did not resist this idea. We broke bread together.

People outside of a bedroom can be so very different. I include myself in this statement. Very few knows what lies underneath of me. The same could be said for M. …as I was to find out – to a degree. A degree he’d choose for me to see.

I'd say we talked, but it was mostly him. He provided information on his background and way more than I anticipated him sharing that night, if not ever. It was good. It was brutally honest. It was a little disconcerting. But I've said that about our interactions all along - so I suppose for much of the vibe, it was status quo. But in ways it was kicked up a few notches.

His apartment was near my hotel. I asked if he'd like to come back - he accepted.

To a degree with the other times, things got fuzzy, and it was not the tequila I had been drinking. I mentioned in earlier posts that he has me off guard a bit and while I have the feeling of all that is around me, the details get muddled. Or I think they do.

M flopped himself down on the bed, I sat next to him. The unexpected truly did happen - he kissed me. While our "relationship" had been very intimate in the past, it was about mental intimacy, not physical. I don't consider sucking dick "intimacy" - it's sex.

Eventually he laid back in the bed, hands behind his head. I took cues from Tantric man from the day before. I massaged M, on his legs, his feet, his toes, his back, neck and shoulders and even his head. He was very appreciative of it. I was into it as well.

With his eyes closed, M was relaxed and yet still somewhat in charge of the scene - no words said. He never asked for this, but was clearly in the moment. The massage - sans oil - went on for quite some time.

There was more kissing. Deep kissing. I can't say it was as emotional as you might think - or as I might think, or as I might have wanted. Barriers and some distance will always be there. It has to be there.

Physically, I lay on him, or then him on me. Sometimes parallel to each other - almost always his eyes closed, or seemingly so. I never got the sense M would not be aware of his surroundings and me, even when attempting not to.

Massage and kissing gave way to me blowing him. This is what we've done in the past. It's what I have done in the past to him. He's been the recipient of my mouth on his lovely 7" penis.

Here is where I get fuzzy. I'm sure I fellated him for a while and even licked his nuts, probably his ass too. I'm sure there was moaning and words of encouragement.

I do hate losing sight of the details with M, but it's such a haze of mental intensity, my memory starts to spot out here and there.

But this I do remember: laying next to him after any oral stimulation. It was back to kissing and me rubbing. Then three words from M: sit on me.

He didn't say his dick, but he didn't not say it.

I did just sit on him and continue with our kissing. But I positioned myself just so that peg A might go into Slot B. It did - without words, but not without notice.

Both of us were acutely aware of what was happening. Me moving up and down; M laying back, eyes still closed and then the occasional kiss either by me, or by his hand pulling my head down to him.

My ride went on for about 15 minutes. As always, little indication if I was doing something great or something wrong - but I'm pretty sure he would not tolerate something being done incorrectly or to his satisfaction.

I moved. He moved under me - working together, though not knowing each other well enough to be an extremely well oiled machine. Make no mistake, the job was getting done. He was hard. I was willing.

Out of nowhere there was some heavier movement and M opened his eyes to look directly into mine. No words. No need. We both knew what that signified and what was happening at that very minute.

M and I bonded in that way. Closer than before, but I'm not sure it would quantify as "close".

There is a distance and always will be, between us. That's how our chemistry is made up. I'm ok with that, not that I have a choice. Hell, we're not even in the same town or state. It's not like it matters.

We will continue our separate lives with moments of being together - but that's it.

No broken hearts or expectations. Two people connecting when it is timely and necessary.

....and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

I probably did blow it all though. Upon seeing each other, he did ask if I had hooked-up with anyone else in DC. I did say "no" - because....well, I don't know why. We owe each other nothing - so there was no reason to fib, but I felt that it should have been about him and not what I had done.

I also forgot he off and on reads this blog - so he did catch on to me on that falsehood. He wasn't happy - but it might have been a deal breaker. I can see his point. I don't have to be happy about it, but I can certainly understand it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hot Day; Hot BJ

It was in the mid 90s in DC and I advertised on CL for guys to stop by my air conditioned hotel room to cool off, while heating up.

I got a number of responses with the proportionate number of flakes. One guy whom I had sucked off a few times bailed at the last minute, but with him I will actually give a pass. The rest are dead to me.

One guy did seem very interested.

white guy,42,5'6", 145,buzzed/shaved hair, blue eyes, nice cut cock,hiv-,ddf, looking for a good BJ !

He was short for my standards, but I had been taking it up the rear for a bit and needed a bit of a break - and I do like the taste of cum, so.....

"Mark" was exactly how he was portrayed in his description. I'm not sure I've really been with someone this short. Even getting on my knees didn't quite put me at the correct height. It would have been rude to ask him to stand on a box - not that I had one, but you get the idea.

It was not a particularly incredible adventure. It was basically blow and go. He said he had a 5 day load and judging by what he deposited in my mouth, I would tend to believe him.

The load was plentiful and at least it wasn't bitter. And if nothing else the guy was nice enough about letting me take a few pics - this being one of the better ones.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Ed

When I travel to DC, there is at least one thing I always do: contact “Ed” to let him know I’m coming to town.

As you’ve read in many many many stories over the last few years, Ed is the closest thing I have to a “regular” anything. He’s got a killer body and cock, but he’s also very nice. For whatever reason, he likes me and thinks I’m attractive – but that’s his cross to bear.

What he also likes doing is fucking me. It is fortuitous that I like bending over for the man. Or sitting on him. Or lay back and have my legs up in the air. Or be belly down, face in a pillow. We’ve done all of these things. Oh – and one blowjob that I’ve given him.

So last time I was in DC, Ed and I had one opportunity to meet up. It was early and he wanted a blow job on the way to work.

I was a little bummed because that is not our routine. But on the other hand, he tells me I have been one of two or three guys who have ever been able to get him off with a mouth. So I felt a bit encouraged about my abilities and how I turn him on enough to ejaculate in my mouth and have his sperm slide down my throat.

You take your victories where you can.

I leave the door open for Ed and like a pro, he pushes right in and puts down his messenger bag and sunglasses. He walks over near the window (love that) and tells me to get on my knees. I unzip his pants as he unbuckles them. They fall around his knees, maybe a bit further.

For a thick and long as Ed gets, I’m constantly surprised at how small he starts out. Ok, he goes to 7.5 but it seems bigger. I romanticize things with him, I believe.

But down on my knees I went and my mouth went to his prick….and I got it hard. Rock hard. I sucked him and I sucked him good. Knowing he was not camera shy, I reached for my trusty digital cam and took a shot before he took it from my hand to take a dozen more of his own. I fuckin love that. He’s not shy at all about snapping away.

I continued to use my mouth like an expert cocksucker when I heard him mutter, “Stand up, I want to fuck you”.

In no time I was up and just turned around over the ubiquitous hotel heating/cooling unit, with me facing right out my 7th floor window to the apartments across the way. Since I didn’t think I was getting fucked and I had a load up me from about 12:30a.m., I didn’t prep the way I normally would. I knew I wouldn’t be horrible or anything but, I like to do what I can. Ed didn’t seem to care – not that he asked.

With very little lube, Ed placed his pecker at my hole and pushed in and fast. I was still a little sore from the night before, and I asked him to stop and stay still. Since we know each other somewhat, he complied to my wishes, but only for a bit – then he started his motions.

Granted I had to take a big hit of poppers just to power through the slight discomfort, but that would shortly pass. It did and Ed went on to his normal power fucking.

The guy is an expert at putting pud to ass. I have never been disappointed by his technique or style. He’s always been appreciative of my hole, and I try to make it as pleasurable for him as possible. And I knew he was on his way to work, so time was precious and limited.

Ed really put it to me, and I took it because it not only felt good, but I love pleasing this man. The guy rocks my world and my ass. I want to do the same for him, so I used my ass muscles more than I might normally do, which has a two-fold effect: it gives him more continual pleasure, but it overstimulates a few sensors too much, making for a potentially shorter fuck.

Again, with the time limit, I wasn’t thinking we were going on for any great length of time, and we didn’t. Yes, he told me he loved fucking my ass and how good it felt. Yes, I told him how great his cock felt and that I wish I could feel it everyday.

Ed continued to drill me. As much as we like each other, make no mistake, this was not love – it was sex. It was FUCKING. He loved it and needed it – and so did I. Yeah, it made it better when we did it together, but we have few chances to do this.

He buried his bone up me and told me (and a hotel neighbor or two) that he was coming. He grunted. I grunted. I squeezed his shaft. He flexed his dick. His load went into my hole – deep up my hole.

I was a little discombobulated, and oddly so was he. I’m not sure why for either of us. He cleaned up and dressed and started to walk to exit without his messenger bag or glasses.

The plan was for him to come swimming with me later that evening – and as much as I’ve seen him naked, there was something about seeing that man, that body, in a pair of sexy trunks. That he would be poolside with me did not hurt matters. Alas, because of our schedules and timing, it did not happen – but soon, and again, we will be together another time.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tantric Fuck

It was my first night in DC and I was striking out most places, though to be fair, I did not place a CL ad. I was replying to them with no luck. MH wasn't much better - until I saw him.

44, 6'0", 180, buzzed black hair, white (but looked mixed race to me), 7" dick - but thick.

Sucking, 1 on 1, Jerking Off, Bondage, Toys, Nipple Play, Friends, Dating, Safer Only, No PNP, Feet / Socks, Dad / Son, Jockstraps, Married Men, Massage, No Strings, Straight/Bi - he said. His MH ad said.

"Safer Only". What does that even mean?

But he was also into Tantric massage. It seemed to be something new to me.

I’m sure the guy told me his name, but for the life of me I forgot it immediately. We’ll call him “Nick” – he looked like one.

He came in and we made contact. Touch. But that’s what he’s about – Tantric massage. He’s all about touch. In our MH exchange, he said it was late and he did not want to fuck. Just massage. Just touch.

This was new to me – and I wasn’t the one doing the massaging, so what the fuck, I tried it out. I’m always looking for new experiences.

Nick brought his own poppers and bottle of lube. I wasn’t 100% sure what it would be for since we weren’t fucking. Massage oil, I could see, but not lube. Catch as catch can, I suppose.

We stripped, he got me on the bed and started rubbing my chest and arms – no oil/lube. He massaged, briefly, my legs before working his way up to my nuts.

Here Nick put lube on his hands and gently applied it to my nuts, making them a little glistening and sensitive to his light touch. This made me quiver. I shivered even more as he touched the underside of my shaft. It made me tremble.

His touch was that of what I assume a professional would do. I marvel at guys who can elicit a response just by the touch of a hand. Most guys have to do it with a mouth or an ass, though that mouth can be on a penis, an ass, a nipple, nape of the neck or in an ear. But touch can be more of an art form. Not all can do it. I try, but not sure I succeed. Nick was.

With his lubed up fingers at this point, he trailed down past my taint to my tunnel of love. His slick fingers traced and helped dilate my ass – and then a finger slid in………..then another one. Then his thumb.

Normally I’m not one to have fingers up my ass. For whatever reason, a cock will feel much better. Fingers are generally too boney or maybe, just maybe, it goes back to the art of touch and how others are a bit more impulsive in how they use their digits. I’ve never been fisted, but I’m thinking if I were so inclined, Nick could be the guy. I could see why some guys think being fisted is so erotic. But fist fucking wasn’t on the menu – at least mine.

But Nick used his fingers and thumb to ease in and out of my ass – like an expert, and my ass responded in kind. He loved the way it would squeeze his fingers and how warm the hole was. But his motions really had me laying back with my eyes halfway closed and reveling in how good it could feel – something up there that wasn’t a dick. …and trust me, I’m not complaining about dick up there.

And Nick must have really liked it too – and no longer was it satisfactory to use his fingers. He moved up the bed and lifted my leg while he was behind me after repositioning me on my side. …and then in this went…..

Even with taking two dicks in Philadelphia the night before and having his fingers ply me open for 15 minutes, it filled me up and stretched me open at the same time. It was a nice cock.

And then he fucked. He fucked me long. He fucked me hard. He fucked me in a few positions – both of us liberally using the poppers.

I would be lying if it didn’t cross my mind that he said ‘no fucking’ and ‘safer only’. His two biggest rules broken – by his hand, not even by my manipulation. You just can’t believe any guy – we’re all cads. Maybe this was his big plan; to withhold only to increase desire.

I certainly wasn’t appalled or upset by the turn of events. I took a big hit of poppers and begged for him to fuck my ass. He was happy to comply.

As good of a job as he was doing with his nice sized member, the technique was not as good as his fingers. Before he was working via eroticism, now it was lust, which are two very different points of view. Trust me, I can work with lust.

You know, and I knew, that after he was up there – skin to skin – and with the intensity he was using my ass for his pleasure, there was no way even the last minute hail mary, safe play, was coming into effect. Pulling out was not an option at this point. I wasn’t asking for it and with the burning in his eyes, I knew he had a goal and nothing was going to stop him.

Nick exploded into my ass and I could feel the pulses as he did it. I don’t care what anyone else says, you can rarely feel them as they happen. Maybe it’s the angle or the size of the dick, but more often than not I just know they’re coming from their voice, their quiver or them just telling me. This time, I knew it by feeling it. Nice!

When he calmed down, he eventually slipped out of me. But he knelt between my legs and grabbed my semi with his greased up hand and started to work my dick. His other hand went to my ass and started to work his fingers back up there – continuing to stimulate me and push his seed in even further.

Now, I rarely jack myself off and I cannot tell you the last time gave me a handjob. But I was beginning to realize I was getting my ‘happy ending’. It was feeling good too. Even when I do masturbate it is dry and I use no lube, so this was a nice sensation. He worked me for a good five minutes before I shot – and when I did, I hit my adam’s apple and a nice line from my navel back up my chest. Gobs of semen was milked out of me.

Nick was satisfied. I was spent. I toweled off, he did the same. He left. I went to sleep.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Philadelphia Phucks

I had one night in Philadelphia - I had to make it count.

I had a do-nothing ad going on Craigslist, had MH booted up and had reached out to the few guys who got some the last times I was in the city of 'brotherly love': cowboy and hot italian thick man.

Cowboy was out of town and Thick never returned my emails. It might have been a lonely night in a hotel room had MH and the ad not finally come through.

MH guy came through first. 40ish, 6'4" (he seemed taller), 200 or so. Shaved head, soul patch and about 7.5". Not bad. He was also aggressive as hell. Only so-so on the verbal, but you get the picture.

The CL guy was about 32, 5'7", 150, blonde and ok looking. 6.5". Truth be told, except for his pic he sent I never saw him, but hold on for that.

As luck would have it, both guys wanted to come over at the same time. I gave both the head's up - neither seemed to mind that another would be there, nor did they ask much, if anything, about the other. How often does THAT happen?

Manhunt guy got their first and we got busy. He was aggressive as I said. There was some oral, but when it came down to it, it was about fucking. It was about fucking raw.

While I had poppers and lube and we used them, the guy used his dick like a ramrod from the word 'go'. Actually, at the word 'set'. His first plunge into me was so incredibly painful, I can't tell you.

My reaction and clawing to get away slowed him down for a minute, but no longer. I learned to breathe and let him continue. I was bent over, I was on my back, we did it doggie style. He had me every which way for 20-30 minutes. Finally with me on my belly and him on top of me, just pumping the hell out of me - telling me what a dirty motherfucker I was - he unloaded a 3 day build up of his balls into my ass.

He was vocal about it too - which I don't mind. But the guy knocking at the door heard it too.

CL guy showed up about 20 minutes later than he said, so he kind of missed the big show. MH guy went and opened the door for him. I lay on the bed facing the opposite wall - my freshly used ass looking at the door. I never turned around.

I heard the dropping of shoes, the clank of a belt and the sound of zipper going down. I felt the depression of the bed as Guy #2 knelt onto the bed and hover over me, awaiting to delve in between my hairy cheeks.

The poor guy had performance anxiety as the first guy sat and watched him and tried to encourage him. Yeah, he got hard enough to get it in me, but the guy was an amateur. I don't think the fuck lasted three minutes and he ended up ejaculating on an outstroke.

When guy #1 saw this: he assumed I could not hold all the sperm in me. Pffft. I can.

He didn't realize Guy 2 spurted more on the outside than in. But Guy #1 was good. Taking two fingers, he scooped up all the jizz and pushed it back into my hole - DEEP.

As he did this, Guy #2 dressed and left. I never saw him.

Guy #1 headed out immediately afterwards - and then I met a friend for dinner..........with two loads up my ass.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Cocks - 3 Loads

Two Saturdays ago it was too hot to do too much outside, so I took an air conditioned car ride for 40 minutes to hit a sub-par, but necessary adult bookstore.

The parking lot was kind of sparse, so I had little hopes for anything. And it was a holiday weekend, which could tip the scales either way, I suppose.

There were the usual suspects - old old old men, some carrying their fucking oxygen around (just shoot me if this ever becomes me!), some middle aged, saggy chested, full-gutted men and then one or two somewhat decent guys - especially when you consider the "competition".

I opted out of most of their leers but I'm a cocksucker who just paid $10 for entrance fees. I was going away with something.

The first guy was a dud. I sucked him for a while but could not get him hard, let alone off. I have to believe it was more him than my skills. I'm not patting myself on the back, but I do have a few thousand guys who would tell you I got them off - so I must be doing something right.

I said I needed a break and left the booth and found another. I passed a seemingly attractive amer-asian man in the hall. I have to say, for the most part I am not attracted to asian men at all. It is not them per se, but just my tastes and we all have our likes/dislikes. I will say this, the guy was persistent.

He'd stand outside my booth when I sucked guy #1. He stood outside my booth when I was watching a "movie". I finally let him grab my basket and eventually he uncovered his. It was small. Really small. I wasn't into it, but sucked him for about 5 minutes and gave up. It was not my thing.

As I was leaving my booth I ran across a shorter version of me. Buzzed head, goatee/beard. But about 6" shorter than me. But man, what a man. He came into my booth, exposed himself and pushed me down on his cock. He called me a "faggot" and made me suck him. Well....not so much "made" since I was all too willing, but his hand was at the back of my head firm, he was hip pumping into my mouth and then reaching down and playing with my tits.

"Cocksucker" rolled off his tongue like it was the most natural thing in the world - and maybe it was. He was hot. (not that I'm saying I am.) Asian guy was at the door watching and I just didn't care. The guy fucked my face then let me do my thing and treat his dick right.....then back to fucking my face. Nice.

He stood me up and was going to try to fuck me. I was down with that. He didn't like guys watching but he tried....too much so. He triggered something in himself and said he was gonna cum. I swooped down and caught it all. Every. Fucking. Drop. He patted my head and walked out.

I moved booths and a silver hair guy (but young) walked in and dropped his shorts. His 7" fatty was jutting out so I went down on him. He was quiet and let me do all the work. Then I saw a 2nd pair of feet and there was another football player looking guy there. Nice dick too though a little smaller.

I went back and forth on both dicks as they ended up making out. I think they were getting each other off and I was just there for a little assistance. I wasn't emotionally attached, so what the fuck did I care. I knew what I was - and what I was doing.

Silver hair guy grabbed the back of my head first and without a sound shot his bitter bitter load in my mouth. Naturally I swallowed. Moments later his new bf did the same thing, though his cum was just fine. Neither of them were big loads, but beggers can't be choosey.

As they left, Mr. Asian was there - watching.....waiting.

I zipped up and left the building.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Punk Rock Motherfucker

....or so he claims.

41, 5'9" and all of 160, while he was pierced here and there, he worse checkered keds (or maybe converse) to my hotel room. Why that might have been 'new wave' 27 years ago, I don't know he qualifies for 'punk' anything.

That being said, he had a good body. He clearly works at it and it shows in his arms and abs. His buzzed/shaved head helped in the facial area. He was ok, but nothing to write home about. Wait - I guess I am, right now.

The cock was fine too - about 7". But let's back up a bit.

I was out of town and on MH. He reached out to me, and while his ad was of nothing more than some random snippets about bands I had never heard of, his email to me piqued something in me. Plus he seemed engaged at the idea of meeting where others on that site drop off like flies the second you affirm their existence.

I was up early and he said he'd be too. He didn't say he was getting from work and had to shower, yada yada yada. I said 'why shower'. He said he would be 'dirty and raunchy' - which I thought was the point, literally and figuratively.

But shower he did - and show. He seemed shorter than his stated height, but I didn't care. I was horny. It had been two days (almost) since Mr. 8.5" ploughed my butt and I was ready for another go-round.

I stripped down and so did he then he turned me around to take a look. "NICE ass. Love all the hair". Then it was me over to the bed and him standing beside it. I took the hint and put his cock in my mouth. Or he put it there - over and over and over again. He ended up piston fucking my mouth. If I could have, I would have laughed when he said "yeah, suck my cock!".

There was no sucking involved. It was all control to take a tonsil-pounding. Cocksucking is about finesse, talent and some manipulation. This was about just taking the thrust. I had no tongue or saliva skills going on. Though his cock was getting a good wet coating.

At some point he climbed over me and I ate his ass. Yes, this was a man who just showered, but luckily didn't use any perfumed soap. He was clean, but tasteless. He seemed to like my tongue work, and I do take pride in what I do.

Then it was time to get on my stomach. He (I had no name) got behind me and ate my ass, which was a much better job than Mr. 8.5" did a few days back. This guy had me squirming. It didn't hurt that he was not-so-silently giving praise to my ass. C'mon, I'm only human - I like to hear that, even if he was doing it in a filthy tone.

Some spit was applied to his cock and my ass was saliva'd up. With my good hole stretching a few days before, I was still tight, but he slipped in easily. Bottomed out in short order too. Then he went to work on pumping my ass.

His potty mouth continued throughout the fuck, calling me most names in the book and telling me how great his cock felt in my ass. I like that he put himself first instead of 'my ass felt good around his cock'. I like guys who make it about them!

Unlike the fuck I had taken the other day, this one wasn't to last 40 minutes. More like 10-15. Not bad, but the orgasm came without much warning or build up. Maybe he thought he could hold off too and than hit that brink. It happens.

The moans were loud enough to be heard in the hall. I'm ok with that. Then he said, "take that load up your filthy faggot ass!" He throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. As he'd say later, "the first load of the day is always the biggest". It felt large.

After that he finally crawled off me and walked to my head and presented his just exited cock to my face. I opened up. I took him to the bush. I didn't really taste me on him, nor any residual load. But I cleaned him off good.

But then it turns out, I'd be cleaning him off for the next 30. He was trying to recharge and go for Round 2. I was trying to help him.

Between bouts of me sucking on him or licking his nuts, he'd eat my ass or stick his thumb up there, in a way that would suggest he was trying to taste the load or push it back up me. But he claims this to be untrue. He said he shot it too far into me to easily drip out.

There was some more play and an attempt at another go-round of fucking, but it wasn't going to happen. He cleaned up and left. I showered, packed and checked-out - but left with a load in my guts.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Set-Up Fuck

I feel as though I am back on a roll. I'm not only feeling more sexual, but doing something about it. Or maybe it's the other way around - but it's working, whatever it is.

Last week I hooked up with this guy I had been trying to nail (or really trying to get him to nail me) for the last few weeks. Finally our schedules meshed.

While there is a story behind it all, I won't go into it much more than he is the ex of a friend of mine. It was the friend's suggestion that I find a way to get the guy's attention and I did. But c'mon - my friend knows this guy pretty well, so he knew what he would and would not respond to.

"Mark" responded pics of my ass and ample sized penis. Make no mistakes, at least for the first go-round, there wasn't really any mention of doing much with my dick - but we'll get to that in a minute.

Mark showed exactly on time. We had little discussion on what was anyone's 'like' list. I knew only because of my bud, but Mark didn't know this. He assumed what he wanted - and it was mostly all correct. I never said he was stupid.

He also never told me his stats - including dick size. So I was quite impressed by this:

Fuck - who wouldn't be impressed by that??

A beautiful 8.5", thick and thickly veined cock!!!!

The pic was snapped after he had fucked me, so that is why it's so shiny. But again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Mark came in, we stood and stayed in the kitchen. I took the lead and started massaging his crotch through his shorts. He let me. I could feel him grow and could tell he'd be substantial, but I really had no idea how much so.

I went to my knees and he made no attempt to stop me. I loved putting my mouth on his dick and sinking down on it to his bush. He didn't seem to mind either. As you might imagine, that piece really filled my mouth too. I could only wonder how it would feel in my ass.

It did not take long to find out. Mark stood me up and took me to the island and had me turn around. He went down and ate my ass. Normally I'm pretty sensitive and responsive to that, and while it felt ok, it didn't feel great. Better than a stick in the eye, though.

When he was done, he immediately stood up and right behind me. While I love spit for lube, you did see his cock, right? This one was gonna need some help. I wasn't completely stupid, I did put out some lube just in case.

I also put out this....
I was told he wouldn't use it, but I thought it would be good for show. That's all it was. It remained untouched. Hell, it remained uncommented about.

So I greased up Mark's thick rod and he turned me back around. I do have to say, the guy was a champ. Yeah, there was some stretching and a little discomfort on my part, but after he expertly inserted it into me, I can't even begin to tell you how great it felt.

The guy was a pro at fucking. Varying speeds and intensity. Good moves with his hips and grabbing my nipples all at the right time - it made me respond, which made him respond, which made me respond.......and there you have a not-so-vicious-cycle. Maybe one of weird pleasure you need to stop but don't want to stop. We didn't. least for a while.

Mark braced himself on the stove behind him with his hands and told me to fuck myself on his cock. I obliged gladly. I think we both loved that too.

He had an ok dirty mouth, but I think he was getting used to me and what I'd either respond to, or shy away from. As if! He did say nice things like "move that whore's ass back onto my cock" - which made me do just that - with a passion.

We did that for about 10 minutes and then he took over again. The guy had a move which I don't recall ever experiencing before - and let's face it, I'm a little experienced. He'd almost pull completely out but do something with the head of his cock right at my outer sphincter that would make it burn almost white hot, but in a good way. He did that several times. Fuck it felt great - and I told him so.

At various times during the session, he'd slow down or stop (not pull out) because he became too close to coming. I would say he edged himself (with my help) close to seven or eight times. But the last time was just too much and he buried himself in me with hard hard hard thrusts and got his nut. He said he wanted as deep in me as possible. I couldn't have agreed more.

Mark stayed in me for a bit longer, his chest stuck to my back with the huge amounts of sweat we had built up. You'd think that when we straightened up and he pulled out that cum leaked out all over the floor, but it was our sweat. How do I know? I smelled and tasted.

But his cock, as you can see, came out all glistening - so I sent down and licked him clean. I wasn't too worried as I really did a good job of cleaning myself out before he came over. I do not think he was expecting that. I'm not sure I was either.

I couldn't do the entire clean up he he jumped in the shower, then dressed and left. But I can tell you, whatever my friend's motivation is about having this guy fuck me - I don't care. We will be doing it again. And again.

He liked my ass. I loved his cock. What could be better?