Saturday, September 29, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 3 (final)

No more than 20 minutes after the married guy from pt 2 leave did I get a call from this guy.


We had emailed a few times before the call. And even had one call before THE call. The emails teased me that he wanted to lick my ass - for starters. But when it came down to it, it sounded like he was partnered and couldn't get out of the house. Being the evil man I am, I sexually taunted him - telling him to lie to find a way to leave his residence. He said he'd call back. I did not hold out high hopes.


Imagine my surprise when he rang me back up saying he was 10 minutes away and wanted to fuck my ass. I mentioned something about having the poppers and lube at the beside table and he mentioned I wouldn't be needing the lube - nor would he. He proceeded to tell me his ass eating would leave me wet enough to take his dick. Now you can see his dick (all three pics are his penis) .....and I love the idea of having only spit as lube, but sometimes it is just not the most practical solution. Some things are good in theory and bad in practice. The man was not all talk, and there are not many of them you can count on by meeting via an internet hook-up list.


I met him down in the lobby and we headed back to my room. By this time I was hitting the lobby in shorts, nothing undereath, a t-shirt and no shoes. I was never ever staying at this hotel again - I didn't give a fuck at what they thought of me or why I was having a cavalcade of men up to my room. I wasn't performing acts of prostitution. It was a free giveaway.

Once in the room, the man grabbed me and kissed me. I do love to kiss, but am very very particular about whom I do it with. I was very ok with doing it with him and get this - he was GOOD at it. Better than good...and it was all full of passion lust.

In a heartbeat the man (I never even got a fuckin name....even one to make up here) had my shorts down, me bent over the bed and his mouth as my crack. I have no idea where or how he could produce so much saliva. He went it with a gusto I have not seen in a long long while....and usually the guy who does it with that much enthusiasm is, But I can't lick my own hole. (note to self: start yoga!)

After 10 minutes of ass-eating, he just stood up behind me and I grabbed my poppers. Not that he waited for me to open them and take a hit. Nope. He positioned himself and pushed himself in. As you can see the curve downward of his cock, that was no easy feat. I almost asked if he could feel the load the big black guy left in me, but it'd been a few hours at this point and doubted he could. I think he would have been turned on knowing someone else had been up there - and he clearly liked going into me skin-on-skin. I did too.

He was big and thick and still had to force it up me even though I had been opened up earlier. He told me to fuckin' take it. At some point I flipped on my back and he bent down and really went to make-out with me. ....telling me he doesn't fuck anyone he can't kiss. It's a great line that could of worked on a guy whom I wanted to make-out with and maybe even one I didn't.

I will say, he was the only guy who made sure the other guests in the hotel might have known sex was happening on the premises. Like I said - I don't care. Actually, I love that.

Because of his angle, his thrusts and his throbbing when he started to unload - the combination was too much for me. I could not hold back and I let loose with a big load of jizz of my own.

Not that he cared - but we established earlier on that this was about me getting his load...and we were both ok with that.

I let him clean up, dress and get back to his partner, girlfriend, wife....whatever.

I went to bed with a load in my mouth - and opted not to brush so I could keep the taste...and two loads in my ass....both of which I kept in me until before my morning shower.

G-d....I am such a fuckin' pig........but you can't really change your spots now, can you?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 1

After I finished my work gig in the Oil city, I got back to my hotel room and promptly placed an ad on craigslist. It garnered me some results, bu not as many as I would have thunk in a city that size. One of the guys you've read about already - in pt. 2

There were a few others, but the one that piqued my curiosity was this guy:

I'm a very handsome Bi Athletic Black Professional (white collar exec); 32yo, 5ft10in, 175lbs muscular, 8.5inches cut and clean, DDF and non-smoker. Very masculine, safe, sane and discrete.

I responded and he walked over from his office, taking a late afternoon sex break, it seemed.
He neglected to say 'married', but who am I to judge. The wedding ring was the first thing I noticed about him - but that's true of just about any man.

By the time we got back to my room, I could tell he was erect. He went to undo his belt and I stopped him, telling him I would take care of it. Immediately I went to my knees and unbuckled and unzipped him. His cock fell out with almost a thud.

Not to be stereotypical, but the man was hung like what you'd think of a black man. Yes, he was a true 8.5", but he never mentioned how thick the meat was either. Trust me, I'm not complaining.

I went down on him immediately - though I had to stretch my mouth pretty wide to get down to his wiry pubes. I love the way my spit looks on a black dick. It shows me where I've been and what I still have to accomplish or how successful I've done in taking every fat fucking inch.

At one point I pulled out my camera and took a pic of his beautiful meat that curved ever so slightly downward.


As I went back to him, using my tongue on the underside and my lips on the outside, I heard him mutter very very low, "man - I wanna fuck you".

I love that in a guy. The one who barely throws it out there seeing what response he'll get. One if rejected can write the comment off to 'heat of the moment', but really hoping the guy putting out will take him up on his offer. I'm just the guy to say 'yes'.

He was on his back and I hovered over him and his erect dick. Before long, I was on my back and he was nudging his way in. And even though he was seemingly concerned about his size and my tightness - he was more concerned about getting all the way in me. He was like a guy. A real guy. The kind who only cared about getting his nut.

He did stretch my hole good as he kept pumping into me. And out of me. And of course, into me again and again. Until he stopped. Oh yeah - so much for 'safe'!

Keith was a silent cummer. Not a word or sound escaped his full lips. Not even a rolling back of his eyes. He never made a sex face - but he got what he came for. I got what he came for.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Houston Visit - pt 2

I made the most of my time while I was in Houston for business. Wrapped-up work as early as I could and got to my hotel. I had already begged off dinner with associates. My plan was to eat and play in my room. I'd forgo food if I got a good response to my ad(s).

And I did get a decent response - but the timing was such that I actually did get non-liquid nourishment.

For this guy (notice this series of stories will be a little out of order) was a downtown, married business worker. His office was near my hotel but kept putting me off due to unexpected 'meetings'. I had completely written him off after he failed to call or show.

Hours later he called and was downstairs waiting. By this time I had spoken to so many guys I didn't know who he was - though he was arrogant enough to think I should and that he was the ONLY one. Dickish? Kind of. Hot attitude with that? Definitely.

Again it was one of those hotels with the key card activated elevators. WHY do I keep getting these? Again, it means having to go down and retrieve the guy. I'm not looking for greeting them or awkward conversation on a 5 story ride and a walk down the hall. I want them to push the door open and unzip.

At least this guy was palming his crotch the entire elevator ride and walk to room 505.

When in the door he had me strip. He verbally stopped me from touching him as he took off his clothes, because he did not command it. But then he demeaned me for not being on my knees and taking his exposed cock - though he never gave me permission. As frustrating as that can be for a a guy, for a true cocksucker it can be a great thing: the mixed messages, the double edged sword, the verbal berating. Some of us thrive on that shit.

But I did take him in my mouth. And I took him to the root.


It was a more than decent sized dick. I thought about how he must give it to his wife as I looked up, my mouth full of cock, and seeing his gold wedding band.

But before long he was on the bed wanting me to lick his nuts. I made the mistake of sucking them and felt his hand slap my head. For all his tough-act, his nuts were ultra sensitive. Ok - I get it.

And when I lick the ball, what can I say, I'm always thinking of licking further south. He liked when I lapped at his 'taint and I knew I was going to make the attempt of even lower regions. I kind of worried about his reaction, but maybe I shouldn't have. He loved it.

Clearly I was not the first guy (or girl) to put tongue to hole on him. He instructed me how he licked it - how far to go in, how often to lick, etc. When he asked if I liked it, and I replied in the affirmative - actually saying 'I loved it' (and I do like eating ass), he laughed and called me a 'disgusting faggot'.

But what I was doing must have been getting to him. I don't think it was 30 seconds after taking him back to the root before he said he was going to drown me in his cum.

I'm sure it's a nice thought on his prowess, but he underestimated my abilities to swallow every drop he shot in my mouth.....which I made sure to show him before I gulped it down. He made sure I squeezed out what little drops were still in the head - and I took those too.

As he was dressing, he asked how many others I had for the night. I lied and told him he was the only one and the only one I wanted. It makes guys like that feel good - and somewhere deep down, they like and want to believe it to be true.

Friday, September 21, 2007

100,000 +! Not the men I've "slept" with. Though potentially, I suppose it could be possible. Wilt Chamberlain has nothing on me. ...though his were with 'women'. ick.

Sometime late yesterday I surpassed the 100,000 time the blog has been accessed. I guess sex does sell. Not that I charge. For g-d's sakes....I might be a slut, I'm not a whore!

I know I have had over 100k hits, but I started the blog in mid 2005 but didn't attach a counter to the site until 2006. I'm only going by the time after I installed said counter. It's only fair.

I wanted to try to isolate the 100,000th person and congratulate them. Mind you- I could never actually tell who it was, just perhaps the city and country they were in. But I only can see the last 100 hits and I was at 100,110 when I noticed I went over into six-digits.

So whomever you were - congratulations. There is no cash prize. No gift certificate. No nothing. However, if you had a nice dick, full nuts and a filthy mouth - I might have dropped to my knees or on my back for ya!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

BikeGuy13 - SuperGenius

You have a sexual IQ of 157

When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends.

Take this quiz at

Fuck. 157? ONLY??

I think I could teach a few people at quizuniverse a few things about sex.

Friday, September 14, 2007

14 days

A few have inquired to my load release status after yesterday's post.

You will be happy to know (or perhaps not), that I did dump my nut. It was gratifying and yet in some ways it was not.

I had answered a craigslist ad from a guy who was staying at a hotel not far from where I work. The smaller pictures he posted didn't tell me a lot about him, though the description was ok...and what I could see in the pics looked more than adequate.

I arrived at the hotel with no issues other than the elevators are key card controlled. Is this a new trend of which I am unaware? Great for security - bad for anonymous hook-ups.

The door was ajar when I walked up and I just pushed it open. I got a twinge of regret when the room was black as pitch. I wasn't nervous for my safety - but for the dread of the guy who is hiding something in the cloak of darkness.

Normally your eyes adjust to such blackness - mine never did. Though maybe I didn't want them too.

His mouth was good, but in my mind I had already talked myself into fucking him. I was positioning myself when he produced a condom for me to put on. Damn!

This is not what I wanted. I thought and pondered how to work around this. And damn if that fucker didn't constantly reach around to feel for the fuckin latex upon shaft. I guess I could have said - 'this isn't what I signed up for or wanted', and then walked out - but keep in mind: 14 days!

I was hard. I was lubed up (over and under the rubber) and I was ready to fuck. And let's face it - this isn't my gig and it was right then something I really really wanted.

Maybe I'm patting myself on the back, but I did a great job. I fucked his ass for almost 30 minutes. I had him bent over the hotel table because, if I did adjust to the light, I wasn't sure I actually wanted to see who or what I was fucking. His legs were strong. His ass firm - though not tight tight....if you know what I mean.

But I pounded butt. I slammed his ass. Then I took my time. He begged me to give him my babies. I grabbed the back of his neck and told him to not dare ask for things he wasn't able or willing to provide - and then proceeded to push his head to the table with force.

After 20-25 minutes I started to think I needed to wrap it up. I considered pulling out and cumming on him. He indicated he would take it in his mouth. I asked if he would swallow it. He restated, "I'll take it in my mouth". Fuck that. As much as I hate using and having rubbers on me - spitting out of seed is by far a greater offense. I deemed that I would finish in his ass - even if it was to dump my load in a baggie.

The guy kept asking how he felt. I kept telling him to shut the fuck up. I love to talk during sex - especially dirty talk, but I was in no mood to have discussions with him. I also didn't need him distracting me from the task at hand. It was hard enough to concentrate on the lack and loss of feeling that a millimeter or two of latex has.

After some time I was able to ejaculate. I was doing it all for me and nothing for him. I don't care if he knew I was coming or if he could feel it. I made no announcement to him. I just came.

To a degree he must have sensed it because he started to use his ass muscle to milk me. But I pull out. I wanted to go. I was standing there with my pants around my ankles too long.

I pulled up my pants and made my way to the bathroom. He made no attempt to leave his space. I pulled off the overly filled rubber - looking at it and somewhat proud of myself for how much of it I filled up. Then I laid it right on the bathroom counter - leaving it for him.

I washed my dick. I washed my hands. I put myself together and walked out of the bathroom and his room with out a word. He didn't deserve a 'thank you'......but he should have been fuckin' thanking me!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What to Do? What to Do?

I've had sex on the brain for days now.

Shocked - aren't you?

Seriously though - it seems worse than usual. I am having major difficulty focusing at work or anything else just knowing it's been a while since I've gotten someone off (other than guys reading this and pounding their pud) and 14 days since I've dumped a load.

I get erect at the slightest thought or breeze. My balls are so incredibly heavy. That doesn't even cover my twitching hole or empty mouth.

I love traveling for work because it seems so much easier to get laid. There is something appealing about guys hooking up with out of towners. Hotel sex is hot. Knowing that the guy is leaving (even if the guy is me) is a good scenario. It's not full-proof anonymous any more (thank you internets!), but it can be close.

Guys who answer my ads have to be as glad as (if not more so) for the no-strings encounters. Hell, that is why they answer them - no? Even the really good guys, the hot guys, the great fucks - normally I have no burning desire to see again. Some of them - sure.

So here I sit. Balls full. Dick at half-mast. Emailing a guy who is in town at a hotel not far from where I work....who wants it up the ass. You know I'm not normally a fuckER, but today, if he's available and somewhat decent....I might make the exception.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

DC Head

My last morning in DC I realized that for all the fucks I took, I still hadn't gotten off. When I thought about it more, I realized I had not dumped a load since that 'kid' sucked me off in a bathroom close to my office - two weeks earlier.

I thought it was ok for me to give something back to the community: an 8" dick and 14-15 days worth of sperm. What can I say? I'm generous that way.

Again, due to timing and availability, there weren't many takers and fewer I wanted to see suck me. It really came down to one. He could make it 15 minutes after I was to be on the Metro, and I told him 'no deal - sorry'. He rearranged his schedule and arrived at the time I needed him....not what was necessarily convenient for him. I know from this behaviour, since I subscribe to it.

Once again, I left the door ajar and he walked right in without knocking. The guy was a pro. Not only professionally dressed, but clearly an experienced cocksucker. He loved it - my dick that is. What's not to love? I do not think I'm being egotistical to say that I have a great dick. I've seen thousands of them - in person and more on-line and in magazines. G-d provided me a great dick. I don't take credit for it or anything. It's not like I work out to make it bigger - it's just there.

He took me to the pubes and I loved that. I like it deep and not as much playing around with the head. I stood right at my 4th floor hotel window for anyone walking by and looking up to see a partial show. If they had half a brain, they could have figured out what was going on. I hope so. As you know, I'm ok with being watched.

All too soon (though, really I had to get moving) I was ready to unload. As I normally do, I told the cocksucker to stop moving and start swallowing - even before I shoot. I know the volume of my loads...and I didn't need him gagging back jizz onto my dress pants.

Unlike other cocksuckers - he really did listen to the instruction. He got every fuckin drop out of me and I was happy to have him do it. Like a good boy - he made a hasty retreat out of the room and I finished packing and checked-out of the hotel so I could get on with my busy work day.

As I expected, he has left me several emails hoping he'll be of service to me next time I'm in town.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tag Team

The sex g-ds were with me during part of my trip to DC. In a matter of minutes I get a call from a guy I hooked up with on one of my initial trips to DC, and then a text message from a friend he had kind of / sort of pimped me out too. Neither of them were aware the other had contacted me.

Both "Paul" and "Steve" showed up within minutes of each other. After the ceremonial undressing of ourselves we just got down to play time. Up first: me on my knees going back and forth between their two cocks. Naturally I attempted a dual suck too. That proved difficult due to the fact that they both have big thick dicks. Of course, I gave it the old college try. While I was down there, they decided to make out. They'd been fuck buds for awhile, so that was more natural to them. I can get into kissing, but it's not my mainstay when I'm hooking up.

Eventually they took their turns on their knees as well - everyone sharing everyone else's dick. I did snap a picture of all of our pricks. Notice even though I can grow to a full 8+", Steve (right) and Paul (left) have bigger dicks than yours truly. I am not complaining.

But this wasn't really about sucking dick. It never is with these two. After I initially got pimped out to Steve, I think he has fucked me almost every time I hit the city - and he's happy to do it. As am I.

Soon Paul asked Steve if he was ready to fuck me. I think we all know the answer here.

With poppers in hand and Gun Oil on his cock, Steve eased his big dick into me. He was deliberate and took his time. I appreciated that - as you can see the thickness of his shaft. Granted, I could take it all, but he is a thoughtful fucker.

As always with Steve, he varied the speed, thrust and positioning of his dick into my ass. He mixes it up for him as much as myself - probably more for him. Both men always tell me I'm tight - which might be hard for some of you to believe (yes, I can be slutty), but again, look at the girth of their shafts. I'm guessing most guys are tight to a thickness like theirs.

After about 15 minutes, Steve and Paul switched places. As Paul penetrated me, he made sure to remind me about the first time he fucked me. How I had thought I was only going to suck his dick and how he got up all the way in me, fucked me an unloaded in me.

I so wanted him to cream my ass and have Steve slide into the load left in there. But Paul was not ready to dump his nut yet and Steve wanted back in. Once again, their places changed and Steve was pressing his pubes against my ass.
Everyone knew after a few minutes back in my hole that Steve wasn't going to last long. To his credit, he tried. As he was getting closer and showing the signs - Paul moved closer to my head and guided his penis to my lips.

Knowing exactly what to do, I turned slightly and opened my mouth. As Steve began to groan and pump a load up my ass, Paul started to squirt his jizz into my mouth and onto my goatee.

Steve buried deep, making sure it was all in there. Paul just looked down and smiled at his own handiwork.

...and like the forgotten slut, the two just left me there to go and shower together. I was not invited....I was not expected to join.

I knew my place - and so did they.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


The morning following "Brian" I was still horny. As is my M.O. - I usually get the other guy off where as I do not get off, by my own hand or by theirs. Obviously if you read this blog in any regularity, you know now and again I will let (or look for) guys to help me get my nut - but it is not my priority.

I placed an early morning craigslist ad asking for a high protein breakfast. I got a number of responses - but the ones that piqued my curiosity weren't going to meet my time constraints, or I theirs.

Then I got one. "Robert" was 34, 6'1", maybe 180 lbs. He was blue eyed and blond. His picture made him look casual-handsome. He had to walk past my hotel on his way to work. I don't think the logistics could have been better.

I purposely left my door slightly ajar to be timed when he said he would arrive. He was smart enough to not even knock and just pushed open and strode through the entry.

The guy who walked through my door was not casual-handsome, he was knockout handsome. And normally so not my type. The guy was 100% Aryan. Me, being a Jew, found it hot, yet a little unsettling. He was also wearing what I'm guessing was a $1000-1500 suit.

Robert was nice, but all business. He opened his fly and out came a 6.5" uncut cock. Not just skin over some of the head - even fully erect, there was ample coverage....and then some. Ok. maybe he was 120% Aryan.

He was freshly showered, smelled clean without the benefit of cologne (thank g-d!). He let me lick the head and under his skin. Granted he allowed this to happen with his hand firmly at the back of my head.

I was happy to deep throat him, just as he was happy to force feed me. It was a mutual admiration society meeting in room 422 of my hotel. The meeting only lasted 15 minutes, but he got what he wanted. I got what I needed.

I made sure each drop went into my mouth - or on my tongue. He was happy to watch it and then see me swallow. So not to mess up his suit, I squeezed out every drop and forced it through his bunched up foreskin. I licked it clean - and under the hood also. He was a bit sensitive after the fact, but he didn't try to stop me.

He left shortly thereafter. I showered, changed and went on my way. The beautiful start to a very hectic day - for both of us (I'm assuming).

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Equally Piggy

I was back in DC for most of last week - again. Centrally located and I didn't have AS much luck as I normally do on these business trips. Maybe it was timing, or that we were going into a holiday weekend and congress isn't in session (unless they get together to expel Larry Craig!).

DC is very much a two horse town. Politics and service industry. They need someone to feed, clothe and house the business of politics. So maybe when congress is gone, things slow down in general.

As for the timing - I notice that people will respond to ads or post in the morning (before work) or right before the end of the work day. The ones who post later, well, many are up front about working their 420 buzz. That's fine for them - but not my scene. My drug years are behind me.

Unfortunately, my schedule had me doing work on-site(s) earlier than normal and staying later than normal. I missed some of the peak times. I did score here and there, but nothing like my former trips.

The first night I ran across a fellow Buckeye. Turns out he actually wasn't, but just a fan. I just found it a tad odd he'd use 'buckeye' in his screen name when he never actually went to Ohio State. Whatever.

What we did have in common however was our attitudes on sex. The word 'oink' comes to mind. And it just happened that he was 100% top. Works for me.

At first, I wasn't taken by him physically....except for his cock. It was nice. And thick. What he lacked in looks, he made up in verbal skills...and action. I've said it before, attitude is better than looks, dick size or ability. "Brian" was no exception.

He fed me his dick and then made me gag on it. I will say, that is no easy task. I've been sucking cock for a long time. But his thrusts while vice gripping my head was an impressive combo. He was pretty fuckin proud of himself as well. He should have been.

We eventually hit the bed. He wanted to kiss - which isn't unheard of, but I wasn't expecting it. It wasn't passion - it was sex. The kisses that is. He made them intense and almost one sided. Still it worked for me.

I ate his ass. He had me get on top of him to kiss him some more. I took over. I slathered his shaft with my spit and sat on him. He fuckin loved it. So did I.

I rode him. He pumped into me from below. We worked as a fucking team. Then I was on my back....and then my stomach. Then on all fours.

At different points, he drooled into my open mouth (as he ordered me to open), then there was full-on spit. Some hit my awaiting mouth. Some into my goatee, which he just smeared in me. There was talk (on his side) of piss, but we never got to that. Now and again, I'll drink from the tap, but not often. I'd be more inclined to take piss up the ass....but before the fuck to help clean out. It's a great alternative. Pissing ON just to be pissed on doesn't really grab me either - but for the right guy (or the wrong one, I guess) I've done it.

He was taking a fucking break and telling me how he wanted to bring guys by to fuck me while he watched. This is a huge turn on for me - to be watched....even if the other guy never participates. He was telling me about the kind of guys he'd want to watch and he was jacking the entire time. Brian wasn't pacing himself - I could tell. He was getting too excited.

Anticipating what might happen, I opened my legs and spread my cheeks for him, but it was almost too late. He ended up pumping a load into my asshole. He pumped off what felt like a big load, just hitting my pucker. Without a word, he just took his hard dick and pushed all the cum at the hole and then into it. He made sure withdraw a few times and make sure he got the rest of what was external into the hole he wanted/needed to mark. Then he fucked me for another 5-10 minutes with his still erect cock.

It worked for me. It worked for him. I let him leave his number, which I kept. Next trip, if he has those other guys lined-up...I think I can make the time for him an the anonymous buds.