Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 Night @ Crew Club

For all the time I have spent on the road, one thing I have not done is hit the baths.

But this last trip I found it almost necessary. Some dipshit for Craigslist was systematically going through and flagging all the ads, which prompts CL to delete them all. It made getting laid extremely difficult. It also bought me a temporary (?) ban from being able to post there, at least under my email address.

Gay.com was not much better in terms of hook-ups and I've sworn off Manhunt, because it costs and it just doesn't work.

So off to the baths it was. After getting a 30 day membership (I'll be back next month!), I opted to get a locker. If I really liked someone who wasn't into the public sex aspect of it or didn't have a room - I had a hotel about 3 blocks away.

I haven't been to the tubs anywhere in over a decade. Not much has changed. Sauna. Shower. Steam Room. Private rooms. Lockers. Work out equipment (which I've never ever ever seen anyone use). This place did not have a darker video room. And like many baths - this also did not have a gloryhole room. Shame.

But I've always had luck in the steam room, so off I went. At first it wasn't very steamy, but I forget how they pump it in there on an interval basis. ...not really remembering this early enough gave me a nice 1st degree burn on my leg as I was standing next to where they pump it out from.

While in there though, I was immediately offered a hot daddy dick. I went down and he held my head and pumped my face. Soon enough, others gathered around to watch - including one hunky hunky man who's own fat dick was within lip reach. I went back and forth between the two - but the daddy guy made a move to finger the hot guy's ass, which he didn't want. He left.

Daddy followed - not like anyone was thinking he had a second shot. But other guys were there and suck-swaps ensued. Nothing great. I headed to the sauna. Zilch.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty blind w/out my glasses, so going through the hallways and looking into darkened rooms with guys in them, with the lights off is always a risky scene. I could end up with StudMan or one of the trolls living under the bridge in the 3 Billgoats Gruff story.

Back to the steam room for me. Another ok daddy, but one with a nice 8" stiff stiff dick. Viagra? I'm assuming. He did turn me around in there and I will say I love this about the steam room - I sweat so much, it is the only lube you'd need. It's all we used.

He pushed into me and went to town. No thought to who he was throwing the fuck to. Just pounded and pumped. A few guys watching. It's always amazing how no one says anything in there. Just the sound of steam.

After about 7 minutes, there was the sound of a groan as he unloaded up my ass. The crowd dispersed quicker than I would have thought. Actually, I thought someone would have taken his place - but it didn't happen. I had to leave shortly after that, as it was 2a and I had to leave for work at 7a.

The next night was a rainy one. The crowd was fewer. A few hunky guys. Two of whom I saw go into one room. The noises that ensued told me they both got their nut. The cuter of the two left shortly after. About 3o minutes later, the other guy joined me in the sauna. Eventually we went back to his room.

He had an ok dick, but was much more interested in mine. I get that. I couldn't figure out his deal. He liked to come close to my face/lips, but would not touch. Would not kiss. He seemed starved for affection or attention - unloved but not unlovable.

He loved rubbing my beard with his hands. Slowly, gently gliding over it with his fingers. As if exploring a man for the first time. Since he had been with someone else not that long ago, I knew this not to be the case.

But the man was a liar. How much of one, I don't know. And I don't care. He claimed he hadn't been with anyone else or gotten off. My Spidey senses told me otherwise.

He had rubbers, but didn't want to fuck. He had lube but didn't use it. He had a pierced nipple but claimed to be married - to a woman. Maybe. Maybe not.

We did eventually get around to fucking. Him in me. Him bare. Him hesitant. Him claiming he would not cum in me - as he was married (huh?). Him eventually pulling out, kneeling over my chest and shooting his pretty big load into my goatee - and at the last minute, my opened mouth with extended tongue. (it tasted good.)

After that, he wanted to cuddle (huh?) and do more gentle stroking of my goatee and stubble. It was then he told me he worked for the Department of Health. Maybe he did - perhaps he did not. He had told so many "stories" it was hard to believe.

But on the other hand, I think most of those guys who work there are hypocrites....so you never know. I don't think he was there doing research. Do you?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby, I'm The Cat

Ok, I know this is dating me, but I have been in regular on and off contact with a guy I met on mIRC eons ago. Since I think that program has been dead (or is it still around?) for at least 10 years - we've "known" each other for about 15. Odd isn't it?

I ran into him on-line this weekend and he knows about the blog and he had this observation about me. He said I was like a cat. Naturally, I had to inquire how that might be. Here was his response:
  • Easy on the eyes (a cat would readily agree...you're a bit modest)
  • Smart, savvy, good at sizing things up and adapting
  • Works alone
  • Looking for ... encounters
  • Looking for ... prey
I can agree with that - except maybe the easy on the eyes part......but that is my issue and I have no perspective I don't think.

I don't completely work alone, as there must be other guys in play for me to get their nut and then chronicle all those events here. ....and I think you guys know I don't put all of those encounters to this blog. Some just are not interesting enough - for good or bad.

But his comments were interesting ones - and he did give me permission to use them. So bud - there you go. You're famous by association. : )

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phone Sex

I have other stories to tell, and a video to upload (if anyone can tell me how to easily reduce the size so that is uploads, I’m willing to hear it), but for now, I have a story from yesterday that is still fresh in my mind.

Yesterday, my “regular” Monday thing didn’t pan out. …and by "regular", I mean my last two Monday fuck sessions, where I put it to the guy – instead of the usual me taking it. He’s not answering my emails, so I thought I’d take a gander at craigslist.

I work downtown and there seemed to be a bit of a clamor for hotel sex in these ads. Lots of guys in town, in their hotels, wanting to get off or get guys off. None of the guys wanting to get off interested me or got back to me, so I made arrangements with a guy who wanted his face fucked. I thought I’d give it a try.

So, despite my earlier posts about not getting head again, clearly I’ve changed my mind. But that’s what happens when you let your dick do the thinking for you. I did ask about 1,000 times if he did indeed swallow. He said yes.

I also happened to be chatting with a guy I know from Chicago. He knew what I was doing and asked if I could accidentally leave my phone on while I played with this guy. I said I could and would.

As I rode up the elevator to the room, I called this guy and said I was about to knock on the door and to just listen.

The sucker eventually answered and he was ok looking. Nothing more than that. About my age, but a little worse for the wear. No judgment, just the way it was. He stood in front of me and I told, ‘go to it – that’s why I’m here’. He sank to his knees.

I told him to ‘take it out’, but he didn’t do a good job at it. I found myself being louder than I normally would have been and a bit more vocal. Let’s face it, I was putting on a performance at this point: for the cocksucker, for my phone guy and for me too.

The guy was too slow or I was too impatient and I had to undo the belt and button. He did take care of the zipper. He was impressed when my semi-hard dick flopped out. I never tire of guys liking my dick – even if I am not in a giving mood.

Anyway, I’ve become more comfortable in my ever-changing role. Not so deep-down, I know I’m not a top, but I think I missed a calling by not ever enrolling in a school play. I seem to take on the role seamlessly and do a more than convincing act.

I talked down to the guy, literally and figuratively. I buried my dick in his throat and he choked and gagged. He liked my poppers – as I have never seen a guy take such deep and long hits off them in my life.

But I would get my dick all the way in his throat. I can’t say it was the most comfortable for me, but we got it there. There was not velvety smooth feeling. He’d gag. He’d cough some. I’d let up a bit. We’d go back at it.

He never said ‘no’ (not that I gave him much of a chance) and I kept up the verbal part for my phone guy. The words, ‘cocksucker’, ‘choke on it’, ‘eat my dick’ were used frequently – or some variations. Use your imagination – I know you know the score and the script.

At one point, I got him where he was sitting on the floor, his head against the mattress and pressed between my thighs. I fucked his face, just like his ad stated. He gagged and I didn’t care. He coughed and I could care less. He had tears running slightly out of the corners of his eyes and I loved it…..because I had been there before. Hundreds of times.

I knew I was putting on a good show for all involved.

Then, I insisted we move to where he sat in a similar position but against the desk, so I could watch myself in the mirror. But I also got to put the phone on the desk, right behind his head and where I could lean over and do my vocal role.

More poppers for him. For face fucking for me. More tears coming from him. More degradation coming from me.

I finally told him I needed to shoot and that he was to take it. I buried my dick and unleashed my week old load.

He struggled with it, no doubt….or perhaps he was putting on a good show too. I told him (and the guy on the other end of the phone) over and over, ‘no. no. no! – you will keep swallowing. You will take it all’. I’m sure I was telling anyone out in the hall who may have been walking by.

When I was done, without a word, I pulled up my pants and buckled them. I grabbed my phone from his desk and walked out of the room, my nuts a little lighter.

I wasn’t five feet from the door when my phone bud, who was still on, and I started talking. He was very impressed with my role-changing abilities, as he has “known” me as only a dick-taking bottom.

He could hear everything: the guy and me. That was perfect, because I hate playing to an empty theatre.

This is why I think I would do so well being in a video!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Office Suck - Redux

When you got a good deal – why fuck it up?

Invariably I am sure I will, but for at least one more time, I ran with it.

I had a second meeting at the law office with the big-dicked attorney. He works alone in the office on Friday, but I still couldn’t get over there before 4p due to my schedule.

Clearly it is casual Friday for him, as he was in a golf shirt and shorts. I was in full suit & tie.

Immediately upon my arrival, we were in his office, door closed and locked (just in case). His pants were down, and my zipper got pulled south to free up BikeGuy Jr.


Yup – that’s me. Or at least, part of me - in his office.

Like last time, we swapped off on taking each other. Him taking me down to the root – me, just "learning how to suck dick".


This is me "tentatively" putting my lips on his cock!

The entire session turned out ok, but nothing more than that. See - I'm already fucking it up. I've had him twice and I'm already becoming bored. That is so my M.O.

The guy is ok, but except for his dick, I'm not drawn to him in anyway shape or form. ....which I guess is what I'm usually about. But even those are usually one-timers. He is a perfect candidate for a gloryhole dick that I would service over and over again.

As it turns out, he is changing jobs and firms. He has no idea what his set-up will be like and if he can host. So my issues might be moot anyway.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BikeGuy Throws a Fuck

What is happening to me?

As you go through my 200+ posts, you can count on one hand how many times I’ve topped during the life of this blog.

Orally, yeah – I’ve let myself get serviced a number of times, but I’m not talking fellatio here. No, this is backdoor action.

A week or two ago, I was contacted by some guy via craigslist. It is possible I contacted him, but to be honest, I cannot remember at this point. He wanted to suck me and I was coming off that last bad blowjob where the guy spilled my own load out of his mouth into my own pubes.

The guy (no idea what his name is) had me come by his place of employ to do this. It was a workday, but I was in route from my home office to a client, so I stopped. The bar wasn’t open yet, but the door was. I walked in. We introduced and he locked the door and we went into the office.

He was not bad looking. 6’, maybe 170. Swarthy looks – I’m guessing Italian. Olive skin, with little chest hair. What hair he had anywhere was jet black. He also had a nice dick – I’d say 8”, very fat and uncut. The guy was a pretty good cocksucker. Not great, but pretty good. I was horned up and I made sure he was going to take the load. He said it wouldn’t be a problem. …and it wasn’t. He sucked, he swallowed. I was on my way.

But he kept emailing me – and wanting more. He loved the fact that I am “married”. …and by that, he saw the ring I was wearing and made assumptions. I took that little nugget and ran with it. Call it role-play, call it deceit, call it whatever you want. Guys lie – whatever it takes to get what they want.

The following week I ended up at his semi-dump of an apartment and he was there, door ajar, him waiting for me to find him in the bedroom. He was stripped and laying face down on the red sheets. He crawled over to me, but stayed on the bed, as I stood beside it. His hand went to my zipper and pulled it down. It took both his hands to keep the opening open and fish my hardening 8” dick out of my fly.

He sucked and he did a better job than the week prior. I let him go at it for awhile, but pushed him away when I’d start thinking of finishing that way. I would then direct him to my balls. He asked how many days there were in there and I told him 7 days. You could see him calculating in his head that he had been with me 7 days ago.

“Dude. You haven’t gotten off since then? Haven’t you fucked your wife?”. I told him I hadn’t, which technically was not a lie. Anyway, I pushed him off my dick and told him I wasn’t there to get sucked off again – as we had discussed in email we both wanted more. I told him to ‘lube me up’.
He grabbed his bottle and poured it on me, generously. I was slick. I was hard. I was ready.

This guy said he’d never been fucked bare before and only seen it in the movies. He also said he hadn’t been fucked since November 2007. I slid in with little resistance. Men lie.

I pulled this guy (g-d, I’ve got to give him a name), to the edge of the bed, as I never ventured on to it. His ass was at the side of the bed, me standing behind him, sliding in and out of him at various rates and degrees of intensity. If I hurt him at all, he kept it to himself. I wasn’t looking to hurt him, but I wasn’t really worrying about it at the same time. I guess all those hundreds and hundreds of times of getting fucked myself, I picked up on a thing or two from those tops.

I provided him the dirty mouth he was hoping for. Obviously, I’ve been in his place physically and mentally, so I knew all the right things to say. One that I swear pushed him over the edge (and he later confirmed with me) was, “you like me doing to you what I did to my wife to make our kids?”. Possibly over the top, but he bought it hook, line and sinker.

I ended up fucking him for about 20 minutes or so – slowing down now and again to keep the magic going and to not have it end too soon. I liked the look of my dick going into him. All slick, all big, all long.




I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out my cellphone and snapped these – since I do this so infrequently, I thought it would be good to get some kind of photographic evidence.

They are not great since there was no flash, but on the other hand, he had no idea I had taken them. Normally I would say, but my thought was – it does nothing to reveal or expose him (so to speak).

Around the 20 minute mark, I flooded his guts. I couldn’t hold back. I buried it in him and I let it go. I could feel myself spasm in him. I didn’t ask if he could feel it – but I told him I was shooting, so he knew.

That pushed him over his edge. He let his load go right into and onto his red sheets.

He went and grabbed me a washcloth afterwards and I noticed I had lube on the bottom of my dress shirt. I told him I would have to throw it in the dry cleaning bag before my wife saw it and got suspicious.

I hit the road and made it home with him writing me a thank you email and wondering when we can do it all again.

Friday, July 04, 2008

XTube Hottie

I haven't done an X-Tube embedding for this blog yet. ...and I'm not now - but not for lack of trying.

This fucking stud has not opted to be able embed this video. I can appreciate that.

He bills it as a non-sexual video - that happens to be the most sexual than any of the steamiest of guy on guy action.

Part of me would like to keep this one to myself, but I find that I can't.

Enjoy him. Fuck man - I did. ...and would.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2nd One in a Day

After the mixed race guy left, I was still horny (shock!) as I had not gotten off.

Not that I needed or wanted to get off, but since I hadn’t, my sex drive was still in fast gear. From the original ad I placed, a number of people had contacted me looking for action.

As usual, many were dismissed for not reading what the ad was actually for, or that they don’t get that 5’6” and 200 lbs is not ‘ht/wt proportional’. I have nothing against those guys, but it was not what I was looking for. We all have our preferences. Or worse, your ad says stats required and they come back with “lets hook up to have some fun” – and that is their entire response.

One guy I hook up with is amazed I will meet without guys sending me pictures, and I’m willing to take my chances on a lot of things – but not on a response that sparse that not only doesn’t have the stats I asked for, but non-committal types of ‘fun’.

Anyway, one of the guys who did leave me a message said he was a smooth (as in not hairy, versus suave) black guy who liked hairy white guys. I’m one of those!

I’m not sure if he realized it, but we had chatted a number of times before via Manhunt.

He worked close by and biked over. Again, he was smart enough to get around the key card accessed elevators. He knocked. I opened.

He was thinner than the other guy and true to his word, nary a grown-up hair on his body. I don’t think she shaved or anything – this was just natural. Like the other guy, he had an 8” dick which was dark dark dark. And curved! I have never had this many curved dicks in my life, let alone in a row.

There was very little foreplay with this guy. A little sucking on my part, but mostly it was him getting me on my stomach and mounting me from behind.

Though I’m sure since I had been “violated” a little while earlier, his cock went in with ease. His curve was pretty severe, so I expected some uncomfortable feelings. Maybe his cock just fit with my insides, but it actually felt great.

The guy was all business. No talking. Definitely no talking dirty – though near the end I spurred him on a bit. It was his hands holding my wrists down in front of me while he assaulted my ass. Not a bad way to be assaulted, if you ask me.

He got close and I could tell. This is when I prompted him to tell me what he was doing. He said he was going to cum. I asked where. He told me ‘deep up your fuckin’ ass’. Yeah – exactly what I wanted to hear.
And he delivered as promised. And I took it….gladly. It was a good day