Sunday, April 29, 2007

After Work Stress Reliever

Right before the muscle guy got to my room - I got a message fro a near-by guy who needed to nut after a long stressful day after work. He said to email when the first guy was gone - maybe he'd still be in the office.

G-d I wanted least by his description.

29, 34w, med build, 5'10'', 175lbs, 7.5 thick&cut

He was everything he said...and more. Black.

I didn't give a fuck about his skin color. Handsome. Professional. Great attitude. GREAT COCK.

Barely did he open his pants. He just stood there waiting for relief from a long fuckin day at work. He loved my pink lips going down on his thick dark meat. He loved that I took every inch too.

Soon his hands found my head - as happens with most good feeders. They need something to grab on to. I like the way they feel.

We played around with me eating his nuts and him fingering my hole. If he felt a load in there he said nothing. He did take some of my Astroglide and put in on his dick. I thought he'd fuck me too - but it was not meant to be. I would have loved to feel that thick prick stretch that hole.

He insisted I get back down on his cock - and I did. He fucked my skull and I took it. He was ready to nut and I was ready to take it.

It was slightly unfortunate that it was not a big load....or even that tasty. But he enjoyed it - and I loved doing it for a guy like that. I never even left my knees and let him let himself out.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Muscle Fuck

I think I'm going to forgo resubscribing to Manhunt. There are a lot of talkers out there, but not many doers. It's frustrating, especially when you're paying for the privilege to be on the site.

Craigslist as been much more forgiving to me. The responses are real. Not always good, but timely and immediate. I can easily get a dozen or two responses with any ad I post. Since most won't pan out anyway, my success rate is still pretty fucking good.

On my trip to DC this week, I posted one ad. The responses were too numerous to mention. Some I dismissed immediately. Some dismissed me. Some just became 'got a picture' even though I posted one in the ad. I'm here to take loads - not swap pics.

There was even one guy in my hotel who was interested and it finally came down to 'are you into phone sex'? WTF???? Get the FUCK OUT OF HERE.

Finally I got a few decent responses. I was up for a group but none of these guys were. So it became a timing issue.

30 5'8 185 shaved head reddish goatee hazel hairy 6.5 cut, neg, big shooter here.

He may have been 30. MAYBE. I'd say closer to 40...which was still very cool. But he needs a ruler. I'd say 5". He also had an incredible muscle chest.

BUT he was hyper-masculine and it all worked. Though he alluded to being a foul-mouthed top - he turned out to be a heavy-breathing, silent type. I can work with that.

Very little oral he wanted. He had me on my back as he broke out the Gun Oil. I will say, I loved that stuff more than Astroglide. I don't normally go for guys lubing me up and stroking me, but his hands felt incredible. Maybe it was the oil. Maybe a combination.

Soon enough his cock was up me. I had popper to help loosen me up, but with his 5", I didn't really need them.

He was a good and experienced fucker. Slow. Methodical. Alternating pace, depth and intensiveness (is that a word?). He pulled out for a bit and I ate his hole. He wanted no fingers anywhere near that bud. This guy was mostly all top. I was loving it.

Back on my back he pumped. I asked if he liked it raw, like he was putting it to me. He nodded and uttered one of his only sentences: "How else are you gonna cum up that ass?". fucking true.

He pulled out again and just looked down on me as he stroked some. I don't think it was his intention to get so close that way - but he did.

Being what I'm assuming was to be experienced, he wasn't going to waste the time and effort he put into travel and penetration. In a heartbeat he pushed back in and unloaded.

He kept his cock up there for a long time. He told me he wanted me to keep his load up there as long as possible. Then he asked, how long I would do it for. I told him - 'all night'.

And I did.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

What's a BJ Worth?

Last Tuesday evening, I had to go pick up my newly serviced car before the dealership closed. As it happened, the place was close by a feeder who would give me his meat and au jus once in a while.

On a whim, I emailed him from my phone at the dealership as I was gearing to leave. His 'roommate' was home, but if I could park near-by and walk down his drive to the side garage, he'd oblige my need to eat.

Fuck - I've done worse, so sure I went.

In a suit and walking down a steep street with no sidewalks and heavy traffic, I did as I was told. He was waiting as promised.

The guy is a grower, not a show-er (you really can't type 'shower' without it looking like something different). But I knew this. A new cocksucker might be disappointed in what he would encounter.

In a heartbeat I was on my knees in said suit. On his garage floor. I went to work and did it well - if I say so myself. Luckily I didn't need to - his moans, groans and expletives pretty much confirmed it all for me.

The guy always has the best tasting jizz. Today was no different - kind of.

Normally, he isn't that vocal. So when he was really moaning, and I was getting a mouthful of liquid I knew I had done my job.

All of the sudden he asked if I was 'ready for it'. HUH?

The fucker had not cum. All the spooge in my mouth was pre-cum. The fucker pre-came more than most guys holding a load for a week. Without further ado, I was sprayed with a big dose of semen.

Naturally, I got it all. He was happy. I was elated.

I did the walk of no-shame back up the hill to my car. I got home and later that night needed to pack for a business trip and to charge my Blackberry. ..the Blackberry that was no longer in my house or in my briefcase, or in my car or anywhere to be found.

A quick email the next morning - he claims not to have seen it or run over it (as I blew him next to his SUV). He even walked his driveway.

FRICK. I can't tell the boss i lost it while I made an appointment to give head - can I?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Still Feeding

I let the 30 yo from the stall suck get my nut two more times.

Once again in the same stall...almost after work. It was quick. Too quick, even for public sex. Snowing like a motherfucker out when I went to his building but it was ok to pump off a load. It wasn't the best load I had ever had, but he seemed to appreciate it.

Fast forward a week. He contacts me - as I knew he would. Cold and rainy out. I just want that much in the mood to travel to get my cock sucked. I would have gone out of my way to get on my knees and ingest a hot load of scum though. ...but this kid is total eater, which I can so relate to. But I also know he wanted my 8".

I made a deal - if he'd come to my parking garage, I'd meet him there and let him blow me. It was POURING, so I knew he'd cancel. He didn't. Even *I* respect that shit. At first I was going to have him suck me in my car. But since I was on the fifth floor (where he met me), I opted for something else.

I saw him and he followed me like an obedient cocksucker. I walked right past my car (not that he knew it was) and into a stairwell. He was nervous, but I love shit like this. I put my back against the door so no one would come in. I knew no one would. This is a kind of garage where all are in by 9a and don't leave until 5p.

I also knew I could hear anyone coming up or down the stairs. The doors are loud and heavy and the stairs are pure metal that you can hear for six stories. He bent down and took my out. I grew quickly.

He also knows I rarely jack off and I told him I hadn't gotten off since he blew me 7 days prior. The kid remains cute. Great goatee and face - nicely shorn hair. In between encounters, he tells me he's been sucking and getting fucked since his (then) 36 yo uncle. Yes, it's wrong, but oh so fuckin' hot.

As he's going down on me - I tell him I want to thank his uncle for all of this. This enthuses him. For all his years of training, he can't get me half down. I'm a good size, but I'm not un-deep-throat-able. He has to use his hand some. I let him - though as a sucker, I make it a practice never to do.

He stands up while I jack a little. He's in a hurry. I'm in a hurry - and I'm freezing. He says he wants it. I tell him it wasn't an option for him NOT to get it. I also reach around and feel his fine tight ass. I tell him I want to fuck him sometime. He's all for it.

I tell him to get back down on me. He does. As usual with cocksuckers, I tell him to stop moving. He does. I swell up and start losing my load.

At one point he has to back off some. I suspect he couldn't swallow fast enough and it had already filled where there wasn't shaft. He keeps it in his mouth and I squeeze my shaft ensuring he gets every fuckin drop. I mean, I have to put it back into my work pants. I don't' need sperm on my shaft. : )

He stands up and though we've barely uttered a word to each other in all our meetings he says: "that is the BIGGEST load I've had. EVER".

I smile, all proud of myself and just walk out the door.