Friday, November 25, 2011

Scruff / Recon BJ

A while back I got a 90 day free access to Recon. It's not a bad site, but like other, it's a lot of looking and not a lot of doing. But there I noticed a man not far from me. Mind you, it was one in the morning, but I was clearly awake. And yes I was ready.

I had also seen this man on Scruff, but his profile on Recon was a bit more descriptive of being 100% "active". I put 80% passive in my profile - and I think I lowered that percentage to keep some guys interested that they'd get that 20%, but really that wasn't likely.

But in theory the guy had it, even though this first night we was all talk - clearly not intending to meet up.

The man was older - 57 - but in decent shape. He was considerably shorter that myself, and that is probably my biggest "complaint". No biggie.

Dick was nice (6.5 - 7") and uncut. I don't see, suck or fuck, a lot of uncut pricks. Even hard he had skin. But in some ways I like them. The heads underneath that skin always seem larger, shinier, smoother. It is a nice change up from the everyday cut folks.

When we did get together, he came from work - dressed to the nines. Beautiful Suit. Cuffs. French collar. Impeccably shined shoes.

We chatted for a minute, but with all the texting between Scruff and Recon, we both knew what I was there for. His cock. My mouth.

At first the blowjob was on my terms. I took it out. I worshiped the hardening flesh. I licked it, of course. Sucked too. But it was how I did it that made the difference. I put my energy into listening to his body, his sighs, his noises. I figure out what he responds to, as a feeder. This guy liked it all.

At some point he took more control, but I'll be honest, for someone who claims to be "100% active" and from the discussions we had, he really was not in charge. I was. I can deal with that and let him think he is, but even he knew he wasn't. He was in front of me to be serviced and maybe that was his control.

I could deep throat that shaft. I'd get my tongue under that foreskin and taste that wetness trapped there. I'd tickle his nuts with the same tongue. I'd chew on the dick. I stimulated all of the sense - or at least tried.

He braced himself against the wall with his hand. I thought he'd do it to fuck my face, but it was really just to steady himself against a really really good blowjob - if I say so myself.

This went on for about 30 minutes before I took him to and over the edge. He had told me he shot thick heavy loads of cum. In this he did not fib. Copious amounts of sperm came from his dick in ropes that coated the inside of my mouth - me missing not one drop. Even after he pulled out and squeezed his shaft, more came from that than most guys pop off during the act. No worries. I got all that too.

A few days later I got a text from him, wanting to do another go-round at some point. He wasn't pushing and somewhat non-committal, and that was ok. He was fun. But I made an comment to him saying hope he liked it. His response was a pretty nice endorsement of me. So if any of you need references......

Beyond a shadow of a doubt that was the best blow job I've ever received, period. I thought I was going to pass out. One of my most intense orgasms come to think of it. You are a master at it.

A highly educated man approaching 60 who advertises himself as 100% active, you have to figure he's had his share of oral experiences over the decades. I'm taking this as high praise.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

His Dead Sister's Apartment

How's that for a fucking blog title? Got your attention, I bet!

He was on-line at Scruff and I was about to send him a message when I saw I already had a few weeks before. But got no response.

He was hot. He was hairy. He was HOT.

What he also was, was a guy I played with a few years back in DC. I clearly didn't realize it when I messaged him weeks before, but all of the sudden I had this trigger of...."hey, wait a sec....".

I messaged him again and reintroduced myself. I also called him by name, since I remembered it. You tend to remember a guy like this. "David".

He was thrilled I remembered and he had not forgotten me. ...and he was three miles away, not 300.

As it turns out David was staying at his mother's house while helping out for a long weekend. He was there to clean out his sister's apartment after her untimely death. I assumed the time for sex was not this weekend. I did offer to meet him for a beer. He said he'd think about it.

The next morning he texted me and asked how the day was. I was just starting work, he was just getting going himself. It was miserable cold and pouring rain. He said he needed to be distracted. I don't think he was talking about having a beer. I took the bait. 10 minutes later I was in my car. 10 minutes after that, I was at the apartment.

His recently deceased sister's apartment.

As cold and miserable as it was outside, it was just as cold in, as I'm assuming the super had turned off the heat. No one was living there, only someone stopping by to clear out the stuff.

Immediately we kissed. Last time we did too. David is an incredibly handsome man and obviously has a good body to boot. He is fun to make out with. ...and to play with.

There was some sucking - me on him. He played with my nips and you all know what that does to me. In short order, I was soon kneeling on his sister's bed and he was slipping he his salami.

It felt fucking great: his cock, his hairy chest on my back. But he couldn't sustain the hard-on and I can't really blame him. Besides being freezing in the apartment, he was fucking me on his dead sister's bed!!!! That has to be a bit weird, no?

And there was timing issues. I know he was watching the clock as his sister's boss was showing up to collect her laptop and work items and then someone was coming to pick up the furniture, as they had purchased it.

Not only was I getting fucked on the bed of deceased woman, but breaking it in for a new owner. I have zero shame.

So that didn't work, but that's ok. He wanted to suck me and that was ok. David has a great mouth and I wanted to make him feel better about what he was doing there, even though getting sucked was not on my agenda. And I did provide him with a big warm load too.

In a way, I thought that might be the end of it. But he was hoping I would do down on him. Of course I would.

Truth be told, like many men, after I cum, I can sort of lose interest in sex. Getting off can be a very selfish act even when it is not intended to be. We are a slave to our bodies and minds though. That is just how mine typically works. You know I give my body to a few - as you've read, but when my dick spurts, I can't always help what happens next.

David was in luck, I went to my knees and took that beautiful cut cock into my mouth. It still had some of my ass taste on it, but that was ok. I got that cleaned off in a minute and went to work.

While still watching the clock, I know he was having trouble concentrating and getting erect - or staying erect. I am 90% it was not me.

After about 10 minutes of sucking he just FLOODED my mouth. Just a ton of cream. There was no warning. There was no sound. I gladly swallowed it all, knowing I had helped out a man in need.

I pulled off, smiled and stood up to kiss him. He looked confused.

He says to me, "if you give me a minute, I'm sure I can cum for you". I had to tell him he just did - and the amount he gave. He looked surprised. He had not even realized he had ejaculated.

So he says, "if you give me a minute, I guess I can cum for you again". And he did. A load as big as the first, if not bigger. Talk about a surprise.

We parted knowing he would have visitors arriving in the next 5-10 minutes and that I had to get back to work. Totally worth delaying the start of my day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Piss and Vinegar

It was a new scene for me. Well some of it.

I was out of town and looking around some of the adult social media "dating" sites. Lots of promise. Lots of close by folks. Lots of flakes. Same old - same old.

One guy was close by, but he was pretty much all bottom - sub even. 41, 6'3", 215 lbs.

I never know why I change gears once a year, but I was in the mood to get off. He was convenient. Twice. Twice in two days, that is. And now and again, I like to flex my proverbial muscle of if I can top. The results are very mixed.

I'll give the guy this, he had a great mouth. Smooth, warm, and it could hit every inch of me without every finding any of this tooth enamel. That has been hard to find with most cocksuckers.

He showed and I was in the zone. My cock was rock hard. I made him chew on it through my boxer briefs. He wetted those down and made me harder.

Once out, he showed me he had years of experience. Lots and lots - something like me. For reasons unknown his sub abilities kept me hard, at least for a while.

The guy was good with his mouth. I had him lick my balls and it just sent me over the edge - in my mind, not from my shaft. I didn't cum then.

I spread my legs and with body language prompted him to go lower. He did - with gusto. The guy was an expert ass eater. Since I had been traveling for a day, I knew I wasn't out of the shower fresh, and he didn't mind, which gave him additional credit in my book.

But the longer this all went on, the harder it was for me to maintain my top-ness (i.e. my erection). Had I been the one sucking, licking and eating, I'd have had a boner for days. This just showed my limitations for being a top.

I did finish myself off by hand while he fingered my hole. I dumped my load in his mouth. He swallowed. He kept holding my soft cock in his mouth and just wouldn't take it out. Eventually I made him get off it. Then he left. ...but it did get my thinking.

The next night he messaged me again, wanting more. I had no other prospects and I was just coming back from a dinner and was pretty well lit.

I was still professionally dressed when he got there, and in my top mood.

He came over and I let him unzip me. He sucked me, he took off my footwear and socks. He put my cock in his mouth again and I just told him not to move. He did and didn't obey my command. He did not go up and down on my cock, but he would contract his mouth/throat that would upset the order of that I intended.

With so much booze and water in me, I had to go and my theory was from the night before, he held his mouth on me waiting for some piss. He didn't get it that night, but he would this one.

It took me a bit to work up to the flow, but I did and I thought I controlled it quite nicely. This guy wasn't stupid, and while I said nothing about pissing in his mouth, the telling him to hold still and the wait had to inform him exactly what was to happen.

However, as much as I controlled the flow, he had trouble keeping up. Gagging. Coughing. Annoying. After multiple attempts and mouthfuls for him, I just pushed him off my dick and let the rest of my bladder empty into the hotel toilet. Still the ability to just piss in his mouth was a hot concept for me. The feel of that urine just flowing from my cock into him was hot.

He kept apologizing over and over for failing. I didn't let him off the hook or accept his apology. A real top wouldn't, right?

He went back to sucking, licking and then I rolled over for him eating my ass. Here's a little clip of that.

I will fully admit to somewhat dozing off for a few minutes as this guy ate my ass for 45 minutes at least. Hey, I was hammered! This tongue up my hole was a great feeling, and he never was getting tired and digging in while I just fucking relaxed. I'm not sure he was any the wiser that I had a few minute siesta.

But once again, I had to bring myself off by hand into his mouth. Not the ideal.

The next day, via the social media, he apologized for his not being able to take my piss. I wasn't too worried. I wasn't going to see him again, even though he did request a third meet-up. I didn't care about disappointing him, I just didn't want to disappoint myself.

Friday, November 04, 2011

In My Tribe

So chalk up another visitor that it has been years between sightings.

I know "Jeff" from acquaintances, he's also been at my gym now and again and I've seen him at shul. For all those instances, we don't really know each other as we run in separate groups. He's also married with kids in college or late in high school. I had sucked him once - years ago. We jacked off once too in the locker room of my gym, but we never touched each other there - just mutual admiration jacking.

Out of the blue, I get an email from him asking if I was free, as he was near the neighborhood. As I am always happy to see Jeff, the timing worked out that I was not busy. He stopped by 10 minutes later.

Looking good as always, Jeff is about 6', 180, greying hair and a very handsome face. As I had not seen him in two years (and more), he'd added a few pounds but nothing major, just a little noticeable. We went inside.

There was a little chit chat about some mutual people from Temple and such, but overall it was down to business. His business in my mouth.

Not that being married really has a thing to do with it, but Jeff doesn't really suck dick. He doesn't mind looking at it or even touching it, stroking it, but he is a feeder. That's fine, because I am an eater. And he has a decent always rock hard 7" on him. Cut, of course. And clearly a nice helmet head.

He sat down and undid his tie. I took care of unbuttoning his shirt. I played with the nipples on his clipped chest. He appreciated the work with my fingers and my mouth. He liked it a lot.

Then I went and undid his belt, his claps and zipper. For a minute I gnawed a little on his grey briefs which was holding back his hard seven inches. The fabric wasn't winning. A few more sessions like this and that poor cotton would be in tatters - from my teeth or the strain of being stretched to kingdom cum.

I did then unleash the beast. Ok, 7" might not be a beast, but the man for being 50-ish, has a cock that is like steel and without the need for any performance enhancing drugs. It is a great piece of meat.

Jeff is very vocal. I forgot about that with him. I attempted to video the session, but did not get far. First round, the camera wasn't even facing towards us/me. But I did get a little audio of how it started. As we went along, it was much more vocal - on his part. On my part, my mouth was full.

I sucked. I licked. I nibbled. I chewed. I gnawed. I deep throated. I took his face fucking. I edged. Oh, how I edged.

I think I could have gotten Jeff off in five minutes, but I had no desire for it to go that quickly. So I repeated all the steps in the above sentence another three or four times.

But eventually the launch code had been activated and there was no way of shutting it down. He said, "I can't stop........I can't" - almost an announcement, almost apologetic. Almost. "OH I'M GONNA SHOOT!!!!!!!! as he pumped a fucking huge huge load into me. It just kept volleying out of there like he had not dumped his nut in weeks. Maybe he hadn't.

After I took the mouthful(s) of seed, he pushed me off, "No No No, it's too sensitive." But after he took a few gasps of air, and I made sure the load was securely down my throat and into my belly, I did go up and take that last pearl of semen off his piss slit and savor it like a good cocksucker would.

We've made no plans for another get together, but one day, I'll see him or hear from him. It might be a while, but he's always welcome.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I had not seen him in years - sexually, that is.

I had seen him around town, but we had not "played" for quite a bit. I always forget why where are lapses, until I'm with him and it comes back. I'll forget again and it will happen again - but not for a while.

"Owen" is a decent looking guy. Handsome. He's big too. Bigger than me. Maybe 6'4" or 6'5". Not fat, but had put on weight in the last few years. He's bigger down there too - pushing 9" when fully hard.

But Owen also has a penchant for doing it in basements or storage lockers in his apartment building. And while I have certainly done it there and not minded, but when a better space is available, why not take it?

He sent an email out of the blue - I mean, it had been years. "Any chance I can jam my cock down your throat this week?" he wrote. I replied, "How about now?" We met up in 20 minutes.

I truly believe he was disappointed not to use a dark and dingy place for me to get on my knees, but we had better and warmer accommodations. He brought poppers. He brought lube. I wasn't prepped for the lube since that wasn't the tone of the email and the short turn-around time of contact to meeting. And his size. 9" is a lot to take.

We got right down to it. He wanted to kiss, but I did not - and it wasn't just the cold sore on his lip, but that was partially it, if truth be told.

While down on my knees he told me he wanted to objectify me. I wasn't sure what he meant by that. I don't think he knows what he meant by that.

And here's what struck me about Owen this time, which it never has....I'm not sure he's all there. Something doesn't fire or trigger, some capacity in mental ability seems just a bit short. I'm phrasing this as nice as possible because I'm not sure that is it, but he seems a bit off and I think that is the reason for the years in lapse of our get togethers. It is off-putting to me. He's like a gentle giant who doesn't know he'd physically hurt someone and just be happy as a clam if he did because the ability to know that doesn't exist.

He stood while I was on my knees. He sat back in a chair, while I was on my knees. He hovered over me as I was on my back. All times I fed on his cock. And it feels great in my mouth. I hope my mouth feels good on his cock too.

Perhaps it is my ability, or perhaps it is his 9 fat inches, but it was never fully hard. Usually it is, but not this time.

It didn't matter, he took that task into his own hand. I'm not one for helping a guy along with my fist, and would rather finish the job without their intervention, but he didn't consult me and I knew he was on a tighter timeline.

I wasn't expecting a few things: one - that he would get off so quickly after starting to jack his cock which never achieved full hardness even with his manipulation. two - that going by his email about getting a load down my throat, that he wouldn't actually put it in my mouth. three - the amount of that load.

Number three is my fault. He has shot on my face before and it was quite remarkable the volume of semen he produces. And it's thick. Some of the thickest goo I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. But fuck - the volume.

You can see below what he produced. What you don't see is that I had already swallowed about one-third of it that did go in my mouth or that I had licked from my lips.

As soon as he was done shooting, he stood up and went and just gazed out the window, like a child.

Maybe he did know what "objectify" means.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Bells. No Whistles.

The next day I got a text asking if I wanted a repeat of yesterday.

Deep down I knew while we might get together, there'd be no true repeat.

The arrival was more unceremonial. There was no kissing, little touching and none of it on the stair case. It was directly to the room where I was told there would be no bells or whistles. Just fucking.

For the record, there wasn't just fucking. I neglected to mention that the day before there was also ass-eating, one of my favorite things to do in the sexual world. And I'm a champ at it. This guy has a great hole to eat and he really is into having a guy go to town on it. Or at least this guy.

Before we got down to fucking on this day, I did ask if I could eat his ass some more. He said, he didn't have time to clean.

When it comes to eating ass, their is squeaking clean, clean, manly and just downright dirty. I rarely will to the last of the list, but the others are ok and I'd rather work my way backwards from Manly to Clean. ...and this is a guy who is never ever going to let himself be part of the downright dirty category. He just isn't.

He was borderline clean/manly. I went at it with gusto. He responded in kind. I like the verbal validation, even if there are no actual formed words. I speak horned up pig as a second language.

This time the pillow in the room was for his head. And a new position for us: him on his back, me sitting on and riding his dick.

Well, not so much riding. I did. But he was active too.

The cock felt incredible as it placed it against my hole and it slid right in. I could tell by his face he enjoyed it too. This fuck took longer than the day before. Two to three times longer. I don't think either of us wanted it to end. I can't really speak for him, but I'd say he had to work a little harder for this climax.

Maybe it was his day. Maybe the position. Maybe that I drained a HUGE load out of him the day before. Maybe all of the above.

Make no mistake, he came and I did get the load. No surprise it was coming, as he talked as it was about to happen. I gave words of encouragement because I wanted to show him I wanted it. In reality, he knew I wanted it. In reality, he didn't care if I did or not, and that I was going to get it.

I did get a shot of his cock up my ass though. Actually, there is video, but I'm not sure I'll post that for a bit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Playtime. Fucktime.

Before ascending the stairs, we kissed.

Normally, no big deal - right? But he wasn't the kissing type. Not with me. Especially not with me. And I probably wasn't with him, but it seemed right.

Now I can't say who initiated it, or if it was mutual. Let's go with mutual. We were still at the bottom step.

I felt his chest. I felt his ass. I felt around to find his 7.5" hard and pressing against his tight jeans. So hard was he, that is made the gaps between the buttons that much more noticeable. It didn't hurt that he was commando. It made it easy to touch his hot flesh tube between the buttons. We both liked that.

As he walked up the stairs ahead of me I cupped his ass. I made him stop and I chewed on his ass through his denim. We actually got down on the stairs, never making it to the top, while we played some more. Hands and mouths on different body parts, yet still fully clothed. Erotic in a way I never expected.

We broke away to make it upstairs. Not tons of his clothes came off. He freed his cock for me.

I love the angle. I love the rigidness. I love the veins. It makes for a nice piece of meat to play with in many regards.

First, I went down and licked his boots. He loves it and oddly enough, I get a thrill out of it as well. Tops. Sides. Tip. Soles. There is something about it that it a turn-on. I won't venture to guess what that is, but I'm sure we all have our immediate conclusions.

After that, it was back up north to start taking care of the dick.

I did a nice job on that cock, if I say so myself. I licked the underside. I licked each side, including the top before my lips extended around the head of the penis. He let me take my time of going down on him. Naturally at one point, he pumped my mouth and that was good. The angle made it nice for sliding in and out with little to no resistance.

I love sucking cock.

But I also knew that was not exactly his plan for getting off. There was a pillow in the room, on the floor and I went and laid my head on it. Me on my back. My pants at some point in this process had come off. Honestly, I don't recall if his did or whether his cock just remained out. I'm thinking they came off and he put his boots back on.

This was the first time he fucked me in this position. We had fucked a few times, but never face to face. We had to adjust the angle for the fuck. The first time he went in, I wasn't relaxed enough or something. It was not horrible but was not the best for me.

The second time he entered, something changed. I felt the ecstasy on face and through m body. I think he saw it on my face too. For those who get fucked - and even better, for those who are the tops and don't get fucked - there is a true right feeling to taking it up the ass. One that makes you feel complete and that it is right. THIS was right.

The right fit. The right feel. Then it went into the right kind of pumping. The right noises, words and sounds.

As always, when it's the right feel, things can progress too quickly. He became close and wanted to know if I wanted him to cum already. Part of me did not. Part of me craved what he was about to do......whether it was now or in five or ten minutes. I opted for now. I'm a greedy guy when it comes to semen.

The orgasm seemed long. I love being able to feel the throb and twitch of the cock, knowing what is happening, even if I don't feel the actual cum. I know what is going on. I love that it is going on.

He got himself together and we both knew there'd be another day. I just didn't know it would be the very next day.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Do You Need to Spit?"

The guy was 15 minutes late, but somehow I knew from our Grindr conversations that he would show. Intuition, I suppose.

47, 6'2", 185. He didn't say what his cock size was, but going by a few pics he sent, I was guessing in the 8" range. I have seen enough pricks in my life to have a good eye for this estimation.

He was as handome as his picture suggested. He was quiet, but determined. Nice, but controlling.

He had me open his jeans. His tight tight jeans. I could barely get them over his hips. But when I did, a very nice cock popped out.

The guy (no name) held me at arms length. He let me look at it. He let me touch it. He let my tongue touch it, but he didn't really let me put it in my mouth. His hand remained at the top of my forehead - literally keeping me at arm's length. I'm ok with this, oddly enough.

I got to lick his large hairless/shaved balls and eventually he let me onto his shaft, after I liked the underside of it.

I'm guessing it was larger than 8", but not a ton larger

As much as I knew I could take it to his pubes, he never let ne get that far. He'd let me go about two-thirds of the way down before he'd slowly pull out.

He was big on having me open my mouth and move in and out at his speed. At some points I had to do nothing about make an 'o' with my lips. He controlled the rest.

He didn't mind the pictures. He encouraged them and even used my phone to take some, so that was nice. They didn't come out great, but he didn't know what I was looking for.

The guy took a turn at fucking my face, controlled and not as deep as I wanted, but hey, this was about him and what made him feel good.....what got him off.

He mentioned at some point that he doesn't get off by blowjobs. Huh? He came over for head - why the wait to tell me now?

When pushed, he said he got off by jacking or fucking. I suggested fucking - as to be on the safe side, I prepped on the off-chance I'd have that opportunity. But he declined and put me back on my knees.

More sucking. Little noise other than the spit on flesh and friction noises that come with cocksucking. You know the deal. You've heard it.

And then, out of nowhere, he starts shooting in my mouth. Gobs and gobs of seed.

There was no fucking. There was no jacking off. Am I that good or was he just fibbing?

The load was a little bitter, but I'm there to do a service. I took it, that big load that was filling my mouth and hitting my tongue.

As I was pulling off and he was pulling out, he said, "Do you need to spit? You can go spit that out now."

I gulped, visibly, more for effect and told him I didn't need to. He smiled.

He immediately pulled on his tight briefs, his tight jeans and was out the door.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


He entered the booth across from mine - no doors on either. He knew I was there.

I would venture to say he was 40, dark hair, but thinning. He had a beard and additional scruff on his neck from where he'd normally shave, but clearly did not get around to it. He wore jeans and a football jersey and sported a wedding ring. Not a bad body, but one that probably had seen better days and with a little effort could have been quite nice.

He never looked over, but pulled out his dick. He had to know I was watching or had the potential to see it. It was thinner, but not too skinny. It was 7", maybe another half inch. There was a nice head on it.

He was watching straight, all-female bondage and light S&M type porn. I like straight porn, but mostly for the straight men's dicks. His choice held no appeal to me. But I wasn't there for the porn.

He sat down on the bench so now I could only see from his calves down to his feet. I got out of my booth and walked over and peeked in. His eyes never left the screen.

I stepped into the booth a little. His eyes never left the screen. But on the other hand, I never got a shake of the head telling me he wasn't interested. I touched his rock hard cock - which he removed his hand for mine.

To me, that was as good as a 'yes'.

I went to my knees and he watched the movie. I sucked his dick.

If I say so, I was doing a great job sucking his cock. It was stiff, it angled up, and great for how I was positioned to take it all the way into my throat. At this point, I was expecting now acknowledgement of what I was doing or my skills, be they good or bad. To him, I wasn't even there.

This did not deter me. I wasn't looking for acknowledgement at this point. I was looking for his load to shoot into my mouth, which, let's face it - is a certain kind of validity for being there and doing a decent enough of a job. I didn't need his verbal cues, as much as I might have liked them.

Most guys in these booths have a sort of ADD. They never keep it on a porn "channel" for more than 5 seconds. This guy never deviated from his girl on girl with cage and whip action.

I blew the guy for a good 15 minutes, maybe longer. He wasn't giving up the load that easily - and I'm ok with that. I suck cock. I like to suck cock.

And because I am so adept at it, I do different things with my mouth, tongue, lips and throat to get a reaction. One of, or a combination of, those things I can usually find something that different men respond to. Even the silent ones.

The combo to get his reaction was my mouth going down on him as my tongue danced along the bottom side of his shaft. I heard a very very weak "yeah" pass through his lips.

It could have been what he was seeing on the screen that got him to react, until I did it again. I got the same "yeah".

But being a good cocksucker, I also know not to repeat that over and over and over where it wears out its welcome. You change it up a bit and come back to the thing that gets them going. The anticipation they seek. The things that revs them.

In that distraction, I found another hot spot - the head of his cock....or right at the corona. I got a stronger "yeah" there.

Getting this man off now would be simple. Two hot spots and the alternating in some fashion would make him squirt. This I knew. I wasn't sure if he was ready, but I was.

The deep throating, the shaft tickling and the head work had a few more "yeah"s out of his mouth. He wasn't verbose, but he made that monosyllabic escape that past this lips count. From all I could tell, he never looked down.

The already rigid, already angled cock, go stiffer and started pulled back towards his body. Yeah, he was on the verge. One more "yeah" from him, but longer - "yeahhhhhh" - and the guy started pelting my tonsils with his cum.

It was a big load. Nice tasting. I stayed on it and milked every drop out with my mouth and hand.
I was still on my knees when he stood and put his cock away. Without another word, and certainly not a look, he moved past me and out the door.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Business Casual

It can be fun to see the differences between a man when he turns to sex.

I think it is safe to assume, while co-workers know I'm gay, they don't know the things I do, let alone to the depths I go to do them.

There is fun in seeing this in others, however. Add to it when they are an uptight business man who seemingly has no sense of humor or much personality other than his work persona. Take it one step further when you've done business with this individual twice and he has seemingly no recollection of you. Granted, it was six years ago.

So there I was in an adult bookstore, their video arcade, amongst the half dozen or so guys I had not desire to have sex with when he walked through. Tall. Lean. Well put together - as you might expect, even in a sleazier setting a good hour away from his home base (and mine).

I go there because it is one of the closer places I know I can get dick. I would venture to guess he goes that far because no one would, or should, recognize him. I'm venturing to guess no one did - except me.

I am really not bragging, but I figured I had a shot with him because I wasn't ugly which was on the menu that day in this place. I have said it before and will again, but I hate being the best looking guy in a bookstore. You attract all the trolls and it keeps me from the task at hand. This does not mean that I think I'm good looking, but I know I'm not as heinous as some others walking those halls.

So Mr. C took a booth and I ended up entering the opposite one. Immediately others came to look in both thinking, hoping, praying. All were denied. I wasn't sure I would be given the green light as he looked over, but not interested. I remember that as his business face.

But he did pull out his dick. It looked ok, but nothing extraordinary. I stepped over and he did not stop my entry. In fact, he had prepared it. There is one fold-up chair in each booth, he took the liberty of folding it up - making sure I would not sit to take his cock, but to go to my knees for it.

Well played.

He did indeed have me get on my knees. That is always fine with me. He didn't stop me from leaning forward to put his penis into my mouth. Actually, he quite enjoyed that I did. So did I.

His seemingly average cock turned out to be anything but. That flesh tube grew to a solid 8.5" and very very thick at it's base. I would have been impressed if anyone had this dick, but as a business guy, he kind of presented himself as proficient in the sales arena and had nothing else going on for him. Clearly I was wrong at reading this guy.

And the confines of that 3'x3' booth was like a fucking transformation chamber. Mr. Uptight let loose, at least a little. Probably a lot for him, but a little for most of my readers.

He encouraged me to suck his cock. That he said the word 'cock' seemed out of place of such a professional man, but he did and with authority.

The dick was beautiful and I loved sucking it. Clearly, he was ok with how I was performing as well. He'd look down and me and encourage me to blow him. Or he'd tilt his head back with his eyes closed, taking in the sensation of my mouth.

Why I don't like to use my hand when blowing a guy, Mr. C asked me to do it. He knows what feels good for him and what gets him off, so who am I to argue? What I didn't want to happen was for that to end it sooner than later. This was a cock I wanted to be on for a long time.

It turns out the suck/jack routine didn't spur an early ending at all. It enhanced his pleasure and I'd still deep throat him and stroke on my uptake. And it turns out he like a finger in his ass. Probably more, but this was just going to be a finger.

I noticed he loved playing with my chest and nipples, until I encouraged him to do it, then he stopped. I'm sure it was some sort of power dynamic, but he stopped and I was a little disappointed since I get off on that.

But I know he wanted to finish it eventually too. I took as much time as I could and really worked that cock. Mostly with my mouth, but with my hand on occasion. Both stimuli he responded to, so I did they hybrid.

He muttered he had a big load.

It turns out, it was an ok sized load, but not big. Granted, I might not be the guy you want judging that, but in his eyes it was a big load. It was thick. It was heavy. It tasted good.

I squeezed it all out with my mouth and onto my tongue, even the last few drops. And in a heartbeat he was buttoned up, in every way - clothes and attitude. He went back to being Mr. Stuffy and walked out the door.

Totally worth it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rough and Tender

He texted me that he wanted my mouth.

I always want his dick, but I was two hours away in another town. Headed back, for sure, but not still two hours away - at least. He said he'd wait.

The drive seemed longer than two hours.

I texted where I was. He left the front door ajar the way he always does. I knew to find him upstairs in his dark bedroom on his black leather sheeted bed.

His eyes were closed as if he were sleeping. We both knew he was not, but if that is his thing, so be it. I stripped down and went between his legs.

His cock was soft, but always has a thickness about it. It went in my mouth - just as he wanted. And it grew, just like we both expected it would.

I did a great job with it. I always do. I always have. Off and on for 15 years I have sucked this man's dick. A few times he has put it other places, but that has been a long long time. I'd be ok with it, but he likes my mouth most of all.

And why not? It's a good mouth. It's a great mouth.

His hands went to the back of my head and he applied pressure. A lot of pressure, mostly using his thumbs. So much pressure it went beyond playful playing to downright pain. Pain that, it turns out, I would feel for 3-4 days. I tried not to struggle, as I knew he'd enjoy that, but I knew he wasn't going to let up that easily either. Finally I had to tell him to stop. I went back to sucking his cock.

I got him worked up way too much and way too soon. Or maybe what he had been doing to me go him worked up. He told me to keep on his cock and he was getting ready to blow his load. No deal.

I had been thinking about doing this for 2+ hours, I wasn't having it over in 10 minutes. Tops. Much to his displeasure, I pulled off.

I scooted up beside him and let his prick cool off a bit. I played with his nipples, he with mine. I stroked his nuts. He leaned over me and kissed me hard.....almost passionate. He kept that up.

He told me things out of the blue. Things out of line for as long as we've known each other. Sure, 15 years, but only about 5 hours together and most of that with my mouth full. Nice stuff he said, but yet it made me uncomfortable. We've had almost no conversation to get to "know" each other and some expression was a little uncomfortable.

The words were a harsh juxtaposition next to the painful thumbs in my head and neck.

I told him to fuck my face.

He straddled my chest and fed me his dick. He braced himself against a headboard or wall and proceeded to pump my mouth with his now growing cock. I knew him. It wouldn't be long.

This guy, whom I have mentioned here and there before, flooded my mouth. He always has the biggest loads. I always take every drop. This day was no exception.

I milked his cock with my mouth, then my hand to make sure there was nothing left.

His kind words were gone. He'd shot his load.

"Get out".

I did.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not Really a Sex Post

A number of people, over the years, have said I should take my stories and make them more into book form.

It's nice idea, but I would imagine the audience would be somewhat limited. Then there is that whole messy book tour I'd have to do. I think it is enough to want to be in movies.

I know there are others of my nature out there in book form. I wouldn't be the first. I wouldn't be the last. But fuck if someone didn't do it in fiction form - which probably isn't the first either.

And it looks horrid.

Some douche named Scott Alexander Hess is releasing a book called Diary of a Sex Addict. Ugh. Been there.

And the excerpt they give, if it is any indication on how the rest of the book goes, isn't all that good. First, it's fiction. Strike One. Secondly, it doesn't even seem like good fiction.

You can read here, if you opt to. But I'd rather you just read blogs like mine for the real stories.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Married Man

Yes, I know he's married. That's his issue.

Yes, I know he works at a religious school. Again, his issue to deal with.

What I also know is that he wants me to be his cocksucker. But he probably says that to anyone who put his throat around his 7 inches. And it's a nice 7" dick.

I am there to provide service.

He does like my mouth though. He has tried it four times now. Each time, at least for me, has been better than the last. He's feeling comfortable with me I am thinking and letting some of those inhibitions go.

The man has become more verbal. Very verbal. Goodhearted, but still 'cocksucker' and 'faggot' roll off his tongue with ease now. That works for me - as you might imagine. Part of me thinks he's saying it more about himself with disdain than he is about me......and he's projecting.

Yeah, I took Psych 101, why do you ask?

I really don't analyze these guys.

"Tom" has a nice fattish 7" dick. It starts off so-so sized but grows nicely and quick. It doesn't take much to get him going. This is a good thing as he is always on his way to work and coming from home. Time is limited.

He talks a lot during sex....or he does now. I like this. He asks questions that are not meant to be answered. You know the ones: "does that dick feel good in your cocksucking mouth?" "you like that, don't you?" and that entire playlist. But he does it with conviction so it's good. It doesn't seem trite.

While I can't show you, the last time we were together, he grabbed my phone and took some video. I mean, he took pics too, which you see an edited one here, but the video shows too much of me. I have to keep mystery and intrigue with you all.

Most guys can't operate the pic or video process and fingers get in the way and forget a clean shot of them turning it off. It's not rocket science.

But Tom didn't turn off the camera and just put the phone down. While you only see black, there is audio. Actually, there was 10 minutes of audio as the camera/phone sat there and recorded. I edited it down to 90 seconds or so. The end. The most important part.

Yes, it will play like a video, but you won't see anything but black. You will want to turn up the volume to hear shit, but you might not want to do it at work. I suggest earbuds or some kind of headset. Or at least shut your office door.

You'll get the gist of what Tom says and how he shoots.

Anyways, it is something new for this blog. I hope it comes out ok. I hope you like it.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Short. Muscular? Hung.

He was Indian. Or Mid-Eastern. I couldn't tell. I didn't ask.

It as a CL ad. One that caught my eye - obviously. '3 Day Load' was the title.

Three days? Big deal. I go weeks without getting my nut. But I also know I'm not most guys. I've never been most guys.

But for others, three days is unheard of and I thought I could be of assistance.

He claimed to be short and muscular. I never saw beneath his sweater or shirt, so I cannot attest to the muscular. He was short. 5'6". Maybe 160. Dark complexion, but nationality of unknown origin. Around 40. He was going to be over on my side of town for business and wanted to stop by. It worked for me.

He showed way later than he said, which is annoyance, but a fact of hooking up.

No pretense, no stilted conversation. He opened his pants and said 'this may take a while'. I wasn't sure if that was about getting hard, or getting off, or both. Either way, I doubted that scenario.

I went to my knees. His darker dick hung straight down. Normally not much of an issue. But even as it hardened, it stayed down, making it easier than it should have to slip from between my lips. But it did - and often, for a bit.

He got hard fairly quick, so maybe the blowjob would take longer? Longer than what?

Immediately he gripped my head tight and used force to get me to suck his dick. I get that. Not a Napoleon complex or anything (or maybe!), but probably more a straight-ish man making sure a cocksucker thought of him as all man. I don't know. I didn't care.

I wasn't planning on going anywhere, so if it made him feel better about the grip, so be it.

Just as forcibly, he'd pull me off his dick and push me to his nuts. They smelled good, clean but they were small. That doesn't make them any less sensitive. He liked my tongue there.

Back and forth he/we went. Dick to balls. Balls to dick.

He asked if I'd take 'it'. I asked 'what?'. His load. I assured him that's why I answered the ad. It is what I wanted. I promised to take every drop.

I sucked. I sucked some more. He was harder and harder. He never mentioned being close, but when you've done this as long as I have, you know the signs. Or should.

He pushed me back to his balls, but I was afraid of not getting what he wanted. What I needed. I told him, "put it in my mouth".

He started to shoot, and I pulled off his sac to go to his head, barely making it there in time.

It was a bland but plentiful load. There was a lot of heavy breathing on his part.

I kept his cock in my mouth for a minute or so to savor what was still oozing. When I came off he squeezed the shaft for one more drop and held it there for me - silently - to go back down on and clean off. I did.

A minute later he was zipped up and out the door. As it should be.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

the Friendly Skies

You might think with all the traveling I do that might have had access to a TSA agent, a gate agent, a male flight attendant or the occasional pilot. Nope.

Once on a 5:50a flight to Newark, I was upgraded to first class. No one in my row, either side of the aisle. The male flight attendant took notice of me - a lot. I flirted back with some crotch grabbing (my own) and it had him making multiple trips to pass by me. But that's the furthest it went.

But recently I was on Grindr to see what there is/was to see. Turns out, there was a pilot staying at a nearby hotel. He was there on a lay over needing some amount of rest before he was allowed back in the air. ....and he was "in need".

"Denny" was about 6'0" and 190. Overall he was ok though he carried a little in the gut.

I got to his hotel and knocked on the door.

I was worried the dick wouldn't be what he claimed: 8.5". See?

It was very short and really bulbous. Almost slightly inflated. It wasn't pretty.

I like uncut dick, but this was really put me to the test on what to do with it. So small, it barely fit in my mouth without falling out. It took a while to get it to grow to a decent length let alone to it However, it did grow to the advertised size.

I was on my knees sucking and then he propped himself up in the bed for me to come at him between his legs. That is never the best position for me, but I wasn't there for me. Denny wanted a long, hot, slow blowjob. He doesn't come quick, he claimed.

I suppose quick is all relative.

I was in and out the door in less than 15 minutes. Either he doesn't know what a long blow job is, or I am just that good!

Anyways, it was a decent sized load, with zero flavor. But I swallowed it all, as I am apt to do.

Then I was on my way, and he took of for friendlier skies.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Travel sex is clearly where I score the most action. I'm on the road quite a bit and you know, I look for the strange in a strange place. It's what I do.

Depending on the town, the usual hook-up sites are over-saturated or non-existent. Take the west - a town I was in lately had a guy 4 mi away....the next one was 138 mi away. I like cock, but not driving 2+ hours each way for it.

In a town like Los Angeles, there can be pages of people within 2 miles of you and still have little to no prospects, but L.A. is a different kind of town. It's an industry town and many think they are too good for anyone. I normally strike out there.


So, I have done my work in L.A. and killing time before my red-eye. I had already done my interview for Service and now was just doing a little driving around when I get a buzz on the phone saying I had a message on Grindr.

It was one of the odder things I had encountered. A guy I hooked up with back last December, close to town was in L.A. on business too - and at his hotel near the airport. This guy and I were 44 miles from each other locally and 7 months later still couldn't get it together for a repeat anything. I kind of had a thing for him.

Yet here he was, asking me to come to his hotel to play. I was ok with that. I had to be at the airport anyways. Then he tells me, there'll be a third person there. Young. 22.

I get to the hotel room and "Brent" opened the door. Still as handsome as all get-out. And naked. He closes the door and goes over to 'the kid' and they start sucking face as I start disrobing.

I walk over and Brent starts kissing me while the kid goes down on him. Eventually the kid goes down on my dick too. Then he's up and kissing me. The kid is a good kisser. He's a good cocksucker too.

We did nice equal times with each other's mouths and cocks. Swapping positions, and it was all working very well. Then there was a knock at the door. Brent told me there was a fourth.

I went back to making out with the kid.

#4 was an ok guy. Hey, he brought poppers. But you could tell just by his look and/or reaction that this was not meant to be.

Yeah, he stripped down and made out with our host, but I didn't expect him to stay the duration. The kid went down on him, but #4 was into the host. So was I, but for 22, the kid was hot. Little body fat, nice big flat nipples, tight abs and at least 8".

I could have easily done 1-on-1 with the kid.

#4 only wanted to make out with the host or go down on him. That was ok for a bit, since I got to spend time working, or being worked on by the 22 year old. His big fat dick slipped so easily down my throat.

But what little I know Brent, I knew he wanted to fuck the kid and truthfully, I wanted to see that. But I wanted both of them to fuck me. #4 I didn't care about and it wouldn't matter anyways. Soon, I looked up to see him putting on his pants - and soon after he was gone. No shock.

Brent went to go fuck the kid and he swiveled his head to see bare dick. He asked for a rubber. Brent complied. You could tell he wanted it bare, but he wanted the kid more.

The kid took the dick with ease and was way into it. He moaned. He asked for more. He begged for more.

Brent paced himself well and would pull out and go down and eat his ass, then go back to fucking him. A few times he took off the rubber, thinking he might go in raw, but each time the kid "caught" him.

Brent did bend me over and slide in skin to skin. The kid watched closely and said nothing of our method. But when Brent went back to him, he suited up.

The kids was on his back and taking it up the ass. I went down and ate his cock. Not the best angle, but it worked. In between my sucking, I praised him for what a good fuck-boy he was and how good he was at taking a grown man's dick up his ass. He muttered something about being fucked since he was 16 by older men. He knew what he was doing.

Brent fucked harder. I went back down. The kid got closer to coming. ...and then he couldn't hold off anymore.

He shot a lot, but not all in my mouth. Brent pulled me off it and some went on the kid's abs. Then the host went down and licked it clean, while he was still buried up the ass. But he was close too and pulled out.

Brent pulled off the rubber and pushed me down on his about to be spurting dick while he kissed the 22 year old.

I took it all.

They both laid me back on the bed and had me stroke off while they watched and made out. No one cleaned me up or licked anything after I ejaculated.

I jumped in the shower, since I still have a few hours until my red-eye and then six hours on that flight. I didn't really think anyone next to me wanted me smelling like jizz.

As I was drying off after my scrub down, I heard the two talking, well....Brent: "no, he's just someone I hook up with. He's nobody".

There's a way to put me into perspective, huh?

I dressed and went to go catch my plane.

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Art of On-Line Hook-Ups

It is really not an art, sometimes it is mostly luck, but there is some skill involved - and this is not really a sex post, other than I'm going to post a dick pic of some other guy.

For those of us who attempt to make arrangements, I just have to share a little exchange between me and some guy who contacted me. Read that last part again: he. contacted. me.

TC: what's up stud?

me: Hang w friends. Headed to lunch in a bit then. But love a guy w thick cock

TC: love a hot bottom ..

me: Nice!!!! Have to head back to Cleveland later, but.....

TC: hit me up later ..

me: So?

TC: I might be wasting your time .. I'm not really sure I want to hook up .. definitely interested though ..

"Not sure I want to hook up, but definitely interested" ??? Clearly you're not. ...and now you are wasting my time.

Normally I don't care too too much about the ones that got away, but he was of a good age, right height, athletic and he had this going for him.

Isn't this just the kind of thing I am here for?

So with all the right things in place, save a little bit of immediate timing (those guys who say must do this "RIGHT NOW!!!"), things fall apart...assuming they were ever really coming together in the first place and he just didn't want locked pics to be unlocked for whatever purpose.

I should be used to it, but sometimes............

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Long Hard Fuck

He'd been after me for months on Manhunt. But his x-ray effect profile shot of his ass did nothing for me. I ignored him for months.

But now and again, one gets horny enough to respond. Or one is always horny and the pickings are slimmer than usual. I responded. I told him to unlock his pictures. He did - but still no face one. Sorry, but if it is a site where you can hide and open face pics for privacy, you'd better show me.

The face wasn't bad after I told him he had to email one to me. It was a goofy faced pic, but doubtful it was how he carried that mug around all the time. Good thing he didn't.

His profile said 6'2". I'm that tall and this guy was at least 1-2" taller than myself. It also said he was 8.5", but I would guess closer to 9". But congrats to him for not boasting, bragging or lying and saying he was bigger than he was.

The ad also said 'safer only'. Don't they all?

He got an invite over and I'm glad I did.

"Jim" liked to kiss. He thought I was good at it - and I think I am. He was fair at best at the act. No matter, I wasn't there to really make out. And his breath reeked of alcohol. He admitted to "finding a flask of cognac" in his car and drinking it on the way over. It was 11 a.m.!

The idea for the meet up was for some sucking and ass-eating, on my part. He wanted to eat my ass too and who am I to say 'no'? Especially to that.

For being 40, he knew all the right things to do, in theory. In practice, he needed more. Like his kissing, his working of my nipples and eating of my ass were fine, but at that age and with experience, he should be way better than fine. His cocksucking was impressive, but that's not really what I was there for.

I laid on the floor and pulled my legs back so he could go at my hole with his tongue. Even with his rough stubble I wasn't feeling much of anything there. He turned around so I could eat his pucker while he ate mine.

His entrance was nice. Fuckable even - if I did that in any regularity, which clearly I do not. But then he muttered something about sticking me up the ass. Again, who am I to say 'no' to that? I didn't.

There was no discussion about rubbers. 'Safer Only'. HA!

Jim feared he was too big for me and wanted me to sit on him so I could control it. I was ok with that. Since I truly thought he was 9", and with what I saw has no finesse, I figured it would be best for me to handle the situation. In the wrong hands (or ass), that dick could do some damage if he didn't know what he was doing.

With a huff of used up poppers, I lowered myself onto him where the head and a few inches went in. He was concerned about my comfort - which was nice. Then I showed him how I was doing by slowly but steadily sinking down onto this dick. All of it.

I moved (not bounced) up and down on that large shaft. He ended up matching that rhythm and I found something besides cocksucking he was good at. FUCKING.

It was good movement. The head came right to the outer ring and then all the way back up into my gut. It felt good. I felt full without being split in two. He claims to have really liked my hole. And what's not to like? : )

After 15 minutes or so in that position, we moved to where I was on my back. The pop of his dick going in me at that angle hit a few senses - touch and sound. Again, it felt right. He drove in and met the correct amount of resistance. And he fucked like that for another 15 or so.

He mentioned something at that time that it took him a while to cum. No fucking kidding! Others can say what they want, but I've experienced very few men who last longer than 20 minutes, even with breaks. But I did have work to do and so did he.

This last 15 minute session started with me on my knees and ended with me bent over a table. The guy just drilled me, as clearly over the last 40 minutes or so, I had been opened up quite nicely.

With no huge warning, he just planted his dick as deep as it would go and then planted his seed. No dirty words, no major groans. A slight whimper or two and some heavy breathing.

It's what I wanted, even though I didn't set up the session for that. It's clearly what he wanted, or needed.

We both ended the session satisfied and sated.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Filling Two Cavities

I was prepped, the bareback porn was in the dvd player, I was wearing my black jock as I was asked to do.

He arrived when he said he would. He had on a tight t-shirt and nicely snug jeans and a black pair of cowboy boots. All showed off his assets - a nice chest, a great box and hot feet.

He followed me on the walk from the front door back to where the porn was playing. I stopped and reached behind to feel his crotch. He was hard. I was hard.

He sat on the sofa and pointed at the floor for me to go down and lick his boots. And I made an act of it. I licked the sides, the soles, the heel and then went down on the tips like I was giving them head. He was into it. I was was into it.

I knew he'd be into it. He was stroking his dick while I serviced his feet......his boots. He actually had to put his cock away so he wouldn't get over-excited. I liked that the acts we were doing resonated with both of us.

But he also wanted his ass eaten and you know I love doing that.

He bent over the ottoman and presented me his fucking beautiful butt. I dove in. He responded. I was happy my actions were getting his reaction. I could have kept my tongue deep in there for hours on end, had we had that much time.

It is a nice ass and a tasty one. Since it was so early in the morning and he had just showered he was clean as a whistle but it still tasted good and not at all soapy. His words and sounds of encouragement kept me going.

He stood up, buttoned his jeans so only his cock would be out of his fly. I like that look on all guys, but really on this guy too. His 7.5" goes up at an angle when hard and not straight out. Like his ass, presenting itself to me. I oblige with my mouth. I suck, naturally, but I fear he's close. Too close. That's not what either of us wants.

The bottle of lube is within site, I bend over the ottoman and present my ass, but the position doesn't really work, so up we go. Over to the entertainment center. I bent enough for him to achieve the desired position - in he goes. Skin to skin, like it should be.

His cock feels natural in my ass - in all ways. Like it was meant to be there. I want it there too.

He fucks. He slows down. He fucks. He fucks. He fucks. He slows down. He fucks some more and I know there will be no stopping. Not only by his words, but by his action and the even harder stiffening of his cock.

I love that I can feel his cock throb in my ass. I could take his fucking pulse that way if I had to. I couldn't feel the actual cum per se, but would feel each time he'd throb/pulse/shoot. That is a great thing.

Normally, he likes to pull right out. I like a guy to stay in me for a bit. Maybe he wants to go. Maybe he is too sensitive. I don't know. I don't ask.

He cleans up and leaves.

I go to the dentist to have another cavity filled.

But at the end of the day, he's back. A number of text messages during the day proves him to be horny again. Still horny actually. I'm not sure the fuck did much to cure that.

However I'm working at home, but still working. I leave the door unlocked. He knows to come in.

I am on a conference call. Not one I can just listen in on and be on mute. One I must participate. His shirt is unbuttoned. His pants are down. My pants are down. He lubes up.

No sound from either of us. He goes in me and he fucks.

No sound from either of us - except the occasional sound of his belt creaking. No one but us could hear it. No one would think anything of it if they could.

He fucks. He breathes heavier but says nothing. I know. I feel the pulse. He cleans up. He's gone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

3 Hours of Sex

Sorry - this happened back in April and I'm just getting around to finishing writing about it.

I arrived at his condo at the appointed time.

51 (and looked a lot younger), 6'4" reddish hair, 6.5", furry said his ManHunt ad. I was about to head back from a work trip and had a few hours of buffer time, who knew that I'd use every minute of it?

I knocked and "Dave" opened the door for me. I was still in my suit and tie, he in jeans a t-shirt. While he was not that much taller than me, I do like men who are. Two more inches means a lot - and not just in cock size.

I knew just looking at him I was in trouble. His looks and demeanor hit something deep within me.

Immediately, in the hallway, we kissed. And he was a good kisser. While normally it's not one of those things I do, as I find kissing more intimate than fucking, it was necessary for him and a good way of establishing some comfort with him. Right away we moved into the bedroom where he shut the door. I found that a little odd since there was no one else there. Perhaps a dog, but I never saw or heard one.

Dave was handsome with nice teeth. He was nice. It turns out he is a dirty bird, but that's ok. I am too. There was touching, groping and the slow undress we did of each other. The way he ripped off my boxer briefs he did with a sneer and sense of determination. I liked it.

The guy was an expert cocksucker, but we both knew that is not what I was there for.

He asked if I was going to tell anyone I had been there, I said 'no'. As we were in his bedroom and he had a ring on, I asked the same of him. I got the same reply.

There was sucking from me. There was a lot of tongue work from me. Somehow the word 'porn' came up......and he slyly said, "I bet you have some of you on your phone". I whipped it out and showed him some of my pics and a few vids that are stored on there that star myself. He was into it.

He took my phone and filmed me sucking his dick and eating his ass. He did the same from his phone. In some ways were were too much alike.

The guy was a good ass eater, but LOVED getting his hole munched on - and you know me, I loved doing it. He was vocal in his appreciation of what I want doing down at this butt and if I had hours to be there, I would have spent hours down there.

The guy worked my nipples like a champ and he had a dirty mouth on him. Not as sailor-ish as possible, but the tone, the words, the immediacy, the authentic nature hit all the right marks.

I wanted him in me. This was all great foreplay, but I wanted him in me.

He mentioned he had never fucked anyone uncovered. In jest I said, "LIAR!". But his response was sincere - and I believed he had not ever participated in bareback sex.

He asked a similar question of me and I said " yeah - me either". It was his turn to call me a liar - and he did. In good humor but I denied or confirmed nothing.

I almost felt bad for still hovering above him, his hard cock in my hand. I almost felt bad lowering myself onto that hard cock. But he never said 'no' or even try to move.

I like to think I provided a new realm of pleasure he had not experienced. That difference in a millimeter for rubber is a world of difference in sensation - I don't care what anyone says.

Maybe it was the situation. Maybe it was because we had edged each other for almost three hours - but things did not last long after that....for him.

He blasted off a four day load while he was laying back on the bed, me sitting on top of him. His head back, his eyes back. Pleasure? Guilt? Both?

I'm guessing 'both', but the pleasure outweighed the guilt.

Even afterwards, he had me on my back making me stroke off for him. This is something I normally do not do, but he earned it in so many ways, how could I deny him?

I shot all over the place. I couldn't help it.

I got changed. I had to get in my car and join a conference call. He had to get on with his life.

I was not 10 miles away before receiving his first post sex text to me. I still get them every now and again.

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Doors Down

In all my travels, in all my sex, I have never hooked up with a guy in the same hotel as I was staying.

Even with Grindr and Scruff, I always think it could happen, and guys might be close by, but never in the same hotel.

Imagine my surprise earlier this week. Scruff had a bald, furry, dad-type 156 feet away. Then 9. Then 88. Then 1. I understand there is only a degree of accuracy when it comes to the GPS stuff, but still.......there were no other office buildings or hotels around.

We exchanged non-specific texts. It finally came down to that not only was he in the same hotel, but on the same floor. As you can tell by the title, he was in 819, I was in 826. Our schedules were hard to mesh up, but I was up early one day, as was he.

He was downstairs getting coffee. I told him to knock on the door when he returned. Five minutes later, there was a knock.

The man was 5'10", 180, maybe around 50. Bald and furry as I mentioned. Handsome face.

We chatted. No expectations. He mentioned maybe we could meet after our business obligations, as he had to get ready for work and finish his coffee.

I told him he should just finish his coffee while I went down on him. He made no move for the door.

Probably only 5" in length and not as thick as you'd like - or I'd like - it was nice to have a dick in my mouth. I think he thought the same thing. He liked it.

After a few minutes, he had to put down his cup of coffee so he could grab my head and pump my face. I felt bad he wasn't getting his caffeine fix, but I was about to get what I needed to start my morning.

In a few minutes more, I got a mouthful of daddy cream. A lot of it, but it had almost not taste. None. It was a shame. But on the other hand, I felt I provided an important service to a man who had to conduct training the rest of the day. He could go with a smile.

I stood up, he pulled up his shorts and took a drink of coffee.

He looked down at my hard-on and asked if I was going to take care of that. I told him not to worry about it - and he didn't. His hand reached for the door and he was gone.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Middle of the Night

The gathering was wrapping up. It was 01:00. The sky was fully of lightening and the rain was only beginning to spit. But it was a good time to finish the evening and make the hours drive home. I wasn't too drunk, but I had more than I should have.

By the time I got on the main road, the rain came down harder. By the time I pulled in to fill up my tank, it was a deluge. No one else at the station, I didn't rush to pull out into a blinding rainstorm. I booted up Grindr.

4.3 miles from me he was, give or take 1.1 miles. You know how that works.

I told him I was sitting in a station and no time for chit-chat. If he wanted it, he had to let me know NOW. He let me know. He gave me his address, I put it into my car GPS and was on my way. Only an 11 minute drive. Sweet.

No problem finding the place and I was at his side door with him waiting to open it.

He was a hot little fuck. 5'8" - little for my standards. Shaved head. Goatee. No shirt, plenty of ink. No body fat.

In a matter of minutes my pants were off, my shirt was off and he was playing with my chest. He was ok at that, but not great. There really is an art to playing with a guy's chest, even when it is hardwired like mine is.

Still, my ass was twitching - partially the booze, the continual horniness, a hot half naked man who want, or needs, to get off.

We made out a bit. He had a hint of tobacco with menthol on his breath. Nothing to make me pull away, as I don't find that appealing at all.

The guy took me back to the bedroom, it remained dark. He had me bend over so he could eat my ass. Like his tit work, it was fine, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was enough to engage me, but not to get me going, let alone enough to get off. ...not that I was looking to get off.

But he wanted to fuck - and I wanted to be fucked.

On my back, at the edge of my bed, he dropped his gym shorts and he sported about 5.5". Thin at that, the head of the dick was unremarkable. Still it was a dick.

He asked if I wanted it raw. I told him, 'you already know that answer'. He really didn't, but I figured I'd let him think he was making the decisions here. I almost told him to 'go easy', but I wasn't there to stroke his ego, not that he needed it.

The guy popped in with little effort. He went right to pounding. I could take it. That lasted all of five minutes before pulling out. This time he had me up on my knees, shoulders down, ass up. Again, he went in with no problem.

This time he only fucked me, hard and deep, for about another 7-8 minutes. But his mouth got a workout.

He told me how good my ass felt. He told me how much he'd like to see other guys fuck me. How he'd like to see his buddies fuck me bare. One after the other. How he knew these guys who would do it. None of these were questions as to if I were interested. I was, but he didn't care.

Without build up or warning, he came. He was in me, but I don't think he meant to shoot as fast as he did. I think he turned himself on with his own fantasy and planning another event. He said it was four days worth of spooge. Nice.

He immediately pulled out - and did not want to remain up there. I like when a guy does, but this guy did not want it. His house, his cock, his rules.

I got up to get dressed and he wanted me to get off. He wasn't getting to his knees for it. He told me only 'faggots do that. I'm not a faggot'.

I said, 'you only fuck them?' , which is something he affirmed. But he wanted me to jack off.

Normally, I wouldn't have. I don't care to. But I can't tell you last time I got off. Three weeks? Four? I know - you are weirded out by that, all guys seem to be when I tell them, but it's true. I don't need to cum that much.

I told him if he wanted me to jack off he'd have to get on his knees. I promised I wouldn't cum on his face (again, he sad that was for fags), but I told him I would cum on his chest, because I guess that's for straight guys.

I blew a load. A huge load, as you might imagine. I just kept shooting and shooting and shooting.

When done, he went into the bathroom. When he returned, I was dressed, keys in hand. He asked if I wanted to clean up. I reached for the door and opened it.

Later, I said. And then I drove home in the pouring rain.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Service (redux)

Well, I did it.

If you remember back in April, I posted about participating in an interview on guys who like to Service.

This last week, I did it.

It was combined into a work trip I had out west and I met the film maker. He came to my hotel room with all his equipment and we spent about 3.5 hours together.

The process is a lot of sitting around and waiting. Cameras have to be adjusted, so does sound. And he was only a crew of one - not that I cared if he had brought his team.

The entire experience was professional. I was clothed and sitting back on the hotel bed answering questions - some that were pre-set up; some off the cuff that he asked while the camera was rolling.

There was not much direction, as he did not try to craft my responses or anything, just tips on pausing from question to answer. Most of the things we talked about, you've read here in some form or another.

What he'll do with it all is unknown.

It is possible, if I heard him correctly, many were audio taped but refused to do video. I did video. So I might be the stand-out, for better or worse.

There is potential for follow-up sessions, depending on what he actually got on tape and how much is usable.

Time will tell, but I liked the experience.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

On the Bed; In the Shower

I always thought Vegas would be an easier town in which to get laid.

Maybe it is in the timing or location. In theory the Strip would be good, but you know, it's so crowded there, that getting from point A to B is sometimes more hassle than it's worth. This last time I opted not to stay on the Strip, as I was there for work and not normal Vegas fun.

Still, off-Strip was not easy. Not in the evening anyways.

Since my body was working on Eastern time, I was up well before dawn and lying in bed, I just started looking at Scruff and see what there was to see. I can't say there was much. Some pretty guys. Some muscle guys. Some ugly ass guys. More of the same.

But one guy messaged me. He seemed decent and sane. His pics were nice, his arms were in great shape. He got an invite over - he said it would be 20 minutes.

While he had the address, he said he was knocking on my door and no answer. I heard and saw nothing. The guy went to the wrong hotel. I was afraid he wouldn't show at all but a few minutes later, he was knocking on the right door.

His face was nice, but eerie. I mean that in a way, he looked like a friend of mine from 20 years ago. His arms were nice, but below that he became kind of pear-shaped. Not a great look, but I was in need.

We didn't get much past the door way. He reached for me and unknown to him, reached for my chest and played with my nipples. My reaction was immediate - and he knew he had me.

While all he messaged me was that he needed his 'morning boner taken care of' we never determined how that would be. In my mind, it was now clear.

It is possibly the first time in a long time that there was little to no foreplay. Yeah, he wanted to kiss me, but there was no sucking. I fondled his covered crotch for a bit and he did the same, but I never went down on him. That was unusual for me.

After playing for a bit in the doorway - mostly rubbing and touching, we went over to the bed.

No words. I sat down, he did not. I leaned back, he leaned in. Not to kiss, but to touch.....down there. Below the nuts, below the 'taint.

Once he brushed over the hole, I was done for.

He asked for a condom and some lube. I told him I had neither.

It could have gone either way, but he was a man in need with a willing hairy ass in front of him. He spit into his hand and the decision was made.

The guy popped the head into my butt and waited while I exhaled. Slowly and deliberately, he slid in until he hit bottom. Then the fun began.

My poor hotel neighbors must have heard banging, squeaking, moans and dirty words. Ditto with the housekeeping staff that was making their way down the hall as they began their daily chores.....and they must have though 'crap, another sex mess to clean up'.

This guy (no names ever exchanged) nailed my ass for about 15 minutes. He then says, "you want my load". It wasn't a question. He proceeds to dump his nut with a growl from his chest to his mouth that let anyone know what was happening.

As you would assume, as did I, that would be it. Not so.

He slaps my ass and says, let's hit the shower.

I mean, I needed to, because I had to get to work. Maybe he did too. On the way into the bathroom, he grabs the hotel lotion off the sink and brings it into the shower.

I like the idea of shower sex more than I actually like it. One person gets the water, one person gets the cold. .....and since I'm the bottom, I normally get the cold.

He spins me around to face the far wall and lubes himself up. I'm not quite sure why. At this point, not only have I been opened up, but he did the internal lube job all himself.

Either way, I was good. He was still rock hard and ready to go again. I braced myself against the tile and he pushed himself all the way into my hole.

I would have expected this fuck to have lasted much longer, but it was really half the time before he made the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm. He pushed all the way into me, collapsing on my back as he shot his second load.

He wanted to see me cum, but that wasn't in the cards. I was hard as a rock and late as hell. I had to actually shower, and get dressed, packed and to my client.

.....with two loads of sperm up my ass.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sex with a Blog Reader

As I gave the waitress my credit card, I told him, "since I'm buying lunch, you have to put out - you know that, right?". He knew it.

I was only half-joking. He more than half was expecting it anyways.

This was no ordinary hook-up. This was a guy who has read my blog and knew what he was getting into. Well kind of. It's all different when you kind of know the guy - even if it is virtual. And that's not just me to him, but him to me.

There are no way expectations can be met. There are no ways that concerns aren't out there if I choose to blog about it, knowing he reads it.

This is only the second time I've knowingly had sex with someone who has read this blog. A few guys have found it after the fact and asked me to take down the posts and/or pictures. I've only complied with that once - and because he was a great guy that I hooked-up with more than once and wanted that to continue. It didn't happen though.

We walked back from lunch and truly there was no expectations from or for either of us.

He was prepared, I was not.

By prepared, he reached out to me - physically. Grabbing me. Kissing me. He had a nice thick cockring on too. I had one with me, just not on me.

I'd be lying if to say nerves didn't get the better of both of us, but let me tell ya, it didn't stop us.

I did go down on my knees. His (see, no towns mentioned.....not gonna feed that fire), dick took a bit to get hard. It's not for his lack of ability to perform. Again, nerves...I'm guessing.

I have always had a harder time having sex with someone I know than a stranger. Sex is sex. Anything past that, like names, becomes, more. I'm not good with 'more'.

That being said, we fell into a rhythm. Me sucking. Me eating his ass.

Since I know he's reading (or I think), this is all good about what I'm about to say - so he should take it as such. The guy has a great beefier ass. Not fat or anything, just manly. The look. The feel. The smell. The taste.

Oh, the taste.

It was musky. It was manly. I cleaned it all up with my tongue and really dug in there to do it. I know some guys look for a squeaky clean, perfectly tasteless butt, however that is not me. I want it to taste like man. That doesn't mean it has to taste dirty, just well....manly. If you've ever eaten ass before, truly eaten it, you know what I mean.

Here's what I found so great - and how masculine this guy was: I took about a 2o minute break between eating his hole, but when I went back to it, honestly, it was right back to his manly funk, like I had never been there. That was a bonus for me! I got to clean it up again.

He also at my ass. I liked it. I hope he did. I think he did. But I always like having my ass eaten.

But we went back to natural order. Me laying on the bed and him taking different positions to feed me. Above. Over. Kneeling by my head.

The guy had a nice sized load and a really good tasting one at that.

I know it could have gone any amount of different ways, but over all, I think we did ok. Could it have been better? Maybe. Could we have been dirtier? Absolutely. But you know me, I could always be dirtier.

After our little session, what I absolutely loved, is that he wasn't shy about kissing me, even with his load on my breath and lips. So many guys are done when they're done.....myself included. But there are times when I want the moment to last a little longer - this was one of them.

As a man, I liked this guy. To be honest, after lunch, a beer and some conversation, I don't really care if we did have sex. It was just great to get to know him. was even better that we did "it".

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Show Boy

...I'm guessing he was.

It was Vegas. He had jet black hair, too tan for his own good and the look of having had plastic surgery.

Everything about him read as being in, or wanting to be in, some show on or off the Strip. A Danny Gans would-be clone, but of course, this guy was still alive. Danny? Not so much.

On my way to the airport, I stopped by an adult bookstore and paid my $6 to get into the back video area. Only a thick back curtain separated the store from the would be adventure.

Sparse and not well laid out, this place had odd booths. Not bad, just never seen by me before....and that is saying something. Most booths had an L of seats and a door......with a window so people could look in.

I suppose it is for a deterrent, but this is a bookstore, there are little of those normally.

There were two guys in the place besides me. Two guys and one fuckin' ugly drag queen, transvestite or transsexual. He/She was so heinous I couldn't tell and didn't want to look for fear of burning my retinas.

I was there for 30 minutes and just about to basically throw away my $6 when the show boy walked in. He looked at the other two guys, but not the "girl". I knew, in theory, I had it all over the two others, but that is not taking into his account for his preferences. I get that I'm not all that.

But I was. To him. At that moment.

He was in the booth waiting for me. I came in and he pulled out. It turned out to be almost 8.5", very solid, pretty thick with a nice head. I went to my knees.

It was a fucking treat to blow the guy. Responsive, non-verbally. He liked that I could take him to the root. I liked that I could take him to the root.

He loved that I have such huge nuts. I'm not sure why he cared. He made no attempt to get them in his mouth or anything, he just liked the fact that I have big balls.

Normally, he let me go at my own back, transitioning back and forth from lightly dancing my tongue and lips over his shaft, to deep-throating him with a decent mouth grip on him and then using the mouth of velvet to do somewhere in between.

All of the sudden he stopped moving and I sensed us being watched. Normally I do not care, but it was that fucking drag queen thing. Standing on her bench looking over the top and down into us.

She began offering us candy from her bag and I told her to 'fuck off and go away'. She wasn't swayed. But the Vegas guy threw her a look, which I could not see, where she slinked back to her hole. He was my new temporary hero.

I went back to work. I told him I had a flight to catch, so he doubled his face fucking method and in another 6-7 minutes I was rewarded with his decent cream. Not tons of it, but it was thick and had good taste.

I was ready to go, of course. When I'm done, I'm done. But he wanted to exchange number. I told him I wasn't from town, but he was hoping next time I came I'd call him.

I took his number. I put it in my phone, but I think there are too many others out there in Sin City to need to resort to a regular. I suppose on the off-chance I can't find anything else, he'd be a port in a storm.