Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Ex Calls

Yesterday I took the day off of work. I rarely do that, but needed the mental health day. I used the time to run errands I hate (getting fitted for suits, financial planner, etc) and then figured it was time to hit the parks for some cruising.

Immediately there was a problem. It started POURING. The new guys who did show up - didn't leave their cars and you couldn't even see through the beaded up windows. We're they cruising back? Could they see me looking/leering? After hitting two separate parks 25 miles away, I opted to hit a cruisy restroom @ Homo Depot. BINGO. Five minutes there and there was a hand under the stall grabbing for my cock. Soon I was following him back to a bar he owned that was not open. The guy was average, as was his cock and his load. Getting his load took half the time it took to drive the 10 minutes to the bar.

Soon I was back at the park. Still raining. But traffic had picked up a bit. First this hot goateed man parked near me - but not close enough to discuss a thing. Then two guys in a van showed. How I fuckin wanted them to take their turns w/me in the back of that vehicle...but it was not too happen.

As it happens the goateed stud came back...and closer this time. We chatted, he asked what I liked. I just told him I was extremely good w/my mouth. He liked that. We chose to go back to his place - that is after confirming that his teenage son would be gone for a little while.

Nice - I was gonna get some 'daddy dick'! I asked about his wife - and he mentioned she was ex! Ok. Married would have been hotter in my book - but I needed the cock/load.

The place was a wreck thanks to his kid (or so he says). The guy was big - 6'5" or so. Thick, but not fat. He pointed to the floor and said 'get comfortable'. You gotta like that. So I did. Right on my fuckin knees.

His cock wasn't too long. Maybe 6", but good sized thickness (I've never been able to calculate girth!). He told me he had a GOOD sized load. Damn if I didn't give it my best. At some point he wanted to fuck me - but I told him I couldn't. I was saving myself for a certain man in Chicago - but figured he didn't need to know that. I went back to sucking.

Part of me was thinking about his son showing up. I didn't know if he was 13 or 19. There is a certain hotness of being watched like that - but it's probably attributed to too many Joe Gage movies. As it turns out - he never showed.

After about 10 minutes I milked a HUGE load out of the guy (turns out his name was Jim - as he told me after the fact). I swallowed all of it. Naturally. As I went to pull off he held me down on his dick and started to slide in and out again. He told me, 'you don't really wanna go anywhere yet cocksucker'. Nice!!! I worked him more. No problem.

As I continued sucking him, his phone rang. I really thought he'd pull out and pick up in case it was the kid. But he didn't. The machine volume was up and it was his ex-wife asking questions mostly about the boy. He fucked my face harder.

I pulled off long enough to say - 'if she sucked you like I am - you'd still be w/her.' I had no idea if that was true, but didn't care. He pushed my head back on him. She wrapped up her call - and immediately his cell phone rang. That bitch wanted to get ahold of him I guess. But he was busy....w/ME.

After his phone stopped ringing - I think it sent him over the edge for a second time. The load wasn't as big, but thick and tasty.

I cleaned him up good. Clearly he wasn't getting regularly w/his son living there, but I helped out. Just my kind of community service.

Though he didn't know it - nor did the first guy, I had text messaged the Chicago guy. I'd say we were friends - but we're not. We get along, but I know my place....and he's made it clear we are not in the same league. Chicago-Sir knew my every move that day. The guys I was going to do before and after. It was very hot.....for all involved.