Friday, December 31, 2010

I Fed Him His Own Load

Another afternoon at the bookstore and it was an ok time. As you know I haven't posted in a bit, but that doesn't mean I've been dormant.

And you know I've been struggling with fighting for the bottom all the time. It is tough. And yes, I have a big dick and have learned from the best - and actually, the worst - so in certain ways, I could pull off being a great top. My mind just isn't there.

...and if my mind isn't, my dick isn't either.

That being said, in the bookstore the other day, I ended up sucking off a very average guy with a very average dick. He had a good load though. Nothing special overall.

But as I was sitting in that booth afterwards, one of the hottest guys that has ever been there presented himself to me.

He was young (maybe late 20s), a great angular face and what would turn out to be a killer body - dick included. Of course, he was looking for a top. I somewhat provided that.

The boy wasn't shy. Yes, we had onlookers and while he might not have wanted them there, he enjoyed an audience. You know I'm down with that.

As much as partially loathed it, I knew he'd call me "Daddy" and I immediately fell into calling him 'boy'. On another level, it felt right.

He sucked me. I made him suck one of the guys in the doorway. He ate my ass quite a number of times. I actually would have fucked him too - right there. The poor kid said he wasn't 'prepared' to be fucked.

I asked how unprepared was he, and he wasn't quite sure, so I left it at that. Not to say I didn't have his hole twitching a bit with not only my cock rubbing up and down his crack, but my thumb up his hole. He smelled clean, but if he wasn't willing to risk it, why should I?

The kid was appropriately shy at times. In that dark booth, I swear I could see him blush when I complimented his body. Truly what sculptures would work from. And not a hair on it - naturally. Sure atop of his head and his bush, but his legs, chest and ass were smooth as a new born. Normally, I do not go for that at all, but it complimented his muscles and lack of body fat so well, it turned me on.

Equally, he was turned on by my chest hair and when I dropped my pants, my hairy legs and ass. The kid even got me to take one of my shoes and socks off so he could see hair on the tops of my feet and toes. It turned him on so much he sucked my toes. As much as it tickled me, I manned up and let him do it.

It was also hot to see him on his knees in that booth worshiping me. Very unexpected.

One of the guys watching was so hot he shot all over the floor and onto the poor kids nice pants. Black ones. Yeah - that's never gonna come out fully.

Yeah, he sucked my dick and did a good job at it. Then he wanted to eat my ass (again), right there for all to see. Go for it, kid - I thought. He liked my man funk. I hadn't showered that day and had worked out earlier. I was smelling and tasting like all man. Not for everyone, but he didn't seem to mind at all. I certainly didn't.

He was running out of time and I wasn't ready to cum. But I wanted to eat his ass too.

Those tight hairless buns and that sweet hole were great for munching on and slipping my tongue deep into. He either loved it or was a great actor. I'd like to think it was the former, but I've been that guy who can make it the latter. Hell, he'd been in the booth with me at that point for 45 minutes - he must have liked it or he would have been gone - right?

But my eating his ass must have turned him on a bit. After a while he said he was too close and going to cum. I spun him around and took it into my mouth. It was a good load, but I wouldn't qualify it as great.

Here is how unselfish I am. My M.O. would normally be to swallow that entire thing. I didn't ingest any of it. I held it, stood up and wrapped my hand around his neck and drew him to me.

I kissed him and deposited his own load in his own mouth. I pulled back and then held his mouth shut, providing his only recourse - swallowing his own seed.

I guess we could have snowballed that jizz, but that wasn't what I wanted. I wasn't sure what he wanted, but at that moment, it didn't matter. He took it like a champ. Then he had to go.

Not before he insisted I take his number. I did.

I haven't tried it to see if he was tossing me bullshit, but you know, if it is legit, I would totally breed that ass.

Yeah - you heard me right. I'll keep ya updated.