Friday, February 27, 2015

One Last (?) Blogger Update - - Hopefully

Ok - this is getting old. 

Hopefully this is the last update on the Blogger / Google / "Porn" situation. 

Allegedly, Blogger / Google has reversed their decision on banning adult content. 

Oddly (though not really), unlike the email I got from Blogger telling me about their decision, I have yet to get one on the reversal - nor do I expect one to be forthcoming. 

Part of me thinks some people will go and move their content off - of the site, or off of Blogger - and there will be no eating crow, at least in public....or at least kept to a minimum. 

It would be nice to get the official word and not just from Engadget (well and from The Breeder, who sent me the above link). 

So I have held off on removing any more content. IF I opt to, I will restore it....but oddly that is a lot more work than removing it. I'm glad I started with the latest years. But I will also wait to see what the "official" word might be. I'd kind of like to hear it from the horse's mouth. 

Now.....back to our regularly scheduled dirty adventure tales. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Update

I know I still have almost a month to "decide" what to do about this blog.

I've chatted with other bloggers on their intentions, and they are all over the place. Some are going to WordPress, which has a similar policy that Google / Blogger and implementing.

Some are doing dual on Blogger and Tumblr till it all shakes out.

One is just deleting the pictures on Blogger and staying there.

Me?  I'm torn.

First off - let me touch on how hypocritical Google is with this policy.....and I'm not even talking about 1st Amendment stuff - though I'm not really sure it applies in this instance, though a case could be made for it.

Go to Google and search 'barebacking' or 'blowjob'.  Then hit the images link. You'll get an eyeful (not that I'm complaining about seeing that). But you see these hardcore images with out any warning. There is not one age verification thing to click. You see it without any filter. You see it without one disclaimer. Hundreds of very very graphic pictures.

What are the chances Google will divest themselves of the images, graphics and videos in which they will prohibit us to use?  Zilch, is my guess.

Now, on my blog (currently), you already have to click on 'adult content' with a disclaimer. It is a concious decision to enter my blog. If anything, my writing is much more graphic than the pictures of videos I post.

And I do appreciate the feedback I have gotten by many saying that my entries need no images and that you like the tales themselves. That gives me hope to keep going in some capacity.

So it seems moving to WordPress is a non-starter. Why move content only to have to still remove images? I can do that here.

I'm not sure I'm feeling it with Tumblr either. I could mirror for a while and see how it plays out. At least with the folks I follow on Tumblr, most are images exclusively. It doesn't seem like it's built for the written word - and I don't think there is great indexing to find something you wrote, or when.

Getting my own URL is fairly cheap - but still a cost. Getting someone to host it is not always that inexpensive. And then there is the whole conversion thing.

So, I've gone though three years of posts 2005-2008 (so far) and removed most images. But so I don't have to edit text too much, or lose site of what is happening here, I've replaced each and every removed image with this note:


I suspect this will get me banned from Blogger before any of my images would.

I did leave some images - like this one.   Take a look - do you think it's considered 'graphic'?

Since it seems I DON'T have ton of images attached to my blog posts (it took me less than an hour to go through three years of posts), going through the rest of the years will take me a day. But I'm still not 100% sure I'll stay with blogger. I feel like a schmuck staying here and kowtowing to their new rules - especially when those rules don't apply to themselves.

I appreciate any feedback (or suggestion) you all might have on where to take this next.

I'll probably give one or two more updates before March 23rd, but I'm not trying to use this blog as a public forum for censorship. That's not exactly why most folks visit daily. But you'll know what I'm doing well before the deadline, so you can continue to follow me, if you all so choose. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thrice Topping

Well over a year ago, I wrote about a pretty boy.

While I don't think I did subsequent posts on him, I have been invited back two or three additional times to suck him. And then he just dropped off the map.

I'd say he wasn't my type, yet I was attracted to his look. I'd have liked his cock to be a bit fatter, but eh, whatta gonna do? Then there was the everything in its place thing that threw me. I'm not a slob by any means, but I do like lived-in looks, not show pieces.

So the other week, out of the blue, he messages me via an on-line app. While that was a little surprising, it wasn't nearly as much as his content:

"do you want to come over and breed some pig while he sucks my cock? He'll have a full hood on with only the mouth cut out - so he won't see you."

While I'd say topping isn't my thing, lately, I might be proven wrong - at least a little bit.

And while I didn't ask for a pic of the guy, he went it my way anyways.

Eh. I knew him. Kind of.

Eons ago (ok, maybe 20 yrs ago), he worked at a company in which a guy I was dating also worked. Complaints were rampant about this guy - "Gary". Heavy drug use. Along with bad tatts and heavy piercings - visible ones. It didn't bode well for the company nor their clients. But I think it was the drug use - and the dyed platinum hair - that got him shit canned.

Now and again, I see him around town (though he doesn't know me at all - nor ever heard of me) and he's always a big fucking mess.

I hemmed. I hawed. But it was the host guy - the ones I have the sort-of hots for - that I kept coming back to.

The pig would suck "Jay" while I fucked from the other end.

Interesting, for sure. But again, I was more taken by Jay.

This is a man who insists you shower right before you come over. This is a man who had a towel for me spit his load into (as if!). This is a man who carefully picks out every piece of everything in his house - always clean, always in place.

This is not a man who one would think would have pig sex. Or pig-like sex. I wouldn't even think he'd think about stuff like this. You'd assume if he fucked anyone, he would wear two rubbers....just in case.

But according to Jay, he's fucked his pig raw a few times. He's had others come over at different times to fuck this guy in this same scenario. Nice, handsome, put-together Jay had a dark side, and I was digging it. So yes, I agreed.

I parked a street or two away, as the pig had not arrived. I got a text saying he was there and for me to lock the door behind me (which I actually forgot to do). My shoes and coat came off right in the entry and I made my way back.

There they were. Jay laying back on the bed getting head, while Gary had his add up. Chaps on, jock on. Hood firmly on.

I dropped my pants and underwear. I approached - that white ass just right in front of me. I smacked it so fucking hard, my hand hurt. I got a grunt from him, I got a "fuck yeah" from Jay. His was the only person I cared about here.

I asked if I was the first one today and Jay said yes. I asked when'd the last time "it" got fucked and it answered. That got him a fucking hard smack upside the head. I don't care if he didn't like it, but I'm not sure Jay approved of that. I dialed it back - slightly - from there.

I'd pull out and lay on the bed next to Jay. We'd make out while Gary sucked us. Jay kissed hard and bit lips, hard. He seemingly likes to do it roughly and watch someone being rough. So I put on a show.

Back up and fucking, he told me to give it to him hard and I did. Slapping, fucking - the whole nine yards. And I shot up his hole.

The best part of the day though was watching Gary bump out of the room - still hooded, not seeing anything and running into walls and doors. He changed in the outer room and left. I left shortly thereafter.

Two days later, I got another invite.

Honestly, I wasn't feeling it. But...then Jay said he wanted to breed the hole and have me go in afterwards. It was too intriguing to pass up.

I was told I was not allowed to slap or hit this time, as I gave the guy ringing ears for a day. Fucking pussy.

I went. I did it.

It was great to watch Jay fuck. He took off his shirt for the first time to reveal a really nice chest. And he has the perfect armpits with solid black hair. I could have spent all day with my face buried in there - but he wanted this to be about fucking this guy.


Jay did come first and I was having trouble performing. But he got behind me and played with my tits which helped immensely....and I added a huge load up this guy. I can't really say I felt Jay's load up there though.

Cut to a week later, and I get another invite.

It's a new guy. A better guy - at least on paper. Bad tatts for sure, but thinner, more handsome but no hood.

And he had a better ass, though he could not take my cock with just spit as lube.  Bummer. And believe me, I tried.

I walked in and he was bent over eating Jay's dick. I went right down and ate his ass, something I would not have done to the other guy. Then I stuck my cock in. With only spit.

Well, half my cock. He couldn't take it. Had to use the lube. Then it sunk right in.

I didn't care about the guy. Jay and eye made eye contact as I fucked him hard. REALLY hard. His were not necessarily grunts of pleasure, but he had a mouthful of cock. But it didn't stop me and he could have said 'no' which he did not.

I did take a break to make out with Jay - just wondering how dark he truly was, as he was good with raw fucking and pimping guys out.

Jay got up and fucked this guy. He was a beauty to watch. I was enamored. The handsome look of his face, the lusty look of the way he carried that face as he slammed into him. It was really something to see.

He asked if I wanted to see him breed the guy and then dumped a load deep in him when I said to do it. I got up immediately and shoved in. This time, I kind of felt the wet and warmth of the hole and load. Jay again, played with my tits and got me off in two minutes time......oh, along with that ass.

But like each time, the second I came, Jay hops on his mobile device and does not say another word. As engaged with me as he is before and during the act, he is the polar opposite least for a little while - then comes the texts for validation of what we just did.

It's all a little odd.

I'd be happy to be the bottom at this house, but Jay only wants me for my cock size....and only on others.

I kind of feel cheap. Even for me.

Oh - and I do have some video of the act(s), but you know, Google and their shitty new content rule. I might post the video to Tumblr soon though.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Content Policy Chage

Hey folks. See Blogger's email to me - and I'm sure many of you who blog or who read these types of blogs:

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any interruptions in service.

I don't know where this will leave this blog.

I have been posting more 'adult' imaged or videos. I suppose I could change my writing style to present my activities in terms of 'educational'.....maybe even 'scientific', but I'm not sure what - if anything - will get past their review board.

I can stick with just text.....but it is common knowledge that I get higher traffic when a picture of video is attached.

I don't know what 'restricted access' means. They won't delete my content, but only people expressly share my blog with will be able to see the content?

Does anyone know what that means?

I have 620+ entries here. Since I don't know the threshold of 'explicit', I'm not going to start amending previous posts. But if anyone has words of wisdom on what this actually means, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

From what I can tell is that I will have to make my blog private by March 23rd.

I wasn't planning on buying my own url to support this endeavor, but if I went private - would you guys be ok with that?

I've got a month to figure this all out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I answered an ad to give head - as I am apt to do.

He wanted pics, and I was ok with giving them. When he saw the body hair I sport, he mentioned something about wanting to shave it down.

Now, I like body hair. Sure, we can all do without it coming out the ears, and some people don't like it on the back. I'm ok (to a degree) if it is on someone else's back, but I'm not a fan of it sprouting on my shoulders.

But he was talking about my balls....and my crotch. The place where grown men grow it.

Now, there is something to licking a guys cleaned nuts (or maybe he's just hairless). The smooth texture sometimes makes them quiver more than fighting through the fur to touch tongue to flesh.

For full disclosure, I've had my privates shaved before, but all in the name of a few abdominal surgeries. I wasn't even conscious when they did it - so I got no erotic benefit from the event. What I did get were ingrown hairs and lots of itchy feeling three or four days later when stuff started to grown back.

But the guy intrigued me, so......I didn't say no.

He had his own razor. He had his own set of clippers. He even stripped down to a scrub top and the tightest, smallest pair of black briefs I have ever seen on a man. At first I thought he was wearing his wife's undies, but no. No he was not.

Oh yes, he was married. And bi.

And claims never to have shaved a man before but always wanting to. And clearly his looks and attitude convinced me enough to acquiesce.

While he had seen some pics of me and determined I wasn't "that hairy", I think he changed his mind when the real thing presented itself in front of him.

Laying on his bed, he took off my boxer briefs, as I had already discarded my jeans. I was soft and somewhat skeptical, if not downright cautious.

He started up the clippers. He said he'd be careful, but the length of my pubes would tug a bit as he got them down to a manageable size for the actual shaving.

He did the sides of my shaft and around my balls. He was trying to contemplate how much of the bush to take when I directed him to almost none of it. He could trim right around the top part of my shaft, but not really deplete me of my bizarre love triangle.

"Jeff" then moved over my sac again. And again and then down to my 'taint.

At this point, he told me to turn over. There I thought he'd do the other side of the 'taint but actually trimmed around the hole itself. While I was skeptical, the feeling of the humming clippers felt good down there. Still I stopped him from going further into my Fangorn Forest.

From there, we left the pile of hear now on his sheets to go to the bathroom. There he had a double bladed razor and some shaving cream.

With me somewhat perched on the counter, he got on his knees and and applied the shaving cream. He also had a warm wash cloth and left the water running in the sink next to me. And he took off his shirt, but left his brief briefs on.

And then he went to work.

He was nice and tried making small talk without making this sexual. He mentioned he was married (to a woman) and she knew he was bi. He asked what I did. I gave him a vague answer about my career - and automatically, I asked what he did.

I'm more surprised the told me than the actual answer, but it's just another thing off my imaginary bucket list.

He is a fireman.

Now - you could chalk it up to just talk, but a tattoo on his arm and back were fire fighter related. And yes, anyone could get those, but I don't see why they would. So I'm taking him at his word.

I won't lie - I liked the idea he was one. And while I had a semi while he shaved me anyways, that info made me stiffen even a little more. He semi-stroked me while he shaved or at least while he was rinsing the razor.

When he was done, he used the wash cloth to rinse me off and clean me up a bit.

He did run his tongue over my nuts too.

Maybe it was to see if they were smooth enough or not - as he knew the payment in exchange for this was for me to blow him, not the other way around.

When he stood up to drop his briefs is when it hit me. The burning pain. My balls were on fire - and not in a good way. JFC, they hurt.

Maybe this is why I never shaved them. He went down to look, but there were no nicks or cuts and the pain was to diffused to be a cut anyway. I took the wash cloth and rinsed my sac again, but it did little to subside the burning.

Does this happen to everyone who shaves their nuts?  (no really, I'm asking.)

I tried to ignore it - and eventually it did go away in 5-10 minutes - by going to my knees and taking care of him.

He was about 6", but with a massive head on top of his shaft. He liked my sucking. He liked my ball licking on his smooth nuts too.

It certainly didn't take him long to get off and with little warning. And what a fucking load. HUGE.

He apologized for the size of the load. Who the fuck apologizes for that? He said he forgot to tell me he shoots a lot. That's ok, as I'm well equipped to handle massive loads. I didn't miss a drop.

We were done, we went our separate ways without any promises of trying this again.

That said - whenever I shower or touch myself, I get a little surprise in not feeling any hair down there and an entirely new feeling altogether.

With every shower, I have touched up a bit. As I took a closer look, he didn't do an exemplary job as there were stray hairs on my sac and shaft. I'm not adept enough to probably do too far back in the 'taint, but we'll see.

I'm not sure I'll keep up the maintenance or let it all grown back. I'm sure I will eventually, but maybe just not yet.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

On the DL

He hit me up from an ad I placed on Craigslist (which for all its flaws - and they are many - still yields the best success rates for me).

5'8" 170, BBC, 8 cut - was his message back to me.

...and I had to come to him.

After some trouble finding the place - as oddly, the building complex he lived in, the addresses were not sequential, he said he'd be in apartment 8 and the door would be open. It wasn't, so I went back out and checked the address, since it had been so confusing.

But I went back up, a little wary, as I didn't walk into a bad situation.

This time, the door was ajar. I pushed open and there he was, already nude. Exactly as described, along with some tatts and the markings of a week old beard.

Once I was in, he told me I had to lose his number, as he had texted me earlier. This was to be a one time thing. I was ok with that. Most of my "things' are one timers. And it wasn't a horribly convenient location.

I also noticed a shoe rack in the middle of the living area. Lots of 4-6" heels. Leopard print. Shocking pink ones. Glitter ones.

I went more with he was entirely on the DL than he was a drag queen at night. The beard would have thrown off the 'illusion', though I've seen odder things. But put together with his 'one time thing' comment, I'm going more for the down low scenario. I'm assuming he lived there with his girl.

The guy walked over to the sofa and plopped down. While I appreciate an 8" cock - this was closer to 9.5".

Maybe he was modest. Maybe he can't measure. Maybe saying 9.5" scared guys or girls off. And he was thick. Very very thick.

And one hates to complain about a cock like this - and it's not really a complaint - but.......honestly the cock was so big, I'm not sure this 5'8" guy had enough blood in his body to fill a dick like this.

I'd say at best he got 75% hard. Maybe 80.  At first I took it as a failure on my skills, but I think it would take a lot to make this massive meat stiff as a board.

The entire cock was very squishy, which was nice in a way - as I could get it all the way in my mouth, which he seemed to enjoy. But then I knew I would have trouble getting him off with only mouth. While some guys need and like a hand to be used, I feel it's cheating.

But this guy, like it or not was going to have a hand. And it worked. It took a while but he loved the feeling of the hand / mouth combo.

And when he shot, he really let loose.

Not to worry - I got it all. Every drop.

He thanked me. I thanked him. I was out the door and I deleted his number per his instructions.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fucking a Probable Meth Addict

By all means you Meth heads - do what you need to do, what you want to do. Just don't fucking lie about it so you can snag a guy so you can get laid.

You're about as appealing as the fat guy who says he's not. You're about as truthful as the 60 year old who says he's 45. You are as predictable as the profile with images from 10 years ago. And you're as disingenuous as the positive guy who bills himself as "neg - safe only".

The difference with the first three of those listed above is that while annoying, they aren't really detrimental to the other person you hook up with, or try to.

Yes, I get that meth addiction is a disease. Boo-fucking-hoo. But you kind of knew that before you first snorted, smoked or injected it, assuming you have a 6th grade education or higher - so I have very little (read; no) sympathy for you.

I knew all this before I started doing drugs. I know of addiction and cross-addiction, and it is no accident my blog is titled the way it is.

While I usually attempt to hook up with guys 35 and above, it's not only for the reason because that they are to whom I'm attracted, but the chance of drug use lessens. Sure it's not a perfect system, but you get the 24 yo who are up at 5:00a when I'm going to the gym, the chances are they just haven't even been to bed.

Last week, it was just a plethora of fucked up guys on-line. If they weren't advertising to parTy, they had been up all night or looking for anyone right now...........and then go silent because....well they saw something shiny. Or shot up. Or passed out.

Never mind that my profiles usually say I'm "PnP hostile". They either don't read it (probable) or as one guy thought that it meant I got rough when I was slamming.  Yeahhhhhhh.....I think that was just wishful thinking on his part and that I could help him score.

The most attractive man on-line  - hotter than hot - at least admitted to me he'd been up all night. I asked if he'd been using and he admitted he was. That's his call, but I appreciated him telling me up front. I told him I couldn't be around it - and he was cool with it. Though he did come back with that he almost never ever does drugs there were no longer any drugs in his body - even though he said he was just using. poor poor diluted man. Pretty.....but c'mon.

Maybe guys now and days start off with meth. Me? I had to build myself up to that level after doing every other drug on the planet - and even then meth was only once and the results were so disturbing, I didn't need to try them a second time to see if they got better.

I almost decided to go to his place when he said he couldn't host because his apartment was completely wrecked. When I said, it didn't care if it were messy, he went on in detail to describe what a pig sty it was. And not cleaned in months.

Dude - that is a classic trait of a guy who cares so little about himself or his lack of reality in drug use that you can't even straighten let alone clean. So that handsome man in the pic? Well, he probably didn't look like that at all.

I did make the mistake of meeting a 27 year old for fun. I was in that mood and he wanted to be fucked. I asked him outright - he said drugs aren't his scene.

I just should have left, because clearly he was fucked up to a degree. Coming down but still..... And all he wanted was for me to find him a gangbang. It is all he talked about....all he wanted....just unending.

I did him (and myself) zero favors by staying and doing what we set out to do.

And the pics on his profile and that he sent me?

It's sad that someone peaks before he's 27. Maybe he lied about his age, but the deterioration in his face, the grey pall of his skin, the hallow eyes - he looked 27, but an old 27. He has not looked as good as his for a while, I'm guessing. This was not the body I saw.

However, it was all little sad that I had to see this at his bedside

Maybe he wasn't even 27. Or maybe that inevitable tooth loss from meth was getting to him already.

I feel bad for his dog who will one day be left to starve because he forgot to feed it, can't afford to feed it or will have OD's somewhere else and the dog goes hungry. But he wasn't the guy in the pics. He was - but not longer.

Yet I stayed (like a moron) and fucked his he talked about his cousin and uncle fucking him at eight years old.....and that hope for me getting him a gangbang.

BikeGuy Tops a Bottom powered by XTube

As I left this place, I got hit up by another guy. Again, I'm just as bad for contemplating it, but, my fucking god, look at that cock.

But the first words on his message to me were asking if I got high and had any parTy favors.

Dude - you're doing major drugs, shouldn't you be thinner??  ...was what I wanted to write back to him, but I just ended up blocking him.

I've come up with a new method for guys who hit me up: I ask, "you get high, man?"  I hope for the 'no fucking way', but now you just usually get 'sure do'.

Sure there's a flaw to this system. The guys who really don't use now think I do and that I am looking for that scene. But really it is all about weeding out. I try to time my follow-up with '...because I don't' as they are typing and sending their messages, but that doesn't always work out.

Still, I'm no one's mother. You want to use - that's cool. Just tell me. Tired of tired / used-up guys who are filthy, looking for a score - and hopefully one that might not rob me to get their next fix.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Safe Word

I returned to the scene - right or wrong.

Two months ago, I got myself into a situation where I was restrained to a bed.  In ways it was unenviable, but in ways it inevitable.

...and highly erotic.

Yet he saw me on-line and invited me over. And I accepted.

This time, I knew what I was getting into - at least in theory.

He lets me in to his building and greets me at his door. But once inside, I strip and told to stand in front of him. He pulls out rope and loops it around my cock and balls a number of times - 3 or 4 - before tying it off.

The rough rope catches my pubes and it stings a little, but let's be honest, it stiffened up too. I got quite stiff.

While it seems like eternity, it is probably 20 seconds that I stand there in front of him. And the smacks my cock. HARD. It is a downward motion. The cock springs back up and he hits it again. And again.

I say nothing.

The more he hits, the more it stings.

He's looking for a reaction and he's getting one. Two, actually. They're just non-verbal.

I'm sure my face is grimacing a little. But my cock is rock hard. But he doesn't hear me say 'stop'. He doesn't hear me say 'no'. And I think that's what he's waiting for. One would stop him, the non-verbal gives him permission to continue.

He also tugs on my balls and hits those a few times. Not only do I grimace, but I tense up in a little bit of pain. Still no words escape my mouth.

With the rope as a leash, he leads me into the bathroom and told me to get into the tub. Doing so, he stood on the edge of the tub and proceeded to coat me heat to toe with his hot yellow stream of piss. Head, torso, crotch, legs, face. You name it. He just kept pissing.

When he was done, he threw me a towel, told me to shower and come back out.

When I did, he was lying on a couch. He took a hold of the rope to keep me in place and had me rub his back. I did for a while, but he didn't stop me when I leaned down and buried my face in his ass crack.

You know I love eating ass and he found this out too. For all his toughness, he whimpered like a little girl as I used my tongue to go over that hole...and in it too. But I am a master at munching butthole.

I also sucked his cock too, which he liked. I mean - who wouldn't?

But while I did these things, he would pull on the rope.......hard. He'd slap my nuts. Hard.

My dick?  Hard.

But at one point, with my nuts being used like a tether ball, I said, "ok....ok...".   But I made a point not to say 'no' or 'stop'.  Yes, I kind of meant for him to stop, but I thought it would be unwise to say that word.

At that, he led me to the bedroom. The scene of the previous shackling.

But this time, he had me lay down on my back. I guess he wanted a face to face fuck, as opposed to the face down on the mattress one I had last time.

True to form, he pulled out the arm restraints and I was secured. This time, unlike last, I wasn't sure I could get out of these if needed. But then he did something different too - he produced leg restraints as well. This didn't happen last time.

I realized, in this position, he couldn't really fuck me. Not easily anyways. If that were to happen, the leg portion would have to be removed...or at least one of them.

But this time he changed it up a bit by bringing out a blindfold. I'll give him this, the man was prepared. A regular boy scout.

I have been blindfolded once. I'm not sure I'm a fan, though I totally get it when it comes to a new level of submission.

While I hope I'm not a bossy bottom and I can at least somewhat surrender control to a man, having no control is daunting - at best.

No way to stop things. No way to see or anticipate what may come.

Scratch do anticipate it - even if it never happens. The mind plays fucking games every few seconds trying to guess and then second guess what is about to occur. It is exhausting. It is frustrating. It is torturous in ways. I can totally see how long periods of times of this behavior at places like Guantanamo would be a total mind fuck.

I head a bag being pulled out and opened. And as open as I am sexually, even I have limits. No - honest. It's true.

While I've never been sounded, the idea to me is uncomfortable at best. And yes, you don't know until you've tried, but I've never been shit on either, but am fairly certain it is not my thing. Ditto with animals.

So I expressed the 'nothing in the urethra' rule. He says that was not his thing either, but told me I should breathe, as clearly, I was forgetting to.

He took something out of the bag and lightly brushed it over my sac.  Then he used it to hit my sac. It didn't hurt, but again, not knowing what it was my thought process was: could it hurt?  will it eventually hurt? what is it?  Things go a mile a minute in situations like this.

I will say, after an eternity......or like six minutes.....he took it off, as his continual reminders for me to breathe were not being heeded.

And mind you, I was erect the entire time or at the very least as "limp" as you see in the pictures.

As I lay there, chained and now able to see, he told me if we do this again, I need a 'safe word' - and it can't be 'no' or 'stop' or 'ouch'.  I found this mildly amusing, as I used this in a joke to others and even in a previous post here. So maybe I'm not all that original.

Then he sat on my chest, his cock at my lips. There would be no ass fucking today, but there would be mouth fucking. As he mentioned, he's deposited a load in my ass, but never in my mouth - and today was that day.

So as I lay there with no way to control the force, frequency, depth or speed of the oncoming penis, I submitted and took all the had to give.  It did not take as long as I imagined it might, but we had been playing for a while and clearly the 'scene' aroused him.

He busted a big nut into my mouth and I was told to swallow. Of course I was going to, but he might not know that.

After he caught his breath and climbed off me, he unhooked me...and untied the rope around my dick. Not once did he touch it - you know, in THAT way.

He reiterated the need for a 'safe word'.

I'm thinking of 'apricot'.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

GDD Brings a(nother) Friend

It has been a while, but GDD has returned. Twice now within two months.

On paper, he is great:  Married. Has like 5 kids. Huge 8.5" thick thick thick cock. Dirty mouth - and talks down at me. Each time he brings new "friends" with him.....and yet somehow it doesn't quite fire on all cylinders for me.

I know I'm looking a hung gift horse in my mouth (ok, I didn't quite make that pun work - I get it!)

I don't like that GDD can't get off without the use of a hand. You know my thoughts on that. And there is only so much talk I can hear about making my mouth and hand feel like "my wife's pussy".

Honestly, I have zero frame of reference for that. Nor do I want to. And saying it 50 times each get-together isn't helping me mentally get to where I like. Again, I know I'm quibbling.

Of all the guys GDD has dragged along, two I knew, another was hotter than fuck....and the others were total total duds.

Don't get me wrong, I got them all off, as it was my duty, but I was not as enthusiastic about it as I would have liked to have been. I was doing it for GDD.  ...but even that has worn thin.

However, this last time, there was redemption of sorts. Two cars pulled in to the drive - one being GDD the other being "Mike".

53, 6'1, 180. He would have a 7" cock. It was thick then thin, then thick again, almost like a ridged buttplug.

Unlike many of the guys who came over, he was not timid, though he let GDD take the lead. He wasn't nervous or meek. I liked this immediately. He came in and started stripping down without a word. Again, I never know what GDD says or tells these guys. I don't know how he entices them over or what he says to win their trust....but clearly he does.

I was told to suck Mike, so on my knees I went.

I had renewed enthusiasm for this guy, and tried to do a great job. He was responsive, physically and verbally. Both men talked about my skills as I performed them.

I would go back and forth between each man as directed. But then early on, I was told to get Mike off.  And I did.

Not only did I suck him, but he fucked my face. Though he would let me do my work. He appreciated the attention to detail I brought to cocksucking. Anyone can get face fucked, but there is an art to giving head - as I've said before, and no doubt will again.

He blew a big married load into my mouth. A sweet taste to his cream and lots of it. I held it in my mouth and from the trick I taught GDD, he showed Mike.

GDD took Mike's hand and had him grip my throat until I swallowed. I'm not sure Mike caught on to what was happening or if he picked up on this is something each cocksucker he encounters should feel, but we'll see.

Then it was time to work on GDD. Mike was told to suck my cock while I worked on GDD's. He did - and not badly, though not good enough he was in danger of getting me off.

And I worked on GDD...and worked....and worked....and worked. It seemed I was getting nowhere and his words of "worthless faggot" seemed to be coming true.

He told me to lay down on the floor. He knelt over me and jacked his cock himself. He told Mike to suck my dick again...or lick my balls.

I could tell GDD was getting close, though he didn't say it. I said something about Mike should see this....and I opened my mouth and Mike got to see jets of married dad cum shoot in my mouth...with me taking it all.

He also saw GDD really grip my throat and telling me to swallow.

As GDD went to clean up a bit, Mike stood over me with his cock still hard. He was talking to GDD about wanting to shoot all over my face to humiliate me.

I was loving this guy. He got it. But time was against us all.

As they got ready, I scribbled my email and number onto a post it. On their way out, I slipped it to Mike.

I had never done such a thing to any of GDD's men, and Mike stashed it knowingly, as if this were a covert action.

He contacted me the next day.

Hopefully more tales of this to come.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Couples Therapy

I was traveling - in DC - and got hit up by a couple. Each sported the same picture on their Scruff profiles. Each had slightly different info, but they were both the same distance. One was black. One was white. Both attractive in their own way.

Of course, I was hoping to be the meat between their slices of bread in a sex sandwich, but that wasn't their deal. Nor was it to be me servicing, what was likely, a hung black dude.

Their deal was, the white guy would watch the black guy blow me. This was a new scene for me.

And I did what I hate guys doing for me. I accepted and showed up hoping maybe I could turn the tide my way. It is completely a dick move, but I can completely be a dick.

I arrived at their building and was buzzed in. Up to the third floor entrance, and then escorted down an internal staircase by the white dude, Mike. In that living area, complete with pit group and a big screen tv watching a football game I could care less about, I was asked to sit and drop my pants.

Kobe - that was the name they gave me - got down between my spread legs and started going down on me. Mike sat next to me, admiring my cock and his partner's talents.

I'll give Kobe this, he was talented too. He had an exceptional mouth.

The old BikeGuy could have cum in a minute and been on his way. I still could have. But the new(er) BikeGuy has found a way to hold off from cumming - almost indefinitely .

Oddly enough (?) it was Mike who piqued my interest. 6'2", what little hair he had left was greying, including his beard. He was a little heavy set, but not fat. A friendly face and not one you'd figure to be gay let alone one who pseudo-pimped out his partner. But in that friendly face, was a hint of naughty and dirty. I like that.

Mike sat right next to me on the sofa. Eventually he pulled out his cock to stroke as he watched Kobe. Then he'd look right at me - right into my eyes.  It was erotic. I almost didn't care what his bf was doing to my cock.

At some point Mike lifted his hips up and I went down on him. Great cock. Not big, but wide and with the angle and the scene, it all just fit together. Though it didn't last long. His scene was watching...watching some big dicked white guy feed his black boyfriend.

Mike would reach over and play with my tits and that got me going. Kobe just kept expertly working on my cock, though I know he was looking for a quicker pay off.  After about 30 minutes, his knees were tired. They asked that we go to the bedroom.

There I lay in the center, Mike to my right and Kobe laying between my legs.

Mike started kissing me now and again - and kind of talking dirty. Telling me how they'd find visitors like me to come feed his black boyfriend. How they liked married government staffers who just needed release after work and would blow a big load down Kobe's throat before going home to the wife and kids.

It all got me riled up, truth be told. And I had places to be, so I mentally let it all get to me, so it would physically get me off.

And it did. Maybe a week's worth of seed went into Kobe's belly. He took it like a pro.

As I was pulling up my pants, I heard him tell Mike that he has never taken a load that big. I'm not sure why it was said to Mike and not in general. I don't think it was meant for me to hear, but why not give a guy an ego boost.

When I got back to the hotel, I went to message them (via Scruff) a 'thanks', as my mother brought me up right, but they had both already blocked me.