Sunday, November 30, 2008

Columbus Hotel A.M. Fuck

I was up very early the next morning, while in Columbus. Other people? Not so much.

I was still looking to get fucked, or to suck out a load before I had to hit the road. I had self-imposed a deadline on myself to be out the door, because I know how I am. Had I not, I would still be there thinking something, or something better, would come along. ...again, it is the price of being addicted to sex.

I did run across one guy I was ready to venture out for - and usually I'm the one to host. But he kind of dropped off and must have found something better or more convenient. It wasn't until later that it popped into my head that this guy bred me eons ago when I lived about a mile away from the hotel I was staying at. ....but that's another story for another time.

Finally I found I guy I settled on. Yes, 'settled'. I don't think he was in my top 5 choices of guys who were out there on Manhunt that time of the morning.

6ft 210lb 41yrs. blk man top 9c


It is not the best angle for a picture, but it is the only one he provided me.

As I've been apt to do lately, the room number given out, the door slightly open for the guy to push through. And he did.

The guy seemed bigger than advertised, except in one place.

He wanted me to suck him and he was quite small.....and smelly. Clearly he had not showered, but I'm ok with that, I guess. He grew and he grew hard, but 9"? I don't think so.

He had a very very respectable SOLID, 8"....maybe. but not 9". I've seen a few dicks in my time (no, it is true. i have!) and this guy wasn't pushing 9" - let alone there.

I went back to my position on the bed, ass right at the corner of it - providing him easy access.

Make no mistake about this - the guy was rough. No finesse, no anything except how it felt for him. Good thing for him, I'm a trouper. He mentioned a few times about how he liked 'fucking a white ass'.

Since he had no style in the fucking department, I knew this would be over quicker than anticipated. True to form, I'm thinking he did his final bury of the dick (and with it, the seed) up my ass in about an 8-10 minute time frame from walking in the door....and that included the fluffing I performed too.

Sometimes you get what you ask for. I got fucked and that is all it was. Not erotic - just necessary.

I was on the road at my pre-designated time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Last week I was in Columbus - my old town of residence - for work, but instead of driving an hour south of there, in the middle of nowhere, I stayed downtown and figured, I'd make the commute to my next client the next morning.

At least in town, I'd have a chance of getting laid.

Between one client stop and dinner with friends, I checked myself into the Red Rash Inn.

Normally, I stay at better hotels than that, but it was a late decision, and the place is well situated and easy to get to from various areas of town. And as Red Roofs go, it really is fairly nice. Sparse - sure, but it's clean and again easy access.....for someone who provides easy access.

Also between checking-in and dinner with friends, I went on line to see what I could see. Actually, I placed an ad while on-line at the client site so by the time I made it to the hotel, I had quite a few responses.

Most guys never responded to my replies of their replies, but that is par for the course when using any hook-up sites. But one guy and I did trade a few emails back and forth:

looking for a masc guy to fuck and suck my cock. 38, 5'11", 190, 34w, masc, in shape, 7+ cut/thick.

Truth be told, there was a 2nd guy I was yakking with also. So when the above guy told me he'd be there in 25 minutes, I thought I could blow and dismiss guy #1 beforehand. So when there was a knock at the door 15 minutes later, I assumed it was not the highlighted above in blue. I was wrong - though I wouldn't know that until much later.

When the guy and I started playing, I mentioned there might be another guy joining us (again, I was acting on incomplete information). He was down with that.

"Scott" was all the things he claimed in the ad. He wore a baseball cap and took off his glasses when he arrived. He was masculine and very self assured - as he pushed me down to my knees to suck his dick.

At first, I was thinking he'd never get to 7", as he appeared small, but he was a grower. Also, within our email exchange, I made another incorrect assumption that he wanted some head....regardless of how he replied to me in his original message. But I also didn't know it was guy #2 who showed, not #1.

He insisted I sucked him and take him deep. Scott held my head steady and pumped his hips so that his cock was going deep into my mouth. Not that 7" isn't formidable, but c'mon - I'm me. I could take that, but I'm glad he got off on the idea of him taking charge that way. I did too.

Scott moved to the bed where he sat on the edge, where I sucked him. He scooted back farther onto the bed, where I followed, so I could get to his dick. Soon I was laying in a position perpendicular to him so I could suck him a little easier.

What it also did was give him access to reach down to my ass - where he found my hole. And when he found my hole, he found he could make me quiver a little. He also found he could get what he wanted.

Admittedly, I had a small bottle of lube out, but I didn't think it would be for him. With authority, Scott told me to roll over on my stomach. I obeyed.

He lubed his dick and poured some into/onto my ass. With no ceremony, he PLUNGED in. Really - it was like a stab the way he did it, or the angle, or both. Had I been able to go anywhere or pull off, I probably would have. But as you can imagine, I was pinned between him and the bed. I'm sure he saw the surprise/discomfort in me, but it didn't stop his initiative.

Scott probably did give me 30 seconds to adjust, but then it was all about fucking my ass. I had poppers near me and reached for them. I've been trying to use them less and less - going for the breathing technique. ...they also make me lose my erection - and I want a guy to know I'm enjoying the fuck.

But to get my head in a more comfortable place while my hole was conforming to that same place I needed to get to - I took two big hits of the poppers. I relaxed and opened up for him - just like he knew I would.....or should. He talked dirty about me while he did all of this to me. You know I love that shit.

I murmured to him that he was going to make me late for dinner. He said he knew he was - and didn't care. ..and he didn't. His chest was on my back as he fucked my ass. He also saw my ring and without stopping his in and out motions, he grabbed hand and said, "filthy motherfucker, playing around with strangers while you're out of town...." Then he pumped harder for a few minutes.

With no warning, he pulled out and stood next to the bed.

"Get up!", he commanded. I did. "Come here", he said and led me to the bathroom alcove - which had the sink and mirror. "Bend over".

I did.

"Now watch yourself take a strangers dick up your ass"...and again, I did. We both did.

Like looking at a movie or something, we both watched our reflections instead of our real selves. It was almost a disconnect, but he could feel a warm ass and I could feel a rod of steel up my hole.

With more derogatory comments, Scott pumped me. I have to say - it was hotter than fuck. The visual, the verbal, the attitude. At one point while both looking into the mirror, he gave this wink that was one of those dirty little secret winks. He could have as easily been doing it back to himself as he was to me. Looking back now, I'm not sure. But it was hotter than fuck.

It kind of surprised me that with no fan fare, he pushed deep and held it there. Not a word or sound - but there was a pulse. I knew what he was doing. So did he (obviously!). That was hot too. He just let a huge load flood into my guts.

Scott pulled out and cleaned up while I stood there. Both of us knowing I'd have to hustle out of there for dinner. He dressed and left without a 'thanks', but I never expect it (or really want it) from a guy like that. He assumed guys like me were there for guys like him. And who can argue with that logic?

Before I left for dinner, I sent an email out to the guy I thought was #2 (who actually was Scott), but I thought had not shown or running late:

me: waited man. couldn't stay. will be here in early morning.

him: dude, i'm the one that fucked your ass.

him: let me know if you come back to town. i have a buddy who would love to help me tap that hairy butt again.

Don't think I won't be keeping his email address for a scene like that. If his friend has half the attitude of him, I'll be golden. I'd even make a special non-work trip down there if I thought that would happen.

Later, I was relaying thoughts about Scott and his 'tude to an on-line guy (can't say he's a friend, or a buddy - as I've never met him). Here was his take on Scott, or guys like him:

it was you or a kleenex both just a place to deposit both disposable and you know it only benefit of you is that the top has satisfaction is that a person is being made into a pig - the power over you to put you in your place

...and you know it.


Monday, November 24, 2008

1 Morning. 2 Fucks.

Sex on the road is all about the connections and timing. I can’t tell you how many crowded cities I’ve been in with no opportunity to actually hook-up.

I love “doing” the new guys – the different cocks, the different methods they have and use. But there is something nice about repeats. As you’ve seen in a few of my most recent posts, I have my share of guys who return for services I provide – free of charge, of course! Remember: I’m a slut – not a whore.

On my final day of my last trip, I had back to back visits. Both repeats.

#1. The black guy from a few posts back contacted me asking for a return visit. The guy had a nice body and an incredible cock. I would kind of be a fool to not want to attempt that again.

The first time, he was like Clark Kent – only in the fact that he really looked different when he took off his glasses. He looked more masculine – presented differently.

The second time – not so much. For some reason he had more effeminate qualities this time. That being said, he still had an incredible schlong. 8"-8.5” of solid dark brown, uncut meat. Lots and lots of overhang. I guess it’s one of those things with a nice uncut prick – you always want what you don’t have.

Maybe that’s not true. I have a nice big piece of meat – and I still want that from other guys. Scratch the above statement.

He stripped down as soon as he got in the room. I told him I had to have a pic of that dick and he allowed it. But I didn't waste the shot - I made sure to get some of me in there too. Nothing like the contrast of light and dark.


But for his after fuck trepidations of the last time and 'never ever' fucking raw, he didn't pack a rubber with him, nor did he ask if I had one. He had me get him sloppy wet with my mouth and then laid back on the bed and told me to sit on him.

I did. Just like this.


I'm actually becoming quite adept to holding the camera at weird angles and still getting a more than decent shot. He's about half-way in me. No worries - he did get it all the way in. Over and over.

But not for as long as you might think - or as I wanted. Sooner - way sooner - than later, he clenched his eyes and said he was going to cum. Then he did.

For as large as he is, I would have thought to feel him throbbing up there - especially at this angle. But I didn't. It was still a good thing to know I was getting and taking his load.

Upon cleaning up and getting ready to go, he never once uttered a thing about 'shouldn't have done this again' or word one about fucking a stranger. He actually told me to contact him next time I was coming to town.

As this guy was showing up, I was also arranging a time with another repeat guy. I blogged about this guy last October. The guy has a killer dick, a dirty mind, a filthy mouth - and not the most attractive face. But I ain't staring at his picture all day either.

Actually, as we conversed via email since my last time, his ideal is to have me face down, ass to the side of the bed when he enters. In theory, I never had to see him. It could have been hotter if we had never hooked-up before, but this would work too.

"Roy" called when he was in the lobby. I left my jockstrap on, unlocked my door, put my ass on the side of the bed with a pillow under my mid-section. In a few minutes I heard the door being pushed open, then shut & locked - a slight sigh of satisfaction as he saw what was presented to him and then the inevitable shedding of the clothes.

Roy loves to eat ass - and as it turns out, I love to have it done, especially as a precursor to being fucked. I thought about telling him of the load I had up there from 30 minutes prior, but I thought I'd just wait and see what he'd find. Turns out - if he tasted it, he said nothing, but it was buried farther than the average tongue could ever reach.

Soon enough, Roy lined himself up to my ass. I shamelessly tossed the camera his way, as I knew he's be ok with snapping a few pictures.


Roy is a little over 7" long I think, but you can see the girth. I showed these to a friend who said the dick looked like a dildo and not real. I see where he's coming from, but I am here to tell you it is all real. Yeah he has an industrial strength metal cock ring on and maybe he was even taking some viagra or something, but the flesh pole he was sporting was all his. Not that I looked around to see it.

I remained face down waiting for what was to happen. And it did.


Roy needed no prompting for getting his cock to my hairy crack. He nudged it against the target and while he is very thick and yes, I had seen some recent action over the few days prior to this, he went in fairly easily. The guy does have a technique of which I am impressed.

He makes a big dick feel good, to the point where I think even a less experienced guy (I guess that might be most people other than me!) can take it fairly painlessly. Because soon, he was all they way up me - and then would pull back out - kind of like this:


Granted, he went balls-deep, so this is just a shot.

I do love it when guys put their mouths right to my ear and say dirty things. I don't even remember what he was muttering, but suffice to say it was some name-calling and telling me what my ass and I am good for.

Roy did go on to say that he would love to see some straight guy fuck me. I'd love for him (or just about anyone) to see that too.

When Roy unloaded, I could feel every throb. But given how wide that cock was, I don't think that would be much of a surprise.

For the entire time I took it up the ass by Roy, I never turned around, I never looked at him - nor did he see my face. ....but you know for that getting yourself back together and dressed, it's hard just to lay face down waiting for him to go. I relented and finally rolled over before he left.

Overall, it was still a pleasant morning. I'd do it all again.

I know - you're all shocked!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Post - not a story

Not that I don't have stories to relay. I'm still racking up new encounters for you guys. Committing them to a post is another matter. I have some partially drafted and some just up here in the old grey matter.

But I thought I'd point out that I have updated my blogroll - again. No one has been deleted, or at least I don't think so. But I have added a few.

Dulce y Peligroso is a pretty hot blog. Luckily for me, RG is 'offically addicted' to my blog. HA! - get it? Bad thing for me - he's competition on the bottom department. If we lived in the same area or traveled to the same towns, he'd be serious competition. But he's hot enough, that'd it would be welcomed. I'd give it up for him - in more ways than one.

I believe, Gay Pig, found me via RG at Dulce. He seems decent, though to stay on my blogroll, he'll have to keep up with the postings. He doesn't know it yet, but I don't keep folks on who go dormant for months at a time.

As for other posts - I should be back to those in a day or so. The next one will have pictures....and I know how much you guys seem to enjoy that shit!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I hate when things get fuzzy.

My post about M had one of the most comment responses from my readership than any other post I’ve done. This is post #2 about M. It's not my standard sex post. Some will appreciate it. Others - not so much.

But things are fuzzy.

I’ve been blessed/cursed with an incredible memory – but things with M get me blurry from the word “go”. I think I am so distracted by this man, that I am finding it hard to separate fact from fantasy. Maybe there isn’t a separation and I need there to be. As comfortable I am in my own skin, M might push me to uncomfortable places. This post won’t be as clear and concise as many of you would like.

It’s not that I don’t remember the events – I do. Kind of. Sequence of events are hazed. Things actually said are vague memories – and were immediately after they happened. Actions and demeanor are spot-on. At least in my mind. He’d have to confirm his take on my take.

M knew I was coming to town and with our busy schedules we had some overlap time. My door was open for him, I was on my knees, stripped, head hung down, next to the bed when he arrived. He never asked this of me – not verbally. It was expected – from both of us.

I was instructed to rise – and then M sat on the edge of the bed. I knelt and removed his shoes and socks, being careful to place them just so when they were off. All the while he sat their looking down at me. Appropriate.

Sooner than later, my face was directed to his crotch. It felt good. It felt right.

Clearly, I am a man made for sucking cock – and other things – but some feel more right there than others. While this can be a physical thing, it can also be more a mental or psychological one. Sometimes it is the perfect storm.

This is where things get muddled. The haze of what we did, what we said, etc. I think I opened myself up to so much and tried to take everything in, none of the specifics stuck. Well….not all of them. Some of them did.

M likes poppers. M likes me to like poppers. As with everything else I did with him, I took it one step further. If he held the popper bottle to each nostril for 30-45 seconds, I would inhale that long. The glee on his face that I would do that because he wanted was intense.

As with last time, if you read, M does not exhibit a lot of emotion. It’s not that he doesn’t have it - it is that he knows he doesn’t need to with someone like me. He knows that I know what he is thinking and feeling – at first meeting we both know we were on that same wavelength. There are/were so many things not said, that when they were, it was this overflow of weird feelings on my part.

Sounds corny when I write it out – right? It does to me.

There were moments of lust – his and mine. There were moments of needing and wanting to please (mine). There were moments of needing to be feel superior (his).

There were times as his hand held or cradled my head that it was very parental. I don’t know how to describe it any other way. It was commanding and yet still comforting. M encouraged me to ‘let go’. It was vague and yet not. He wanted to see what I could emote – verbally and none. It wasn’t a ploy (I don’t think) or a farce. He was flexing some mental muscle – but it was, in his own way, sincere.

I wanted to. I even might have. Emoted, that is. At least to a degree. As you can read in the previous 270+ posts, emotions are not my strong suit – at least displaying them. It is not that I’m a cold hard bastard (ok…maybe!), but there is a time and place for those and it is usually not during sex in hotel rooms with men I barely know.

Sex is an act, not an emotion.

So yes, not only have I learned to suppress that for most anyone – I have conditioned myself to not send or receive mixed messages. If nothing else, on “date” 2 – it would (and should?) scare the shit out of most guys – myself included.

But honestly, I don’t think M thinks that way. Having a guy open up leaves them vulnerable. This can be used for good or evil. I have no idea what he wants or what he wants to use it for. I just know I had to try to please him. At one point, when between his legs looking up (always me looking up!), he had a grin/sneer on his face. Hard to describe (again) but totally hot. I can’t remember why he had it, or what caused it, but he did.

I didn’t make anything up – but whatever came out of my mouth so weird (to me), but he seemed to dig it. Enough so, that I got his load in my mouth.

He dressed, again with my help. I resumed my position kneeling next to the bed, just like he found me. But like last time, our discussions as he was poised to leave turned him on enough to elicit another erection. He pulled out and stroked. And stroked.

M asked for the underwear I was going to wear that day. I retrieved them. He had me hold the inside of the pouch out for him. He unloaded his 2nd ejaculation into them. I wore them all day – just as he knew I would.

There wasn’t enough to make a mess of my pants or to show my clients, but anytime I went into a restroom, unzipping or unbuckling my pants, I could smell him. It lingered in my briefs and in my nostrils.

Just as he continues to linger in my thoughts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ed & Me - Part Umpteen

I’m torn on which order to write my next three stories, but figure I’ll just roll them out as they come. I wanted to build up to the hottest story, but they are like my children – and they were all hot in their own ways. They are all repeats – and one of them is just from earlier in the same week. I’m concerned I’m getting a reputation around town – and I don’t even frickin’ live there!

This first one is about “Ed”. Yeah – I’ve written about him a number of times before. Ed is actually the person I’ve hooked-up with most since I’ve been traveling to DC. I can’t say we’re a regular thing, but a little more consistent over the last few months. No worries – I am not there enough to make it a ‘thing’ and I think he has a partner or at least a boyfriend.

Standing naked before you – he is a wonderful specimen of a man. Muscular, but not overly so. Hairy – and in all the right places (possibly the most perfect treasure trail!). Handsome, but not unapproachable. Masculine. Well hung.

If he has a negative, his voice is a little nasally – or so it seems. After we’re doing what we were destined to do, I never notice it again.

Ed is good in bed. Yeah, with him, I’m always the bottom, but with a guy like this – that is where I’m meant to be. I want to be. We have little conversation and always get down to “it”.

Ok – this time it was a little different. Normally we are early morning or very late night hook-ups. This time was right after work for both of us. It was cold and raining out when he arrived. With no words, it just happened. We drew closer and closer – to the point where we started kissing.

To anyone else, it wouldn’t seem a big deal – except for the last 15 months or so, Ed and I had never kissed. Not once. Certainly it was pleasant – and done with some passion. And it lasted for quite a while, especially considering we had never done it. It went beyond curiosity and into lust personified. Maybe he isn’t dating anyone. It did not seem like the lips of a guy who kisses for passion at home. Or it could just be my imagination.

During the kissing, we started slowly, methodically and sensually taking off each other’s clothes. The buttons to our dress shirts came undone one by one – with no rush, yet with great abandon. It was like the stuff out of bad romance novels or a Lifetime movie (if one of us were a woman!). Lips went to necks, sides of faces and ears. Tongues too. And yet, shirts were untucked, dropped to the floor and then we went lower to the belts, shoes and pants.

Ed’s body always makes me just want to stand and admire him. The veins in his leg are even masculine – coming from a man who works on that body, but can easily be disguised by normal business clothing.


He collapsed onto the bed – waiting for me to come to him….to service him. I went gladly – willingly.

Last time I provided him a blowjob. It was meant to be more, but he had hurt his back and he was responding well to my mouth. According to him, he has a hard time ejaculating from head, but this time he had no issue. Not only that, but he got hard again in a matter of minutes.

So, I started, this time, with my mouth too. I got a very similar reaction. Ed put pillows behind his head and watched the top of my head go up and down on his – and then underneath the shaft. At some point, what my activity and what he was seeing from his angle, I heard him say “that’d make a nice picture”

Never one to be shy, I said – do you want a picture of that? He said sure. I got up found my camera and tossed it Ed’s way. He used it. During the rest of our session, I’m thinking he took like 4-5 dozen pics… this one.


But getting blown – at least through cumming – was not on Ed’s agenda. “Sit on this”, he commanded, shaking his hard 7.5” at me. And I tried, but it was a tough go. Not sure if it was his angle or mine or combination, but it was difficult going in. Not to worry, we got it but it wasn’t working for either of us. We flipped around in various position – me on all fours, me on the edge of the bed on my back and the back to me sitting on it – like this:


We went on like this for about 45 minutes….his cock just made for my ass (yeah – I know what you’re all thinking! Shut your pie holes!). The last bit of ploughing was me on my back, center of the bed, Ed above me pumping me hard.

Hotel guests on either side of us had to know someone was dumping their seed. It’s one of those unmistakable sounds – regardless of your gender. You’ve done it or it’s been done to/in you – unless of course you’re under 18! {EG}

I could feel Ed pretty much flooding my guts. Not so much with the volume, but the pulses with each shot he put into me.

What I have found with Ed is, there is no slipping out afterwards. It is a concerted effort to get his dick out of my ass – that is if I want it to come out at all.

I was still on my back and he leaned back – basically so our crotches were still touching via his cock up my hole.


Honest to g-d, in a matter of minutes (seconds?) he was snoring. Fuck – it was like we were dating and he just drifted off to sleep post-coitus. This did not seem like the behavior of a trick – who usually pulls out, dresses and is out the door.

Oddly enough, I was comfortable with this arrangement. His dick was still pretty plump and deep in me. It wasn’t going anywhere unless I pulled my way off him – and if I did that, he’d wake. I didn’t want to do that either. What I did do, is take a few torso pics. I didn’t want to get his face in them, as I wanted this little arrangement to continue.

After about 30 minutes, Ed woke up - still in me. Truth be told, it was great. He eventually pulled out, got up and showered. I remained laying in bed, completely satisfied. Hopefully he was too.

Ed dressed and we had a few more kisses before he left. I'll just assume there will be another go-round at some point.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 (Very) Short Stories

Before I get into my two hottest encounters of the last week, I am going to lump three more in for you. Ok enough to blog about (two of them at least) – not great enough to be deserving of their own separate entries.

One guy worked at a "hometown paper", and was in a rush as it was election day. I had blown him before, but I can't find I ever blogged about him. He was ok - and ok looking. Married, 6" dick. While I liked blowing him - he wanted me to lick his ass (I did) and then fuck me (I let him).

He was good about the fuck - and his wife would be a fool not to like his technique - although he was quick about it. Maybe it was his deadline, maybe it was because he was on the clock or maybe it was because he was with a guy and just wanted to dump a load. I don't know. He was gone pretty quick.

The next guy was better. Hotter. The whole nine yards. Early 40s, 6', 180. Good body, but you can tell it was better when he was in the military. He had a certain air about him that let you know he was. When you saw his ink - it was confirmed, as I don't think too many civilians had Marine tattoos on their body.

Here is his dick:
He insisted on wearing a rubber and you know how I feel about that. I respected his wishes and he respected mine. We went for oral only. Not that he didn't push the issue - by standing next to the bed while he fed me. "Les" coated his thumb, index and middle finger with his saliva. He then reached down and played with my hole.

Damn it felt good and he sure knew what he was doing - and he should have. While he did this, he told me how many guys he fucked in the military and that he started fucking his father's best friend while he was 14!!!

You have to admire a guy who knows what he wants and knows how to get it - especially at that age. Next time, I might just have to let him bone me - rubber and all.

The third tale came from this guy: 28 muscled jock. Would love to get off in that ass. The picture was flawless. I should have probably been skeptical - it was too hot.

The guy was ok looking at best - and if he was 28, I am 65. For the most part, I'm not into boys - and he had to be 21 at best. His dick was fair and his technique - the one of a newbie.

The fuck was jack-rabbity and unsatisfying - at least for me. At the last minute, he pulled out of my ass and dumped his load on my ass (see below)


So much for loving 'to get off in my ass'. He won't ever be getting an invite back. Wasn't my scene or feeling like I had sex with a 'man'.

My still have other good stories to relate from this last trip. Overall, I got 14 loads in 3 days. Not chopped liver.

The best stories yet to cum.........

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lust to Lust

So I finally got a 3-way going while on my travels. A pseudo-3 way I guess.
I always forget why I don't entertain these more often, but it comes back all to clearly. First - they are hard to arrange. Someone can't make this time or that time, someone always wants approval of who is coming and to see pictures and to see who else is out there. Invariably, someone bails due to one or combined reasons.

But even when they do come together, two are more into each other than the third. Odd man out as it were. It is definitely why I stopped have 3 ways with couples. When someone is left out in a couple, things get pissy.

So none of the three of us knew each other, nor was there any pre-planning. I had just double-booked and neither one cared there'd be a third person in attendance. Cool.

Candidate #1 - "Kevin": 6'2 185 37yo , short brown hair and scruff all over his face. HOT.


Candidate #2: "Tony": Bi married guy. 41yo masculine, Italian beefy gl guy, discreet. 6’ 190lbs, 34 waist, 42 chest. Sounded better than he presented.


Both were after blowjobs and that was ok. I like to be watched and to have a guy egging me on while sucking another.

Kevin showed first - and immediately I knew I would rather have one-on-one with him. He knew it too - about me, that is. Less than two minutes later, Tony appeared.

Immediately I knew Tony wasn't exactly what he projected. Maybe he was bi-married, but his frilly, almost girly underwear told me that having sex with men wasn't the only thing he was hiding from his wife.

For wanting to get sucked, Tony was down on Kevin's dick in a heartbeat. Oddly enough, I was ok with this. It gave Kevin and myself to explore the rest of each other's bodies. It was nice. Don't get me wrong, I leaned in and whispered, "I am getting that load - not him!". He nodded knowingly.

Tony worked on both of us - and at one point, Kevin stood behind me, nudging his cock against the crack of my ass. I wanted it, but not really in front of Tony. So, not knowing anyone's timeframe, I took matters into my own hand - or mouth, as it were.

I got on my knees and took care of Tony. He cautioned he was close to coming - so I doubled my eofforts and made sure he got off and decided he had to head home to the wife. I wanted alone time with Kevin - and eventually got it, but not after Tony dressed and watched me playing with Kevin.

So, I'm sure I'll jump around all over the place, but Kevin ended up staying about three hours ! It was more than a play session. As sexual as it was, it turned out to be sensual as well. Kissing - which is not usually my biggest thing, being one of them. Yeah, I did most of the sucking - his dick, his pits, hit chest and his toes.

I also ate his ass. And when I say that - I mean: eat, lap at, tongue, tongue fuck, flick - you name it. I told him early on - he'd have to be the one to say 'stop' because his ass was so sweet, I said I could do it for hours.

I had him on his back with his feet up. I had him on his belly with me sreading his cheeks. I had me on my back, him sitting on my face. When all was said and done, I did spend over an hour of our time eating his hole. ....and we both loved it.

I'd never have told him, but I thought I sprained my tongue. It hurt so much by the time I was through - contorting it into new and different ways. And it hurt for two more days. I really gave it a workout.

We'd rest and make out some. And then he touched me. Not to be all girly about myself, but it was not massage exactly. It was the lightest touch from such manly hands. My chest, my arms, my face and legs. The only way I can describe it is cumming without ejaculating. He had me cursing and craving his touch at the same time. I can honestly say - it was like nothing I ever felt before.

Later in the week, I attempted to do it to others with no success. I'm not sure if it was him or me - but whatever the combo, it worked!

Somewhere in all of this, we did do some fucking. Quite a bit, actually - but he says he cannot cum that way. So with time a-wasting neither of us had gotten off, not that I was planning to. Not that he was planning to get me off. He came for a blowjob and he was getting one. And we both knew he had to get home before his boyfriend did.

I went to work. I did a good job. I would say I did it in record time, but as he mentioned earlier - 'you really like to edge guys, don't you?'. I guess I had gotten him close before. But now we were approaching hour three. Time to get to bwass tacks.

Kevin gave me a really really nice load - in volume and taste. But this was a guy who was totally appreciative of my skills - which were only brought to a new level by him. He made me want to be a better - um, what's the word I'm looking for: Fag!

...well, it was more than cocksucking and I ain't his partner - you got a better word?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fear & Self-Loathing

Ok - not so much fear. None at all really - it was just a play on Hunter S Thompson's book.

Self-loathing? Sure. It's me.

Let me start from the beginning. I was on Manhunt (which has been more successful for me than usual), when this guy contacted me.

Masculine guy's guy, good looks, fit body, easy-going and fun. 5'10, 185, 32w - and big where it counts. Interested in hot butt bottoms.

Then I went to his pictures - (below)

Let me state again: HE contacted ME! How in a just world could that happen? Would you look at that body?? Has this planet gone topsy-turvey mad? I see no other explanation.

He emailed and said he wanted me face down on the bed, butt-up. Fuck, I can do that. I left my door unlocked and slightly ajar. I didn't have to lay in that position forever. I happened to have a room near the elevator, so could hear the ding of when a car arrived. It gave me enough time to get into place.

He (again, no name gotten), pushes the door open and like a good boy, I don't look back. I feel his hand run over my ass - and it feels good. Masculine. But he is testing the goods. I seem to pass the test. He strips down and tells me to get on my knees to blow him - to get him hard. That is a task I can deal with.

But lest you all get, this is gonna get good - I can thrown a fly in that ointment. Maybe a few.

I know I have good oral skills - better than good. But for the life of me, I could not get him up. I barely got a twitch. And that was a shame - as like his ad stated, you could tell he was big where it counts. Nicely thick, big head and a massive downward curve.

That curve might have been the issue.....or an excuse. Not sure which. He said that two days before, some guy was squatting on his cock and lost his balance.

Can you really break a penis? He wasn't bruised - because it would stand to reason that if a blood vessel was broken, I could see where the flow would impede an erection. He said he heard a crack, has been in pain since and can't completely get hard. ...and he even took viagra before heading over. 34 and needing viagra? That doesn't seem right - does it?

However, with some manipulation by hand and my mouth, I did get him what looked like really hard, though he claimed it wasn't. During this oral manipulation, I did get to eat his ass. He said that does nothing for him, but it did for me.

The guy did fuck me for about 15 minutes, but couldn't finish the job - at least that way. It went back to my mouth and hand. I tried to let him off the hook to go, but he wanted to stay. Somewhere in our conversation, he mentioned that I was the first profile on MH that he saw and figured 'what the fuck'.

I can't say either of those reasons were a great endorsement of me. Maybe he didn't mean it that way, but I took it that way, for sure.

I will give it to him - he wasn't going until he got off - one way or the other. But it was by his hand, not mine. Certainly not my mouth or ass. But I hated to waste it and told him I wanted it in my mouth. He agreed.

I will also give it to him on his volume. Take a look:

As much as did get on my face - more got in my mouth. But he wasn't a good aim or wanted to really see it. It took him over two hours (!!!) to get off, but he did.

Later, after the fact, on Twitter, I posted a short Twit (Tweet?):

bikeguy13 hot hot hot and still he could barely seal the deal. maybe it's me.
then I got this reply:

rawtop @bikeguy13 - it's not always about you ;)

Maybe RawTop is right. I appreciated his support, even tongue-in-cheek, but it was hard to not take it personally.

And all of that being said - if his cock was feeling better, I'd probably do it again, because even injured - he was a great fuck. Imagine if he were feeling 100%!!!!! Because he WAS smokin' hot!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Big Dicked Boi (again)

It took two months, but the big-dicked boy I sucked off a few months ago finally wanted a second go-round.

Actually, he wanted a second go-round a few days after the first time. And then another time on another one of my trips. He either failed to show or email be back depending on which trip we are discussing. I had written him off for sure.

But here he was, on Manhunt, contacting me for some head. I really don't get it. In a town of much better looking cocksuckers, why me? Maybe he has a thing for older men. Maybe I'm not as completely repulsive as I think. Maybe he just likes to do it with out-of-towners or in hotel rooms. Or maybe I just give really really good head!


So at 6p, he was right on time for his blowjob. I didn't want the entire strip-down for a suck job. I wanted his 9" meat just yawning from his fly. We compromised: pants off, shoes off.

I guess I shouldn't worry with him being totally nekkid. The man has a body of death. Sure, I'm not big on smooth guys, but at least his was natural - not some shave or wax ritual that I find so creepy. Let men be men, I say!

I think my biggest concern with being in the buff is it takes too long for them to get dressed and get out of there afterwards. Let's face it - most of the time you don't want them there afterwards, let alone feel the need to converse with them. I already opened my mouth - and it wasn't to talk. Just GO already!

But he came in and I went to my knees. His dick was a gorgeous as I remember it. I think I'm a good cocksucker, but his is long and thick and very difficult to get all the way down. Maybe he's ok with it not being taken all the way. I know some guys are obsessed with that, but I think it is just about hitting the right spots and the right time to make them feel good. I think that I accomplish that admirably.

Like last time, we did get on the bed with him above me, feeding me - to the point he could have easily cut off all my air and stole my iPhone! {g}. But as it turns out he was just there to lose a six day load.

That load and that position worried me much more than him stealing my iPhone. I recalled last time the volume of his semen. Even as experienced as I am, I am thinking he could have drown me - and told him so. I think he liked that. Men love when you tell them of their prowess in any field - especially dick size and cum load ability. aahhh....the male ego.

It's never just a cigar!

He (no idea on a name) was close after about 20 minutes, so we went back to me on my knees, him standing over me - typical eater/feeder positions. And feed me he did. A nice load, but not as big as I was expecting. I guess I could have taken it the on-my-back position.

The guy was out of there in a flash. I thought - maybe I'd see him again, maybe not. We didn't talk about it.

I did see him though - two days later as I walked to dinner. He was eating outdoors with a "friend". He saw me, I saw him. Neither of us acknowledged each other's presence.

....just the way it should be.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Big Black Dick

Where to many new encounters. And I don't want to wrap them into one post. This trip has been one of new guys and a few repeats. We'll go with a new one.

5'11", 180lbs, 42ch, 33w, 8 in uncut, top was his response to my ad. Oh and 39yo black bi married professional.

How was I turning down 8" uncut top? You know I wasn't. That he was married and cheating on the side was just a bonus for me. Probably for him too.

I don't know what he thought he was coming for, but I assumed head. I wish I had gotten a picture of that dick. Beautiful. What his email didn't say was 'thick'. Really stretch your mouth around it thick. Let's face it, I've been doing this for awhile, so I'm good at accommodating and it was tough for me. Don't get me wrong, I"m a trooper, so I can do it.

The one thing I really like about black dicks - especially the really dark ones - is that there is no getting around how far down you go on them. My spit shines on their shaft letting me know I didn't get that last inch....or that I need to. It's a motivator.

He really got into my sucking and wanted to strip down. I don't know how we got to the point, but fucking me came up - and not by me. You know I was going to be for it.

For a married guy 'who never does this and always plays safe', he was pretty comfortable with spitting on his bare cock and getting it right to my hole. For a married guy 'who never does this', he was really good at what he did - fucking a guy. If he fucks his 'wife' like that, she should be one happy lady.

For those of us who do take it up, you know, that way, sometimes there is a fine line between pleasure and pain - sometimes in the same stroke or thrust. This line was blurred continually through the course of our fuck. But when you have that big and thick of a cock, it's kind of bound too - and for the record, I'm guessing he was bigger than 8.

The fuck didn't last as long as I would have liked. With me on my back, him on his knees, when nearing what happened to be the end, he accidentally slipped out of me. But he was right there with his orgasm and we both knew it.

He looked at me, and me back and he just JAMMED it all the way back up and unloaded.

Back to pleasure and pain. The THURST was great and horrible. I couldn't quite enjoy the throbbing of his dick while his cum went into me. Every nerve ending in my butt was on fire from him shoving that big black dick all the way into me. Totally worth it though.

To complicate (?) matters, when he thrust, he lost his balance and fell backwards, putting his dick at an even more odd angle - for both of us.

He stayed in me as long as he could, but for that position, he was pretty uncomfortable.

After he cleaned up and left, he sent me some emails. Telling me he's always safe (he's gotta stop using that word, 'always'), but went on to put some of it on me - but not in the way you'd think - you know, my manipulative, deceptive ways - which I would fully cop to.

No, he did the .... man you had me going!! just something about the chemistry that just made me you've got me doing all kinds of things i don't normally do!! and you have some special magic/voodoo skills ....wouldn't have tried if you hadn't been so damn sexy. i think you had some magic saliva that traveled through my cock and got into my brain and made me do everything i did.

the last email ended with: i want to try it on my back with you lowering yourself onto my cock.

Always, my ass.

He's supposed to come by this morning.........again.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I was pimped out - again.

But not for my bottom services - which is the norm. Well, as much as is the norm for the 4-5 times I've been "referred" out for my services.

Should I be writing about this? One will say yes. One will say no. Names and locations will be kept confidential. No one here is looking to betray any confidences - and since both parties read this blog, I know they'll be checking to see not only if I write about it, but how I do it.

The referral came from out of town. I have had 'relations' with the referee. He really likes my big jew dick - but oddly enough he has never touched it, he has certainly never sucked it or bent over for it. He's not that kind of guy.

I've been talking for the last week to the referral. He obviously also knows the other guy, so we have that in common. But guy 1 has a hold over guy 2 and the latter does what the former says/asks. I was happy to help out. It just took some schedule juggling to get it all in place.

Today was that day. Places and times were agreed upon. Activities were discussed - things agreed upon, few things ruled out. But in reality, it was only guy 2's job to show up and do what needed to be done. My job was the bidding of guy 1. I guess I'm like guy 2-lite. I can live with that.

Is any of this making sense to you people? It does to me, but it's me.

guy 2 ate my crotch through my jeans. Then though my red jock. I told him to 'soak it'. He did. Eventually I released the beast and he did a more than admirable job of sucking on it. But I know one thing he really wanted to do was lick my ass - and I'm always more than happy for someone to do that. The problem there is - usually when someone eats my ass, it is just a lead-up to fucking it, and I knew that wasn't on the agenda.

But I let guy 2 really go to town on it and he did a good job. He did take some liberties by using some digits to stimulate my ass. Since I was face down/butt up, I couldn't see how many fingers he may have been using. I know - that makes me sound slutty- right? Normally I don't even like fingers up there - most of them are too boney to make me feel good. But guy 2 seemed skilled at doing it - and I let him.

Doing that also gave me a hard-on. You all know I'm not THE top or anything, so I needed all the non-viagra help I could get.

I had guy 2 kneel on the bed and I pulled his boxers down past his ass. He asked if I wanted them all the way off - I didn't. I positioned myself and pushed in. It was a little difficult - I won't lie. The position, where his hole was, the rigidity of my cock. All factors.

But I did get in him and I fucked him for awhile. Since I'm not a top by training, I was having a hard time cumming. It was fine by me, because I could have fucked for quite a bit more, but I could sense he was craving the end - needing the end. Needing the seed.

I did take a risk by pulling out and doing this simultaneous move of kind of jacking off and fucking him at the same time. Not really jacking off, but when I'd pull all the way out, and on the push back in, my cock slid through my fist as well. It was a great stimulator to get me where I needed to be - and where he wanted me to be.

I ended up blasting a nine day load into his guts. I kept my cock in there for a bit, letting it take its own course in sliding out.

I reached down and pulled his boxers back up and over his ass. Job done.

....for both of us. ....for all three of us.