Friday, December 30, 2005

Head Colds

'Tis the season I guess - but man do they suck. Which means - I don't.

Well, I could - but I wouldn't be at my best. Not only do I not want to give a guy a possible cold - but I really really want to do a good job when I give head.

Pulling off a shaft every few bobs or strokes to gasp for breath is ok when they are trying to choke you - but not when you just can't breathe through your nose. Amateur hour, for me, was over a long time ago.

It's just bad timing of course. In the last few days I've had a number of new guys contact me looking for a little action. The goal is to give them a good time so they become semi-regulars. That - and I am sooooooooo starved for it. Not necessarily the end result - but the entire process. The hunt. The zipper going down. The feel of the dick going in my mouth.....and possibly growing after it's in there (many times it's already erect before taking it in). The tastes, textures and smells are all different on each guy.

Naturally I do like the reaction I get from my abilities. The verbal and non. And the power my little ole mouth has to make a man ejaculate. a guy ejaculate. I'm tired of people saying the bottom always has the true power. It's not true. It is as much in the feeder/giver/top's own mind to get that thing to cum. I do not kid myself into thinking I am that great an powerful.

....just a guy who knows his place - and is happy there.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Homo Depot

I love Home Depot. Maybe it is for the way things there are rough and unfinished. The materials. The plans. The men. Everything is a fucking work in progress - all for unfulfilled dreams.

A Home Depot in town is exceptionally cruisy. At least the bathrooms and the surrounding area leading up to the restrooms. You know.....where the lurkers might hang to see who comes and goes from there? This one also seems to have a high number of contractors who go in and out of the store. Manly men. Something you'd expect to see in a Honcho magazine pictoral or lame Falcon video.

Alas, the story I tell is not about this Home Depot, but one much closer to me. The prior one is in a 100% white neighborhood. I pride myself that I live in a much more diverse neighborhood. It's more eclectic and lively. This Home Depot doesn't have the contractors - but true do-it-yourselfers. There isn't the advertising on the bathroom stalls like there is in the cruisy one. But - I never miss an opportunity to check out a restroom. It's something in my nature - the possibility of what might/could happen.

I've never had (or seen) anything remotely inappropriate at my HD. So imagine my surprise when I was in a stall and a guy next to me tapped his foot. I was curious, so I tapped back. Some might know that this can go on for what seems like hours - but clearly this guy didn't have that kind of time.

He slid to his knees and pushed under the partition his cock. His big black cock. I'm guessing a little over 8" - nicely thick that curved to the right (his right). "ssssuck it" he hissed. I tried my best - but it was a tight fit in that stall. I got the head and about half of the shaft in my mouth. But he curved so much my head when into the toilet in my stall.

It was short lived as someone came in anyway. We sat back down and straightened ourselves up...still sitting in our respective stalls. After the coast seemed clear - he was pushing it under. I reached down and stroked it w/my spit soaked hand. He was closer than I ever imagined or I would have gotten down there. As it was - he unload a HUGE amount of jizz on my hand and into my palm. "Fuuuuuuuuck" he said as I tried to milk it all.

He got himself together in a hurry and made a beeline for the door. I licked my hand clean and then went back to getting what I needed IN the store. I got what I wanted IN the bathroom. Kind of.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lthrman II

Well, there was a repeat. It broke my dry spell at least.

My posting 10 days ago, or so, of our last encounter was ok...but not much more. This one was about the same. Leaving my door on the counter.

This time though - he came upstairs b/c there is no VCR downstairs and he didn't like my choice of DVD porn. He wanted Jeff Stryker type porn. Do I have it - sure. Am I proud of that - was a time in my life when I copied everything i ever rented. So I have a good-sized collection - though I wouldn't call it a good collection.

He left me the option of what I wanted to wear: a full suit or full leather. I opted for the latter. I was in a suit all day. I wasn't going back there.

The porn was playing when he walked up. I was in all leather on the bed waiting. He stood next to the bed and hauled out his cock. For all his faults - his dick ain't one of them. BEAUTIFUL. Just a nice big, thick piece of meat. Straight shaft. Thick shaft. Proportional head. I love going down on it. I love the fact that I can take the entire thing - all 8.5".

He was clearly more interested in the porn than the cocksucker. Not that he should be interested in me as a person - but me as a service would have been ok. Jeff Stryker does NOTHING for me - so I don't see the appeal.

But I stayed at the task at hand - or mouth, as the case may be. It took maybe 30 min. No real build up to his climax. It just happened. Not a big one, but a bitter one. I still took it all. I always take it all.

Dry spell or not - I'm not inclined to keep entertaining this. We'll see how dry my next spell is - and if he calls and how the two correlate.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday Dry Spell

I knew there'd be a dry spell around the holidays. There usually is. Everyone rushing around shopping, partying or traveling. All tense and wound up - and in need of release. Ironic isn't it? The time of year I can be of service the best - and no one has time to drop a load!

But I have two days off at the end of this week - and I will make the most of them. Already have feelers out there for people who might want to start their day w/a little action.

Two years ago I took every Friday from T-giving to New Years off. It was great. I had quite a few dicks to service - but one I did every single Friday. Each time a little different too.

Each time would start with me pulling to the house and the door open. It was up to me to find where he was in the house.

The first time he was splayed out on his dining room table. Nekkid. I sat right at the table and had myself a feast. I just layed on his side while I sat on a dining room chair and sucked his 7" prong. This is a quiet guy - so I don't expect verbal encouragement or beration (is that a word?). Some labored breathing as he got close - the splats of sperm into my mouth. When I was done w/my meal, w/out a word I got up from the table and left.

The next time I walked in and there was a homemade gloryhole right at the kitchen. The set-up to the house is - a hall from the front door to the kitchen entrance. So with the glorhole at that entrance my back was to the main door. A crude hole was cut out from the plywood. His dick already through the hole. I slid to my knees and took it like a pro. Growing up, as a cocksucker, on glorholes, this remains one of my favorite ways to feed. Granted knowing this was a safe place and who was actually on the other side of the hole took some of the edge off - but still brings back fond memories.


Anyhooo - I'm sucking his dick making him press further into the partition to get more of his cock down my throat when the doorbell rings. He doesn't move and I realize that anyone at the door could in theory see me on my knees in front of this glorhole. My feeder tells me to answer the door. I hadn't pulled out my dick but I was more then tented. The guy thinks I live there and that I was cruising on line for a mouth. It wasn't me - but MY feeder. I tell him to wait and go back to what I'm doing. Now and again, I'd steal a glance but this guy wasn't clever enough to look through the door window to see me. It's freezing out - but he stays put. Waiting for someone (anyone) to return. I finish my guy off - swallowing all of his seed and head to the door. I didn't know what to do, so I told the guy "I'm done - he's all yours". Maybe my feeder had a 2nd load in him - I don't know.

The third Friday I walk in the door and right into him. Dressed head to toe in leather. Boots to hat. He stands on the steps that lead to the bedrooms but makes me take him all in before forcing me to my knees. I get a great facefucking from him. I love holding onto a good pair of boots while sucking a leatherman. Feeling from tip to top. It's such a sensual and sexual thing for me. If they want to take it farther on USING those boots on me - it's fine. Not my place to suggest or demand. I do hope my appreciation of the boots would tip them off. That day it did not. I did get his load as he slammed my very willing mouth though.


The fourth Friday was finding him working out in only a jock. I ended up laying on the weight bench w/him feeding me from above. Deep dicking me - but to where I could take it no issue. But like I've said in many other posts - I have had a bit of practice. He was sweaty and rank. I ate his hole to prove that. Then he got my legs up for a nice little buttfuck session. He had no intention of finishing there though. He pulled out - let my legs drop and pushed back into my mouth. HUGE load - but I got it all. I always do.

The last Friday in our routine was out of the house. He told me to come to his garage - which is almost behind the house (still attached) on a slope that goes under the house. He was there - dick out. It was cold too. Late December. I sucked him for a bit. On my knees on the cold cement. After a bit he pulled me up and bent me over a car in the garage. He buggered me right there. No mercy. It didn't take long. My guess is it couldnt be. My guess is there was somone IN the house. This time he didn't finish in my mouth. He kept it buried up my ass as he pushed my face into the trunklid of the car. He pulled out quickly and pulled up his sweat pants and told me he was done. (no shit!) As I got in my car, I see the mailman standing in the driveway w/a grin on his face. As I approach to drive past him, he gives a sly wink. What DID he see?? And why didn't he join in??

Well....I have an email out to my holiday friend. Maybe.........just maybe..................

Friday, December 09, 2005


I had such high hopes for a trick from last night. W/an email address that includes 'lthrman' in it, I got my expectations up there. To further complicate the situation, he kept talking about 'fit guys' and how he would be late to my place b/c he has to spend 2hrs at the gym.

Of course, my fault, I thought he wanted to spend 2 hrs at the gym. More likely he needed to spend 2 hrs at the gym. Don't get me wrong - he was nice looking. 42. But for all his determination about needing to be w/a fit guy (which I'm not - just an average build), you'd think he was a vain, yet defined stud. The guy was a little flabby.

What he did have going for him was right between the legs. I'm sure it's gotten him pretty far. 8.5", as advertised. And THICK. No flab there. Rock hard! A nice straight shaft that I had no trouble taking the entire length. Though I guess one could argue that I have had a lot of practice!

As instructed, I left my door unlocked. A beer on the counter for him. He'd find me on my knees in a room where he could use poppers and watch porn. I had no previous picture of him - so I was acting on blind faith (or is that stupidity?). He had his beer. He dropped his sweats. I got him erect in a minute.

Though he claimed to be verbal - he was anything but. Though he had 'lthrman' in his email - he had none with him - and turns out owns very little. What he did have was a beautiful prick that shot a nice 2 day load (why do I always feel compelled to ask how long they've been storing it up?). Naturally, I took every fuckin drop. It's what I do.

What he wants - or says he wants - is someone he can use now and again. I can do that unless down the road he proves to be a flake. He also said he wanted to see me suck off a few guys - again, I can do that. The last thing is, he'd like me to suck him while a big black man (though he used a much more derogatory word) fuck my ass at the same time. If he can arrange, I can be there. I try no to disappoint.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oral Push-Up

Finally the dry spell (pre-Thanksgiving, I might add!) is over!

Yesterday evening I got an email from a semi-regular (see the entry "Too Late" on August 19th) to come drain his nuts. (We've had many sessions which I could incorporate into this email, but will hold off on when I have another dry-spell....and I will have one!) I emailed back and said I'd be there in half an hour. I was right on time. A good cocksucker should be punctual.

Normally, his door is ajar and I just walk in to find him one place or the other (again, more on that w/additional stories). Today his door was shut, but I'm assuming that had something to do w/the 16F temperature. He was waiting for me and opened it as I approached.

"Upstairs" was the only command. I walked ahead of him to his bedroom at the top of the stairs. Even though I 'believe' he lives alone, he shut the door - then turned off the lights. By the time he approached me, I was sitting on the edge of his bed (complete w/leather sheets). He stood in front of me, slowly undoing the string to his sweat pants. He dropped them just below his balls.

I dropped to the floor - sitting in front of him - his cock just above my mouth. My back still pressed to the end of the bed. I leaned up and took his soft penis into my mouth. For as non-verbal as he started out, after a few years he's getting better. No actual words - but moans, groans and sighs. It's as close to dirty talk as I think he's going to get.

But my mouth on his dick did make him groan. He let me work it for awhile. It grew to full erection in almost no time. I know he loves it when I dance my tongue on the underside of his shaft - and that's just what I did. He always moans at this and his dick always becomes more stiff. By doing this I also knew that it would put him at a place where he'd take over, sooner than later. He always takes over. That is a given.

But for the moment I got to work that dick w/my mouth. Taking him to the pubes. Pulling almost all the way off. He positioned himself closer so I could take it deep. He worked his foot under my ass and pressed his big toe to my hole as he leaned down to play w/my left nipple. Granted it was through my sweatshirt, but he knew the reaction it would get. He knew that if he continued this and he opted to spread my cheeks and slide up my ass, he could. This did not happen.

What he did do is really lean into me - making my head go back against his bed. My neck was right at the edge of the bed, so he could bend my head almost onto the bed itself. This gave him a very nice angle to push in - and trap me between his rock hard thighs (I'm guessing he is 2-5% body fat) and the bed itself.

Once this was accomplished, he decided to force feed me. Not face fuck. But push it deep....and hold it making me work it by simple process of gasping for breath. I wasn't cut off really, but he knew my mouth attempting to get some air would pulsate around his rod. I so wanted to grab his balls, but knew my hands were still freezing from the outside weather. I didn't want to shock him.

But eventually my hands had a mind of their own. I took his nuts in my palm and wrapped my fingers around both of them. I manipulated, massaged and tugged on them. He fuckin loved it. The unfortunate thing in doing this was, I inadvertently sped up the process to get him to ejaculate. Sure, I'm guessing we both could have let this go on for awhile. Maybe he had better things to do than fool w/some cocksucker.

He was getting close. I could tell from his 'fuck yeah!' as he not only crammed in my mouth, but put his hands on the bed, bascially doing push-ups on my mouth. He had his dick wedged in my mouth good and deep. I tried to get him to pull out a little b/c I hate to not taste the seed. Anyone can cream your throat - but what's the point? I think the sperm is there to be savored and enjoyed. The eater gets to experience it - and the feeder gets to know that his seed was appreciated and enjoyed on all levels.

I succeed in getting him to pull back ever so slightly. This might have been a mistake. I wasn't in the best position to take the load w/out gagging a bit. Normally I wouldn't - but I know from experience how much this guy shoots - even on single day loads. This was a 5 day back-up.

Then it happened. He let loose. Torrents of jizz. It just filled the cavity that is my mouth. The warmth and taste spread across my tongue and tastebuds. I wanted to hold it, but the angle was such that his scum just began to slide down my throat. I did save enough that when he eventually did pull out, he did what I like him to do - grab my throat tightly so he could feel me gulp what remaining semen was there to gulp.

The ending is always usual. Me showing myself out and thanking him. Me getting little to no response from him. Impersonal? To some. I'm good w/it.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Friday night I had a dream. Not the ambiguous kind where you don't know what object are meant to represent reality.

No...this one was quite graphic.

It started before I began to remember I'm not sure what the entire lead-in might have been. But as I came to recognize it, the dream was in full swing.

A man was there. A gruff, semi-attractive (in my sense) man. Though he had no clothes on he was a greasy sort. Long-ish stringy hair. Beard. A no-shit attitude. And a long, thick hose.

There were no words at first....but then he just started to piss on me. ALL over me. A heavy heavy flow. I was naked from the waist down, but he was splashing my face and my sea-foam green Izod (eeek....wearing that should have turned this into a fuckin' nightmare!).

At this point, my (dream) boyfriend walked in an caught us. You now how dreams go - In the dream you know it's your house, even though it is no place you've ever seen? This is my boyfriend I've never seen, but in the dream knew he was attached to me.

The man looked up at him - then at me. He sneered and kept right on pissing all over me. Telling me to open up - meaning my mouth. I oblige.

He looks up at me knowing my dream bf can see/hear. He tells me he's gonna fuck me - and gonna fuck me hard. Then he gets into position behind me. The door slams and looking over my shoulder - the bf is gone.

Now I bet you're thinking two things: one is - I woke up having to go the bathroom very badly. And you'd be wrong. The second is - that I'm horny as fuck. There you would be right. This dry spell is having me on the fuckin verge of wet dreams - and possibly a wet bed.

And even in my dreams - I'm a cheap, two-timing, cheating whore. Go figure.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Snow Snow Snow

We're getting a lot of snow today. The first true snow of the season. I'm guessing 6-7" at this point - and now let up.

As I look out my office window I think about being a teenager - and how after finding the parks near where I grew up (still not too far from here) even snow wasn't a deterent for cruising and finding dick.

I guess the difference would be, that treking back into the woods, it was easy to find people, just follow their prints.

I can remember a number of times being cold, but still w/my jeans down past my ass taking it from some stranger who you could almost assure was away from the wife and kiddies. He had no problem just delivering his needs on a cold day to a complete stranger. A kid stranger. Clearly the kid was receptive too.

You never got much of an audience on those days...and it was always hit or miss...even moreso than any good warm day. But the ones who did show were committed to the cause.

I'm still committed - but just having discovered some of these parks, I haven't really been in winter. If it weren't for my office holiday party tonite, I might just check it out.....though I'm not dressed like I normally would be. Slogging through the snow in wingtips and a $600 suit doesn't seem prudent. But i'm sure some would say getting fucked anonymously in the woods in 20 degree weather isn't either.